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Restock your wardrobe and sex toy collection with the wonderfully designed intimate toys and lingerie from Rimba for a better sexual feeling. Items worth purchasing include Rimba sex toys, sexy lingerie, BDSM toys, bikinis, bodysuits, bras, masturbators, cock rings, and bondage gears.

Rimba is a producer and wholesaler brand of erotic lingerie and sex toys based in the Netherlands. Its fashion is named Amorable by Rimba. The brand guarantees the quality production of various accessories. It has unique designs and styles with a huge range of sexy lingerie and bondage sex products.

What Are Rimba Lingerie and Sex Toys?

Rimba Sexy lingerie is an intimate garment designed for all genders who desire to look sexy and beautiful. Regardless of your preferences and tastes, making the right choice of lingerie brings out the best experiences.

Rimba Bondage products, on the other hand, are artificial tools designed to enlighten sexual gratification. They come in various colors, materials, styles, and designs. The bondage gears manufactured by Rimba are medically approved and certified for human use. The brand has many different sex toy options that match your desires and intentions.

The Different Types of Rimba Lingerie

There is a wide range of sexy lingerie in the market today. They include.


This sexy lingerie can be worn as a solo pair in the bedroom or paired with any matching outfit like a cami or bra. It reveals most parts of the wearer’s body showing off the sexy curves.


It is a two in one outfit (bras and underwear conjoined). Even though they cover most of your body parts, they still look sexier, especially when worn in the bedroom. You can also wear it under a matching outfit.


If you want a light lingerie style on your wedding night, add this sexy lingerie to your shopping list. The set comes with bras and sexy stockings. You should stick on a white bustier for a sex bridal look. One can also choose to have different styles and colors.


This delicate lingerie comes with a set of bra and underwear. You can wear it solo in the bedroom or complement it with different outfits for a lovely treat out with your lover.

Sex Toys Manufactured by Rimba

Rimba manufactures various sex toys made perfectly for different roles. You can choose from the following categories.

Bondage Gears

They are accessories made for restraining and fascinating one party during sexual intercourse. Rimba BDSM products come in different ranges, including masks, restraints, whips, handcuffs, bondage tapes. These bondage gears help bring a new level of sexual experience. Most of them are made from safe and soft materials for comfortable use.

Cock Rings

Penis rings are meant to be worn around the penis. They feature different types, including metal, rubber, and plastic. Cock rings prevent the backflow of blood during sexual intercourse. They also help in dealing with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Some come with fascinating harnesses and strap-ons for support.

Stimulation Gel

A stimulating gel is designed specifically for eay sexual intercourse. It is applied before penetration to prevent injuries during intimacy.


There are masturbators for anal and vaginal stimulation. For instance, the 6-inch Rimba Steel Anal Electro Sex Dildo Masturbator is specifically designed for anal stimulation. Make a good choice and have the best sexual experience ever with sex products from Rimba.

How to Choose Rimba Lingerie and Sex Toys

There are various bedroom essentials you are likely to come across when shopping. As a beginner, you might find developing the right Rimba sex toys and lingerie challenging. However, there are critical factors one needs to consider to make an appropriate purchase, which includes;

Body Type and Shape

There can never be one size fits when it comes to lingerie. One has to go for the right lingerie size depending on their body type and shape. For instance, curvy women would love to highlight their curves and reveal their sexy body figures. Buy something comfortable and eye-catchy. There are also multiple choices for small-sized individuals.


Outfits are produced depending on the season. For instance, heavy lingerie like bodysuits are best for winter seasons. Bodysuits are worth having in the wardrobe with a pair of sexy stockings. Consider wearing lighter outfits like lace, mesh, and cotton during summer.


Garments vary depending on occasion and season. This also applies to different types of lingerie. Choose on bodysuits if you want to stay indoors. However, for events like valentine’s night or a date, consider something crazier or wilder.


Sex toys come in different types, meant for different purposes. Therefore, when shopping for sex toys, choose one depending on what you want in them. There are numerous things that sex toys can perform. These include clitoral stimulation, prostate sensation, and double stimulation.


These intimate toys are made from silicone, rubber, plastic, stainless steel, and glass materials. Most materials used by Rimba sex toys are non-porous, phthalate, latex-free, and skin-friendly. You should also consider waterproof materials, like silicone, for easy cleaning and use in the shower.


The size of a sex toy depends on what you want, either for internal or external stimulation. One’s tastes and preferences matter, especially if you want to experience extreme pleasures. Go for shaft-shaped dildos if you want vaginal penetration. The girth and length of the toy are vital since it ensures you experience powerful sensations with your toys.

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