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If you wish to spice up your masturbation and couple sex, buy love rings, climax cream, bullet vibes, and multiple sex toys. Sex toys brands keep innovating more products to make the sexual world better, unlike before. Scream O is not an exception to this as its pleasure products are used worldwide to change the way people have sex.

Sex toys are additional tools that heighten the bedroom fun in any relationship. Besides, they can be used for masturbation to boost the solo vibe experience. While the market is flooded with various brands, you may want to invest without compromising your safety. Scream O is among the long-standing companies in the sex toy market. Why not buy from them to see the value of their innovation in your sex life?

Scream O Collection

Scream O is an award-winning company dedicated to producing quality adult pleasure products since 2005. With a decade in the sex toy market, the company has revolutionized sex toys to spice romantic relationships and solo vibes.

Most of the Scream O pleasure products come with labels for easy identification. Moreover, they have crafted some of the body-safe and non-toxic sex toy materials you know, including silicone, glass, and stainless steel. While browsing through the Scream O’s collection, you are likely to find the following pleasure gods.

Cock rings for Erection

Screaming O cock rings are worn at the base of the penis to make the erection firm and long-lasting. When used in the right way, they can reverse erectile dysfunction. Screaming O erection rings come in various types to meet the sexual needs of every man. Some of these cock rings can be recharged, while others are disposable. Scream O vibrating love ring is a top choice for many men because its vibrating functionalities add a magic punch to the sex vibe. Nonetheless, they feature attachments that stimulate the clit when in action.

The rabbit vibrating men’s cock rings are among the company’s top-selling devices. It is more advanced than standard C rings for men as it boasts a double ring for extra sensations. One ring stimulates the shaft while the other stimulates the testicle to deliver double stimulations.

Bullet Vibe

With bullet sex toys, nothing goes out of hand. They are versatile, small, and discreet to add flavor to your rut stuck sex life. Furthermore, they come in different enticing colors to spice up y9ur masturbation and couple sex. What is more? They feature different vibration modes and speeds to make your sex life orgasmic. Best bullet vibrators for beginners and advanced users can stimulate the clit, nipple, and man in couple sex.

Multiple Use Sex Toys

The multiple-use vibrator is the best option for those who can’t tell the pleasure they want since the human sexual appetite varies. For instance, you may crave hard pin-pointed stimulations today and crave softer stimulations the next day. Depending on your mood and the stimulations you want, Scream O multiple-use sex adult toys can be the next big thing in your bedroom.

Scream O Climax Cream for Women

Scream O climax cream for women helps turn on orgasm faster. The stimulating cream increases heighten sensations leaving you with an afterglow of orgasm quickly. Furthermore, it’s made from natural ingredients that boost the flow to get you to climax earlier than expected. Although the cream is odorless and tasteless, it’s ideal for masturbation or sex moments that are not intended to last longer; either in-office or places with no privacy.

Choosing the Perfect Screaming O Masturbators

Screaming O sex toys come in different designs, shapes, and colors. For that reason, it can be a little daunting to choose the right device, especially if you are joining the sex toy world. While you may seem out of options, consider the following tips for walking out of the adult shop website with something that adds joy to your bedroom.

Materials Used

For materials, always consider durability, ease to wash, and safety. Most Screaming O sex toys are made from non-toxic and body-safe materials like silicone. If you want to explore your hard side, you can also go for stainless steel toys. This material is non-porous, thus cannot carry bacteria to the genitals. Temperature-sensitive sex toys are also easy to disinfect if the play involves more than one partner.


Insertable smaller toys may not give the required feeling, and bigger models may be painful. For cock rings, tights damage the nerves of the penis leading to a serious problem. Before settling on any, measure the size of the penis ring using a ruler, marker pen, and string.

Ensure the string is tied around the penis at the thick part when it has fully erected, then mark and use a ruler to obtain the size. The size of the vagina is measured using fingers. Insert the fingers and know many fits in, and use it to determine the length and girth of the toy you need.

Extra Features

The extra feature increases the sensation. If you like vibration stimulations vibrating sex toys can be a better choice. Rechargeable toys allow you to enjoy the game without worrying about battery drains. In addition, those who like bathroom sex should consider waterproof sex toys.

Sex Lubricants to Use

Having a bottle of sex lube by your side is essential whether you self-lubricate or not. While Scream O sex toys can come with their lubrications, having an additional bottle of your preferred sex lube can make the play orgasmic. However, the sex lube to use with Scream O sex toys depends on the toy material. Unlike silicone-based lubricants, water-based lubricants are compatible with various materials.

Hygiene and Caring Tips for Screaming O Sex Toys

After each play, all sex toys should be cleaned to help remove bacteria causing infections when they penetrate the body. Bacteria accumulation in sex toys might result from dust from the surrounding, body fluids, or lubricants.

For plays involving more than one partner, sterilize the toys before and when swapping to prevent the risk of getting STDs. Screaming O sex toys are cleaned using warm water and sometimes cold and the normal cleaning detergent. However, normal soap may not be that effective. It’s advisable to use sex toys cleaners that guarantee to destroy more bacteria bacterial.

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