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Buy your high-quality sex lubricants and body oils from the Shiatsu brand for a great sexual experience. Equip yourself with water, silicone, flavoured, warming, cooling, moisturizing and anal lube to enjoy fulfilling sensations and mind-blowing orgasms.

Oil essentials and sex lubes are vital in the sex life of every individual. You would probably want to have fun and enjoyment during sexual intercourse with a partner or in a solo play. However, lack of lubrication can lower your stimulation and affect your overall intimacy. Therefore, the newly manufactured sex lubes from Shiatsu enhance slipperiness in your genitals for safer, pleasurable sex. Shiatsu is a reputable brand that manufactures quality sex lubes and oil essentials.

What Are Shiatsu Sex Lubricants and Body Oils?

Sex lubricants and body oils make sexual activities safe. They are applied either on the surfaces of the sex toys or directly to the genitals to make them slippery. There are various categories of Shiatsu lubricants, including oil-based, silicone-based, natural, and water-based sex lubes. Body oils are extracted from different ingredients, including rose petals and tea trees. They are the perfect choice for boosting your lifestyle and health. Sex lube and body oils can also manage symptoms, such as anxiety, insomnia, nausea, and pain. However, you should always be keen when shopping for appropriate sex lubes and essential body oils.

The Different Types of Sex Shiatsu Sex Lubricants and Body Oils

When shopping, consider the best-flavoured lube and oils. They are manufactured in different bases, including water, oil, natural, and silicone.

Water-Based Sex Lubes

Unlike other sex lubes, water-based lubricants are compatible with any condom and sex toy. They can only be compared to natural lubrication in terms of performance. Water-based sex lubes are easy to clean, but they don’t last longer when applied. Avoid water-based lubes when you have a yeast infection.

Silicone-Based Lubes

Silicone-based lubricants last longer and offer the best gliding effect compared to other lubes. They are essentially the best-flavoured lube for sex. They are the best for vaginal and anal sex because they are not easily absorbed, preventing you from reapplying during sexual intercourse. However, do not use them with silicone sex toys since they can easily deteriorate.

Warming Lubes

Warming sex lubes are perfect for warming your genitals and adding heat during the sexual session. This offers intensive stimulation, resulting in a mind-blowing sensation. They are water-based, thus safe for sex toys and latex condoms.

Flavoured Lubes

Flavoured edible lubricants are great for fun and enjoyable sex play. You can use them during oral sex. Also, you don’t need to wash off before penetration. However, most of them can get sticky, which is why they shouldn’t be left on for long.

Anal Lubes

Anal sex lubes are long-lasting and thicker than other lubes. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce self-lubricants during sex, meaning anal lubes are needed. Most people prefer it since they don’t need reapplication during sexual intercourse. Some anal lubes are water-based, and others are silicone, though all are safe to the skin. Silicone-based lubes are the most preferred for anal sex because they are thick and long-lasting.

Cooling Lubes

Cooling lubes keeps your genitals cold to add extra stimulation. They are ideal for those who want cooling sensations on their genitals during masturbation or sexual intercourse. Most cooling lubes are water-based, hence compatible with most sex toys.

Moisturizing Lubricants

These lubes are perfect for vaginal penetration since they restore natural vaginal lubes lost during sexual intercourse. Moisturizing lubes are colorless and odorless, thus having no side effects on your body.

How To Choose Shiatsu Sex Lubricants And Body Oils

Choosing the right type of sex lube or body oils might sometimes be challenging. Always consider the following aspects when making purchases.

Ingredients Used

Most people prefer natural lubricants because they are chemical-free and safe. Natural ingredients are great for protection and the right lubrication during sex. For example, use Aloe Vera natural lubes if you have sensitive skin. It has antiseptics features that help prevent skin irritation. You should avoid products with chemical ingredients since they can easily cause skin allergies and irritation.


Beginners should always look for reviews to find the right information about the products before buying. Previous users’ feedback and experiences are vital as they give you the impression of all you need to know about the lubes.

Using Ease

You should always consider something that offers fewer struggles when you want to use them. Avoid buying body oil and sex lubes that are challenging to apply. If you love underwater sexual activities, buy lubes compatible with soft and hard water.


People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to fragrance. For instance, some individuals will go for strong scents, whereas others, lighter scents. The Shiatsu sex lubricants and essential body oils have various fragrances you can choose from.


The costs of sex lube and body oils vary depending on the quality and quantity. Always stick to quality products even if they are expensive since you need something compatible with your skin. However, most Shiatsu products are pocket-friendly.

How To Use Sex Lubricants And Body Oils Effectively

There is no procedure for applying sex lubricants effectively. However, here are some aspects you need to consider when using lubes.

Lay down latex clothing or nylon beddings to prevent your sheets from staining.

When massaging, consider warming up your lube in the hands before you apply. Include them in your sexual activities to boost arousal.

Consider applying the sex lubes before penetration during any sexual activity.

Apply them sufficiently, especially when using them for anal and vaginal penetration. Also, consider applying the lubes to the cock or toys for easy insertion.

When using sex lubricants like water-based, reapply when necessary to prevent injuries during partner or solo play.

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