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Buy NS Novelties Butt Plugs and take your anal game to the next level. Amazing anal plugs, including inflatable, hollow, jeweled, and vibrating butt plugs, enhance anal stimulations to meet your sexual fantasies whether you play alone or with your lover.

In the past, it was considered taboo to indulge in anal stimulations. However, anal play is among the top sexual practices today. The onset of sex toys made anal sex more pleasurable. For instance, you can enjoy stimulations with butt plugs to prepare your anal canal for steamy sex. Here is the information you need to know about Ns Novelty Butt Plugs.

What Are NS Novelties Butt Plugs?

Butt Plugs are extractive sex toys that milk the anus to give extraordinary pleasure. These devices are suitable for solo moments and partnered anal sex. For solo pleasure, you can leave them in your ass for some minutes to experience fullness. However, you can dip it in for minutes to prepare for penis penetrations with your lover. Butt plugs are available for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. Choose the toy according to the category you fall in for better anal experiences.

NS Novelties is a Singapore-based company majoring in production and wholesaling sex toys. NS Novelties sex toys are among the top quality sex toys that meet everyone’s intimate needs.

Types of NS Novelties Butt Plugs

Vibrating Butt Plugs

Vibrating Ns Novelties butt plugs have different vibration patterns to offer new anal sensations. Using the toy’s remote control, one can control the stimulations from low to high intensity. Vibrating sex toys are available in different sizes, materials, and girth. Most have up to 10 vibrating speeds to give you extra stimulations. You can start the anal play with a pattern that meets your needs then switch to higher intensities. However, they are mostly recommended for advanced users. The NS Novelties sex toys can be used for anal and prostate stimulation in men.

Inflatable Butt Plugs

Inflatable butt plugs make things easier for users. All you need to do is blow in the air to get started. After the anal plays, you can easily deflate the toy, wash and store it. These NS Novelties sex toys can be difficult to operate if you are a first-timer. For intermediate and advanced users, find a suitable position, lubricate the toy, insert in the ass and inflate it. Most inflatable butt plugs are crafted with phthalate-free rubber. The size of the toy increases when inflating, allowing you to get the right circumference for your anal needs. Inflatable butt plugs do not stress the sphincter muscles and are the best for anyone who wants comfort during anal plays.

Jeweled Butt Plugs

Jeweled butt plugs add a touch of bling to your anal play. These toys are crafted from various gemstones mimicking diamond, 24k gold, and silver. The toy’s ultra-shiny nature can send you into sexual fantasies adding excitement to the play. These NS Novelties sex toys break the bedroom monotony allowing you to enjoy your company.

Hollow Butt Plugs

Hollow butt plugs stretch the anal muscles preparing you for steamy anal sex. Also, the toy allows body movement for heightened pleasure. Most hollow butt plugs are crafted from clear materials that allow you to see your lover’s anal canal. However, you can get the best out of these toys using anal sex lube. The lube helps reduce unnecessary friction giving you more anal pleasure.

How To Choose the Best Butt Plug

The market offers various butt plugs to meet everyone’s sexual fantasy. It can be challenging to get what brightens your sexual world. Beginners can easily use the following tips to get the best NS Novelties butt plugs.

Choose the Right Size

Size is a crucial aspect to consider when buying an anal toy. Small-sized butt plugs are suitable for beginners, as large-sized sex toys may cause painful penetration killing the anal sex vibe. You can then advance to other sizes, including medium and large, when your experience grows. Finger yourself to determine your butt hole size based on the number of fingers you can comfortably fit in your anus.

Go for Body-Safe Materials

The NS Novelties sex toy material you choose should be safe and easy to wash. Also, go for something durable to help you save on costs and get more fun time. Silicone is the top material for anal sex toys. It is non-porous, thus cannot store dirt or bacteria. Also, silicone is flexible and durable to give you non-stop stimulations. More interestingly, you can easily wash your silicone NS Novelties butt plug after anal plays involving sex lubricants. Unfortunately, this material is not compatible with silicone-based lube. This lube destroys the toy’s surface reducing its lifespan. Avoid materials with phthalate or latex as they may fuel your allergies.

Waterproof or Not

Changing sex fantasy scenes transforms your sexual experience. Waterproof NS Novelties sex toys can be the best choice if you fancy shower plays, whether with your lover or alone. These toys are water-resistant to spice up your wet moments.

The Type of Sex Lube to Use

Anal plays require sex lubricants for easy penetration and more pleasure. However, not all anal sex lubricants will work with NS Novelties sex toys.

Silicone-based anal sex lubricants are the best for anal play. They are thick and durable; thus, they do not require frequent reapplication. The lube lasts longer because it lacks water and is not easily absorbed. Moreover, it is body-friendly and easy to wash off. Oil-based lube is also ideal for anal and vaginal stimulations. It is thick and durable to wet the anal canal and vagina for long. However, certain oil lubricants are made with synthetic materials that may cause harm to your health when used for oral play. Also, the lube is tough to wash off the toy and sheets because it is thick and sticky. Water-based lube is not suitable for anal play. The anus easily absorbs the available water leaving everything dry and unsafe for insertion.


How to Wash Butt Plugs

Wash your NS Novelties sex toy with hot soapy water and recommended toy cleaner after each play. Cleaning helps reduce bacterial infections and improve the toy’s lifespan.




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