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Get unbelievable orgasms in your solo masturbation moments or partnered sex with OhMihBod Female Vibrators.

Sex toys, like OhMiBod long-distance sex toys, have made it easy to maintain the flow of orgasms with or without human companions. Female vibrators are designed to reach all sweet spots, including the clitoris, anal, and G-spot, to increase stimulations and orgasms. Also, they enhance extra pleasure from the varying vibration speeds. Owning a female vibrator may not negatively impact your sex life. Instead, they help take your intimacy experience to another level.

What Are Ohmihbod Female Vibrators?

OhMiBod Female Vibrators are a product of Ohmihbod, a UK-based sex toy manufacturer and retailer. It is among the few players dedicated to changing people’s sexual experiences with high-tech sex toys. These vibrators help stimulate the anus, clit, and G spot. These sex toys give various stimulations depending on the sexual fantasies you want. Female vibrators are available in various types, sizes, colors, and materials to meet different sexual needs. More interestingly, they can be used for masturbation, partnered sex, or threesome.

Female vibrators take charge of erotic plays that demand serious clitoral, anal, vulva, or vaginal stimulations. Doctors and sex experts recommend these vibrators to women who are not getting sexual satisfaction from their lovers. There are manual and electric female vibrators in the market. These two types offer the same stimulations to different budgets. However, switching to remote-controlled vibrators you can use near or far can expand horizons regarding intimacy.

Types of Female Vibrators

There are various types of female vibrators to meet everyone’s sexual fantasies. Females get orgasms from different stimulations. For instance, some like internal, while others prefer external stmulations. Others may be into double stimulations. Here are the female vibrators to watch out for;

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrators have a branch-like structure that reaches all sweet spots leaving them extremely wet. These toys have two stimulators to offer double stimulation. If you fancy your clit and vagina being stimulated simultaneously, this is the toy to buy. They also have two powerful motors that send sensual clit massage and serious vaginal thrusting vibrations. Rabbit vibrators are available in different sizes, colors, and vibration speeds.

Bullet Vibrators

Although they are simple and small, bullet vibrators enhance bedroom creativity. They offer pinpointed sensations that you may never find in other sex toys. Moreover, bullet vibrators are portable, allowing you to reach your world of orgasms anywhere.

G-spot Vibrators

These toys enhance easy reach to the G spot for maximum pleasure. The G-spot is an erogenous zone located in the vagina. The toy’s powerful vibrations and insertable length add pleasure to solo moments and partnered sex.

Suction Vibrators

Suction vibrators provide intense clit sensations. They offer oral sex–like sensations to the clit using the air technology. Consider them if you want to take your clitoral plays to another level.

How to Choose the Best Female Vibrator

The market offers various female vibrators making it challenging to choose the best at first glimpse. Therefore, consider the following tips to choose a toy that meets your sexual fantasies.

Consider Vibration Patterns

Female vibrators come with different vibration patterns. In most cases, the toys have wireless remotes or exterior buttons to help you monitor vibrations. With the help of controllers, you can increase or reduce the vibration intensity to match your mood. Female vibrators can have vibration speeds of up to 10 or beyond.

Choose Body-Safe Materials

The ideal material for a female vibrator should be easy to wash and body-safe. Also, choose a durable material for more excitement. Consider the following materials;


Silicone has stood in the sex toy industry for a long time. It is non-porous, reducing the risk of infections. It is also flexible and durable, ensuring it stays for even years. You can easily wash silicone female vibrators regardless of the sex lube amount used or the degree of wetness. Moreover, the material is compatible with condoms, rubber dams, and diaphragms.


PVC is another suitable material for sex toys. However, you should carefully check the toy’s package not to buy PVC with phthalate. Most of these materials may not be safe.

Rubber and Plastic

If you want soft stimulations, choose rubber. However, plastic can be the right choice if you want hard penetrations. Unfortunately, rubber vibrators may expose you to infections because it is porous. The material may also not last long because of frequent wear and tear. Plastic may also carry chemicals that cause health problems.

Waterproof or Not

Waterproof sex toys allow you to enjoy wet masturbation moments or partnered sex in the shower, bathtub, or swimming pool; therefore, if you want wet play, splash-proof and waterproof vibrators are ideal. Waterproof vibrators can be immersed in water, while splashproof materials can only be used in showers. This feature also determines the method of cleaning to use. Splashproof toys can only be wiped with a wet cloth but not immersed in water.

Quiet or Noisy

Female vibrators have different noise patterns. Noisy sex toys may cause dwellers, neighbors, or people around to suspect your activities. Check the toy’s noise intensity on the package before buying. You can also try it in the sex toy shop to confirm if it’s quiet, moderate, or too loud.

Size Also Matters

Female vibrators are available in various sizes. Finger yourself to determine your vagina and anus size. This will help you determine the length and thickness of the vibrator that meets your sexual fantasies. The choice of size may also depend on the kind of stimulations you want. For instance, if clit stimulations are your favorite, choose small-sized vibrators. Also, if internal stimulations leave you satisfied, go for the toy that penetrates deeper to increase stimulations.


How to Use Female Vibrators

First, choose the vibration pattern that suits your mood. Lubricate the hot spot you want to get pleasure from before inserting or moving the toy. Move the sex toys to all your sweet spots and change the vibration speeds for new stimulations. Focus on your sweet spots until you get orgasms.

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