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Buy Playboy Condom and enjoy long-lasting and safe sex with your lover or sex toys. With these condoms, you can also control childbirth, thus avoiding unwanted pregnancies and even minimize the risks of infections.

Playboy is a common term people relate to a lifestyle full of desires and sex. The name is a synonym for wonderful romance, romantic yearning, and sex. Playboy is a trusted brand because of its best-quality condoms. These condoms are packed to fit in purses, wallets, and pockets for simplified portability. Indulging in raw sex with a random one-night stand, an escort, or that attractive acquaintance you met the other day may not be the best idea. With many life-threatening conditions, including HIV or STDs, you cannot afford to drop your guard that easily without prior protection. You can also use condoms together with sex toy foreplays to extend play and action time.

What is a Condom?

A condom is a thin pouch worn in the vagina or penis to prevent leakage of semen. In most cases, they are used for prolonged sex, birth control, and prevention against STIs.  Condoms are made from various materials, including rubber and latex. Most Male and female condoms are crafted from hypoallergenic to meet the needs of people with allergies.

Female condoms are inserted into the vagina and have a ring on both ends. The closed side is inserted into the vagina. Also, the open side remains outside, with the ring holding the outer part of the vagina.

Benefits of Using a Condom

A condom is a simple yet powerful protective method. However, its benefits are always ignored by people who indulge in raw sex. Here are the benefits of penetrating the vagina or ass with a condom on.

Prevention of unwanted pregnancy and STDs

Having protected sex gives one peace of mind. Protected sex guarantees prevention against unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and even bacterial infections.

Pleasure Enhancement

Condoms come in various shapes and textures that heighten sensation. They enhance oral, vaginal, and anal sex, allowing you to experiment with different stimulations.

Relatively Cheap and Readily Available

Condoms are pocket-friendly and available in drug stores. Furthermore, they are portable, allowing you to have sexual pleasure anywhere.

Playboy Condoms Have No Side Effects.

Most condoms are crafted from health-supportive materials. Also, those who may be allergic to latex condoms can choose other types for safe sex.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Condom

Choosing condoms may seem to be an easy task. However, picking the wrong one can lower orgasms and cause skin irritations. Below are the tips you can consider to buy a condom that helps meet your sexual fantasies.

Choose the Right Size

You may think condom size fits all. Condoms come in various sizes, including small, medium, and large. Choosing the right fit prevents breaking or slipping down during intercourse. Condom breakage or slipping off might expose you to infections or increase the chances of unwanted pregnancy.

Beginners should choose regular condoms. As well, the length and the thickness of the condom can be measured using a tape measure. When having all this information, purchasing condoms may become easy.

Know the Different Types

Choosing one that meets your needs may help avoid sensitivity issues.

Understand the Various Designs

The stamina and sexual pleasure can be increased by condom shapes, sizes, thickness, and texture. Playboy condom can be fitting or flared. However, the design and shape you choose may depend on the sexual experience you want. To feel the sensation at the tip of the penis, go for the condoms with loose tips. Condoms come in thick and ultra-thin designs. However, if you want heightened sensations, choose thin condoms.

Sensation Lubricants

Particular condoms are lubricated to increase the sensations and allow easy penetrations. Also, you can add little personal lube for pleasurable sex or toy play. Water and silicone-based lubricants are compatible with most condoms. Avoid using oil-based lubricant with latex condoms, as the lube may break the protection. Also, some lubricants have the magic of reducing the sensitivity of the penis, making sex last longer.

Types of Playboy Condoms

Playboy condoms come in different types to meet the customers’ needs. The type of playboy condom depends on individual preference and choice. Below are the types of Playboy condoms available in the market.

Playboy Ultra-Thin Condom

It is thin enough to increase sexual pleasure for all partners. It is made from natural latex rubber and electronically tested to make sure it is safe for users.

Classic Lubricated Playboy Condom

It is balanced with premium silicone and latex lube. Classic lubricated condom is coated with smooth silk lubricant with a better scent.

Pleasure Studded Playboy Condoms

This category of playboy condoms has studs to give extra pleasure. It is made from natural latex rubber and coated with silicone lube. Besides, it is tested electronically three times to ensure the safety of users.

Flavored Playboy Condom

A flavored playboy condom is the best for those who hate the typical smell of condoms. It comes in a range of tastes to choose from depending on the experience you are looking for. The sweetness and the scent add excitement to your solo vibes or partnered sex.

Playboy Condoms PBC Long Play

It is the best for those who like extended pleasure. Playboy condom for extended play has a smooth shape and a benzocaine spot in the inner side of the tip for extended performance.

How to Use Condoms

It is essential to know how to use a condom to prevent contracting STIs and unplanned pregnancy. When having the condom ready for use in the play, carefully open the packaging. Avoid using teeth or a pair of scissors to open because it can tear the condom. Insert the condom and slide t to the base of the penis, just like putting on a pair of socks.

Check the tip to make sure there is enough space for free movement of the penis and ejaculation. Apply lubricant if the condom is not lubricated or to increase the sensations. Lubrication makes insertion easy. After ejaculating carefully, remove the condom and dispose of it off. If you feel like going on with the game, repeat the same procedure.

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