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Get and maintain hard erections with the Oxballs Cock and Ball Rings. Oxball sex toys for men are worn for penis and balls accommodation. They enhance sexual pleasure when worn during intercourse, either solo with sex toys or with a partner. Cock ring is an ideal sex toy for men, and it is worn at the base of the penis to stimulate the nerves and restrict blood flow from the penis for long-lasting erections, which allow you to thrust your lover for longer. Try Oxballs- the best sex toys for your balls to take your sex am to the next level.

What Are Cock And Ball Rings?

Cock and Ball rings are objects which prevent the blood from escaping the penis. This helps maintain harder erections that help stroke your lover to satisfaction. When a man is sexually aroused, blood flows to the penis, and after ejaculation, blood flows from the ring. However, with the cock and ball rings, blood flow from the penis is restricted, giving harder and long-lasting erections for more sexual pleasure.

Choosing Cock And Ball Rings

With the various cock and ball rings available in the market, choosing the best for you may be challenging. Below are some factors you should consider when purchasing men’s sex toys.

Buy Body-Safe Material

Materials matter when choosing sex toys for your sexual fantasies. Oxballs Sex Toys for Men: Cock Rings & Ball Stretchers, are made from various materials, each having distinct features. Rings made of metal were initially C-shaped, and they are not easy to put on. Moreover, it requires a lot of keenness and self-control. Beginners should start with silicone rings because they are more flexible. Silicone rings are easy to wear and remove. Also, even the smaller and tight ones still allow some level of blood flow. This will, in turn, reduce the problems that the ring may cause.

Check The Texture

Men’s sex toys may be plain, bumped, or ridged. Depending on what individuals feel about texture pleasure, it is ideal to consider a texture that gives the intended feeling. According to some users, during intercourse, the ones that have bumps cannot be felt. Others claim bumped rings are the best since they double the pleasure compared to normal rings. Some say texture does not matter since physical pleasure is like vision or illusion pleasure. With the varied review, experiment and find what works best for you.

Consider Their Tightness

Tight men’s sex toys, like cock rings the best for enhancing a powerful, long-lasting erection with incredible orgasms. For the ring or stopper tightness, purchase the one that fits your cock and has a strong material. Also, those who wish to have proper blood flow should go for loose ones. Test all the sizes and know how they feel since tightness depends on the experience you want. However, beginners should start with loose cock and ball rings before advancing to the tighter ones. Alternatively, there are adjustable cock and ball rings that allow you to control the tightness of your cock ring.

The Vibrations

Certain Oxballs sex toys for men come with vibrating features, while others are plain. Vibrating cock rings add excitement to your solo or partnered play. Sex toys that vibrate increase sensations, stimulations, and orgasms, pushing your intimacy boundaries. Vibrating cock rings stimulate the penis base as the other partner enjoys the clitoral massage during sex. However, not all normal rings have the function and features of working for both partners simultaneously. Men and women who find it difficult to orgasm should try ball and cock rings for wonderful sexual pleasure.

How To Use Cock And Ball Rings

Oxballs sex toys for men: cock rings & ball Stretchers are used on the penis and testicles. Cock rings come in a variety of materials. For instance, the materials include stretchy silicone and rigid glass. More flexible materials are best for an erect penis. Cock rings made from rigid materials like metal should be worn when the penis is flaccid.

Apply more lube to make penetrations easy. The lube you choose should be compatible with the material used for designing the sex toy. After applying the lube, stretch and place the ring at the tip of the penis. Pull it to the base of the penis while it’s still stretchy, do it gently and keenly to note if there is any discomfort. You should also wear the ring for a maximum of 30 minutes and remove it since wearing it for long damages your delicate penis muscles.

For cock and ball rings, start by tucking in one testicle after the other, folding the penis, and taking it through the ring to the base. Beginners might feel uncomfortable while doing the procedure. However, there will be more pleasure and comfort after putting everything in place. In case of any discomfort, bleeding, swelling, or even a painful feeling, visit your doctor to address the issue. Carefully follow the safety instructions to enjoy and feel the wonderful sexual experience of cock rings.

Hygiene Tips For Oxballs, Cock And Ring Balls

Sex accessories have to be cleaned to prevent the risk of getting STDs or bacterial infections. Oxballs sex toys for men: Cock rings & ball stretchers are cleaned using sex toy cleaners or warm soapy water. Also, you can use mild washing soap with cold, warm, or hot water depending on the material used for making it. After cleaning, dry, and store the men’s sex toys in storage bags to remain clean and organized. The storage bags can be small zipped pouches or big bags with compartments, and the bags are also found in the store.

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