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Boost your sex appeal with Petits JouJoux Nipple and Vagina Pasties and capture the attention of your lover in the bedroom and men in public.

Women are lucky to have various erotic products that allow them display and express their naughty minds, even without going completely nude. For this reason, various brands such as Petits Joujoux are producing amazing nipple and vagina pasties to help women cover their erogenous zones and leave nothing for imagination. They are usually attached with a medical-grade adhesive to hold them in place. Medical-grade adhesives are the best since they do not irritate the skin.

Some women wear it during demonstrations for women’s rights without breaking the law of nakedness. Also, it can be worn by erotic dancers, strippers, during burlesque show entertainment, and as beachwear. Nipple and Vagina pasties come in different shapes, sizes, and fabrics to meet your needs.

Choosing Vagina and Nipple Pasties

Choosing nipple and vagina pasties can be challenging for first-timers. There are factors to be considered when purchasing these products.  The questions about the type, size, and even shape can be overwhelming. Below are highlighted factors to be considered when buying vagina and nipple pasties.

Type of Dress to be Worn

Silicone pasties are the best choice for those who like to wear sheer fabric. This is because they are thick and are not visible in light fabric.

Material Used to Make Pasties

Do not buy pasties made from heavy materials because they can easily fall off. When buying costumes that have tassels or sequin, note that the strength of the adhesive depends on the heaviness of the pasties. If the pasties are to be used as a costume, then the light ones are the best choice.

The Adhesive Quality

Opt for the pasties with adhesives that last longer and give comfort. Try out the adhesive quality before wearing the pasty and heading out. Apply the pasties and leave for an hour or more. If pasties stay in place without moving, they are the best, and you can confidently use them. When the pasty moves, try out another shape or try a different adhesive. Also, ensure the adhesive is medical-grade to prevent skin irritation when enjoying the moment.

Choose a Pasty with the Same Color as Nude

This is the best for women who like to put on the light, sheer, or loose clothes because it minimizes visibility. Nude pasties make it less obvious in case they slip off.

How to Use Nipple and Vagina Pasties

Nipple and vagina pasties may be difficult to use for first-timers. If they are not properly used, they can cause embarrassment and ruin the moment. Below are highlighted guidelines on how to use pasties.

Read the Instructions on the Pasties

Some pasties are packed with adhesive, while some can be attached with suction or separate adhesive. Carefully read the instructions in the pasty packaging to know how it is supposed to be applied.

Use Two-Sided Material Tape When Fastening Light Pasties

Double-sided tape is for pasties made from thin material with no thick decoration like sequin, pasties, or beads. Make sure you buy the one meant for materials and not paper to be strong. The tape is cut into small strips to fit in the edges of the inner side of the pasties.

Use Medical-Grade Spirit Adhesive or The Body Adhesive for Heavy Pasties

Heavy costumes like those used in burlesque dance require heavy gum. If the pasty is made of heavy material, shop for a strong body gum that will be able to hold it in place for so long.  The gum is applied inside the edges of the pasties using a makeup brush or cotton swab. Some adhesive sometimes takes time before becoming sticky.

Clean and Dry the Skin Before Applying the Pasties

Ensure the skin is clean without oil, moisturizer, or lotion before putting on the pasties. Clean skin, whether using adhesive or stick-on pasties, will help the pasties stay in place well and for so long.

Test the Adhesive Before Using in the Pasties

Testing the glue in the wrist before using it on the skin is important. Some adhesives can react to sensitive skin. Put a small amount of glue on the wrist and wait for minutes to observe any reaction. If there is no reaction, it is safe and best to attach the pasties. People with sensitive skin should use medical-grade adhesive since it is made with hypoallergenic components.

Stick the Adhesive to the Outer Edges When Applying in the Pasties

Whether using tape or glue while attaching the pasty on the body, apply it to the outer part of the pasties and not the center. This helps prevent gum application to the sensitive parts of the skin and makes removal easy.

Ensure the Pasties are in Place Before Attaching Them

Hold the pasties for seconds before attaching them since some adhesives take time before sticking to the surface. Hold the pasty tightly until it sticks. While holding the pasties, ensure they are in the intended place before they stick.

Clean the gum off the skin After removing the Pasties

Pasties can cause reactions when they are left for long on the skin. For health benefits, wash the glue off the skin using water and mild soap immediately after removing the pasty. Some adhesives, such as the spirit gum, can’t be washed off so easily, so acetone cleaner is recommended.

Keep them Organized After Washing.

Clean reusable pasties using soap and a washing brush to remove the extra gum. They can be returned to the packaging box and placed in the wardrobe. Also, store in small zipped pouches to remain clean and organized.

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