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Enjoy a smooth, safe, and enjoyable penetration using these powerful Secura Kondome condoms designed to protect you in all sexual situations.

If you want to get protected sex full of multiple orgasms, these powerful Secura Kondome condoms are the best option to bank on. Nothing gives powerful sensations during sex, especially when condoms are involved. These masterpieces enrich your sex resulting in intense and extreme pleasure. These condoms provide 100% pleasure and protection against STIs and unwanted pregnancy when used as recommended. However, how well you use them will determine the results received from them, which explains why not all people who use condoms are protected from sex errors. Therefore, to enjoy your limitless sexual encounter, you need to know more about Secura Kondome condoms, as discussed herein.

What Are Secura Condoms?

Secura Kondome condoms are protective barriers worn to protect the users from STIs and unwanted pregnancy. The products are available in various colors, flavors, and textures to allow you to get what works better with your body. Moreover, they are made from various materials, including natural rubber, polyurethane, nitrile, and lambskin. They are also available for both genders; female and male condoms. They are extremely stretchy to offer room for adjustment during sex.

Unlike other condoms, Secura condoms do not slip during penetration, even for hard sex. The products are extra-thin and elastic to fit your penis perfectly and allow you to have control and know when to adjust. Male condoms have a tube-like shape worn over an erect penis when you are yet to have sex. Most of them are lubricated; hence, they do not require you to lube them up to offer more pleasure. They are also ideal to use with sex toys to enhance smooth penetration. Besides providing protection, these condoms also improve sexual pleasure. For instance, they enhance a natural feel and smooth penetration resulting in a long-lasting intimate game.

Points To Consider When Choosing Secura Condoms

Look At the Material

Secura Kondome condoms are crafted from different materials, including natural rubber, polyurethane, nitrile, and lambskin. Thus, choose the right material that can give you great pleasure. Remember, not all materials are friendly to everyone’s skin, and they may cause allergies. Therefore, try them first to get one that works well with you before fully engaging in sex.

Choose The Best Size

Choosing a good material alone cannot guarantee you the desired pleasure and protection. Always select the right size to prevent risks of condom errors and increase pleasure. Measure the length of your penis using a clear ruler or tape measure to help you choose one that fits you better. Ensure the edge of the ruler is at the base of the penis to cover the whole shaft. Then, measure the width by wrapping the tape measure around the middle of your fully erect penis and writing down the measurements to avoid forgetting them.

Check The Expiration Date

When buying Secura condoms, ensure that they are not expired to reduce the risks of health issues. Read carefully on the wrappers to identify the manufacturer and expiry dates.

Consider The Lubrication

If you need extreme pleasure, consider buying lubricated condoms to prevent you from spending more on buying lubricants.

Look At the Color

Secura condoms come in colors like blue, black, and purple to create romantic impressions. Since people have different attitudes towards certain colors, select the one you and your partner find attractive.

Look For the Defects

Secura condoms may have various defects like odor, sickness, and discoloration. If you identify any of these on your condom, dispose of it and get another one.

Communicate With Your Partner

Sexual pleasure should be a two-way direction for a strong bond. Since some people do not get it safe and pleasurable when using condoms, communicate with your partner to get her feelings before buying it.

How To Use Secura Condoms

  • Before opening the wrapper, check it carefully to ensure that it is not used or damaged.
  • Open the wrapper carefully and take out the condom with clean hands. Do not use your teeth or sharp object since you may tear the material.
  • For circumcised men, wear it on an erect penis with the rolled part facing out. If you are not circumcised, pull the foreskin backward first before putting it on.
  • Leave a half-inch of space at the tip to allow semen when you ejaculate, preventing the condom from bursting.
  • Try to pinch the air out of the condom to create enough space for the semen and unroll it along the erect penis before penetrating her.
  • When using unlubricated condoms, apply enough lubricant inside the condom and to the top to avoid it from breaking during sex, especially for anal penetration.
  • Avoid using oil-based lubricants like Vaseline, body lotion, and baby oil to prevent weakening the condom.
  • Remove the condom after the game by gently grabbing the rim and pulling off the condom while you are still erect.
  • Wrap it in paper or tissue and dispose of it where other people cannot reach it.

Safety Tips on Using Secura Condoms

  • Ensure that the condom is in good condition and not opened by checking the wrapper to see the expiration date.
  • While in the actual action and feel the condom has slipped out of place, or the outer ring is pushed into your body, stop thrusting and adjust it.
  • Avoid storing the condoms exposed to heat. Instead, keep it in a cool and dry place. Do not store in wallets, cars, or purses where the environment is too hot.
  • Communicate to your partner to get her feelings about the condom before buying them because every person has a right to enjoy the game.

Final Thought

Secura condoms are protective barriers worn to protect against the users from STIs and unwanted pregnancy and enhance sexual pleasure. The products are available in various colors, flavors, and textures to allow you to get what works better with your body. They come in various materials, including natural rubber, polyurethane, nitrile, and lambskin. Consider the factors discussed above to get better results from them.

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