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Spice up your sex life with Pipedream Sex Toys. These bedroom companions offer a wide range of stimulations to help you meet your sexual fantasies.

A sex toy is a tool or equipment used to enhance human sexual satisfaction. Many people are looking for sexual satisfaction in sex toys because of the low performance in human companions. Others use the toys for fun to explore new stimulations. Pipedream Sex toys and bondage equipment can be used to increase the flow of orgasms in solo or partnered sex.

Unlike human beings, sex toys never get tired, and they don’t stop unless controlled. Companies are innovating more in this field to meet the booming demand.  Sex toys include vibrators, butt plugs, and prostate massagers.

How to Choose the Best Sex Toy

Buying a sex toy can be challenging, especially for first-timers. There’s a lot to consider in keeping a stream and flow of orgasms. Consider the following tips when purchasing sex toys.


What type of stimulations do you want from the toy? For instance, know if it is for G-sport, clitoral stimulation, or even for pleasuring a partner. If you are a beginner, consider the following stimulations.

Clitoral Stimulation

Clitoral stimulation is achieved by using magic wands, bullet vibrators, and rabbit toys. If you have an extremely sensitive clitoris, use pulsation toys or air suction for clitoral stimulation.

G- Spot Stimulation

It is also known as internal stimulation. The best choice of sex toy that enhances internal stimulation is classic vibrators and dildos.

Clitoral and Vaginal Stimulation

A double stimulation sex toy like a rabbit vibrator will work best because it stimulates the vagina and clitoris simultaneously.

Stimulatory Sex Toys

This category consists of dildos and the real butt flashlights.

Prostate stimulation

A prostate massager is known to be the best for enhancing prostate sensation.


If you have sensitive skin, it is good to understand what material is the best. Clean toys are healthy for the skin. Purchase a toy that is easy to clean and maintain. Below are the materials used in making sex toys.


Silicone is the best material because it is hypoallergenic, making it safer for sensitive skins. Silicone is very flexible and has the texture of real penis skin. Also, the toys are easy to clean and maintain. However, avoid washing silicone toys in hot water for durability purposes.

Rubber and Plastic

Dildos made from this material are relatively cheap. They come in various shapes, textures, and colors. Plastic may not be safe because it causes skin irritations. Rubber is difficult to clean and maintain.  Also, it is porous, hence traps dirt and bacteria.


It is a nonporous material; thus, cleaning and maintenance are easy. Many people like it because it lasts longer, although heavy, and should not be subjected to heat.


Toys made of glass are delicate and heavy but great for penetrative sex. The merit of these toys is that they can be warmed and cooled. Also, they retain heat, allowing you to get serious stimulations. Glass is a nonporous material, hence easy to clean and maintain. Avoid placing glass sex toys in hot water to avoid deformation.


Size matters whether you want the toy for internal or external stimulations. If you like external stimulations, choose a three-inch vibrator. For deeper penetration, choose a shaft-shaped vibrator. Insert the fingers in the vagina or anus to determine the circumference. Men should also choose the perfect size for their sex dolls, sleeves, or strokers.

Types of Sex Toys and How They Are Used

Without a guide on how different sex toys are used,  beginners may make wrong choices. Here are the various sex toy types and how they are used.

Magic Wand

It is the best for direct clitoral stimulation. It works best for individuals who have a sensitive clitoris. Besides, it can be used on top of the under a pant for a less intense but wonderful moment.

Clitoral Suction Vibrator

It gives oral sex-like stimulation when working on your clitoris. Place the nozzle or the clitoral opening to be sucked to instant sexual sensation. Ensure the lube is applied plenty to the clitoris and the labia to avoid dry skin suction. To get pleasure in a large area, spread the labia.

Rabbit Vibrator

It has a shaft used for vaginal stimulation and an ear for clitoral stimulation. It enhances blended sexual stimulation internally and externally. One can start by stimulating the vagina before stimulating the clitoris. Also, remember to apply enough lube to avoid painful friction.

Internal Vibrators

It is used for thrusting against the vaginal walls to enhance stimulation. To have a different feeling, rub it in the clitoris. Would you mind starting with the foreplay by stimulating the vulva and the labia to get the mood? When the pleasure gets stronger, slide it in.

Cock rings

They are vibrating rings designed for the penis and balls. Cock rings stimulate the balls and penis and hold blood flow in the penis to increase the duration of an erection. Also, cock rings are used with partners for foreplay and after penetration for clitoral stimulation. However, cock rings can be used to correct premature erection and erectile dysfunction.

Blow Job Sleeves

The best one should have a mouth or hand to enhance the sexual arousal game. It gives a perfect way of increasing penis masturbation by using various internal feelings.

Butt Plugs

It is used for vaginal stimulation, and one should start by preparing the mood and applying the lube. Lube helps to prevent anal muscles damage by the uncomfortable friction. Ensure the toy has a flat base to prevent it from sliding deep into the vagina. Those who have used it before can spice the pleasure by using clitoral and vaginal stimulators while the plug is in to get extreme sexual pleasure.

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