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Spice up your solo masturbation moments with NMC Sex dolls. Some sex dolls worth adding to your bedroom collection include torsos and vagina, customized, realistic, and mini sex dolls.

Hand masturbation has become old-fashioned and monotonous. With sex dolls, you get the real feeling. These devices are designed to quench your intimate thirst at any moment. NMC sex toys, especially sex dolls, are the perfect replacement for your lover, and adding them to your bedroom essentials collection allows you to enjoy anal, vaginal, and oral sex.


What Are NMC Sex Dolls?

NMC Sex dolls are hand-crafted bedroom companions that give the feeling of thrusting a woman. They come with a succulent mouth, ass, and vagina to give a pleasurable lifelike feeling during penetrations. Sex dolls offer everything in the bedroom, including anal, vaginal, and oral sex. They are mainly designed for men who want to expand their horizons of sexual pleasure. Whether you are single or not, indulging in new sex practices opens windows to new stimulations, sensations, and great orgasms.

NMC Sex toys come with various features to boost your masturbation experience. For instance, some have raised legs to stroke with various styles. Also, they have breasts styled differently to give the feeling of playing with something close to your lover. Most sex dolls are inflatable, making it easy to have fun any time you feel hot. Moreover, they are powered by non-rechargeable batteries ensuring you get pure sexual bliss from the multi-speed Vibro-bullets.

Different Types Of NMC Sex Dolls

Torsos And Vaginas

These are the most common sex dolls. They come at pocket-friendly prices and are made from safe materials to spice up your masturbation. Also, they have tight pussies, ass, and mouth, making you reach climax faster. However, they lack legs and arms. Torsos and vaginas are suitable for people with a tight budget who are not willing to splurge on the dolls.

Mini Sex Dolls

These NMC sex dolls are budget-friendly and portable. Mini sex dolls have tiny busts and waists with cute faces. The toys offer steamy vaginal, anal, and oral sex.

Realistic Sex Dolls

Realistic sex dolls are the top choice for men who want the human-like feeling while playing with NMC sex toys. They come with various skin complexions, including light-skinned and tan. You can also choose from short to tall dolls, according to your sexual fantasies. More interestingly, they come with names.

NMC Customized Sex Dolls

These sex dolls allow you to create a lover that meets your sexual fantasies. They are suitable for men who prefer certain traits in a woman. For instance, you can customize the breast size, hairstyle, nipples, vagina color, and pubic hair. However, you will spend a lot of money customizing your sex doll to your preference.

How To Choose the Best Sex Doll

The availability of many sex dolls in the market can make it challenging to select one that suits your needs. However, the following tips can help you choose the best NMC sex doll.

Consider Materials Used In The Sex Dolls

Materials affect the total pricing of the sex doll. However, always consider the ease to wash, durability, and health impacts when choosing materials. The following materials are used in making sex dolls;


Rubber sex dolls are relatively cheap and suitable for those on a budget. However, the material is porous, thus can trap dust and store bacteria, causing infections. Rubber sex dolls also don’t last since they undergo wear and tear after a short time.


NMC Sex dolls made from this material offer a lifelike touch and feel when penetrating the ass, vagina, and mouth. They are best for people who want a human-like companion in the bedroom. However, they are difficult to disinfect. Also, their surface becomes sticky after contact with water.

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

TPE material is durable and non-porous, like silicone. Sex dolls made from TPE are relatively cheap and easy to wash and disinfect.


Silicone is body-safe, non-porous, and durable. Also, it is phthalate-free, thus suitable for sensitive skin. Silicone sex dolls are easy to clean and disinfect. However, they are costly. When using silicone NMC sex dolls, avoid silicone-based lube as it reacts violently on the toy’s surface, reducing its lifespan. If you were to use sex lube, consider water or oil-based lubricants.

Choose The Ideal Appearance of the Toy

Consider if you want a sex doll with angelic looks, naughty babe, or old-fashioned country girl. Also, consider if you want a curved or slimmer sex doll. Choose an appealing appearance. Complement the looks of your NMC sex doll with the right eye color, clothes, hair color, and makeup.

Consider Size

Choose between tall and short sex dolls and go for the butt and bust size of your choice. Your sexual fantasies should influence your choice.

How To Use NMC Sex Dolls

Sex doll usage depends on the type of stimulation and the sex styles an individual wants to use. However, using lube, preferably water-based lube, is essential. A lubricated vagina or ass reduces unnecessary friction that may cause discomfort. Adding lube to the doll’s succulent vagina, ass, or mouth also increases sensations, stimulations, and the flow of orgasms.

NMC Sex dolls are also compatible with condoms. Including condoms in your masturbation reduces sensations, delaying climax for more pleasure. The doll’s sex holes are well-designed to allow the user to cum inside after reaching climax. These sex dolls also come with controllers that help the user take charge of your stimulations. Set the pattern that matches your mood before stroking the sex doll. Also, adjust the stimulation patterns to enjoy new sensations.

How To Wash Sex Dolls

Wash your NMC sex doll using lukewarm water and recommended toy cleaner. Ensure the device dries properly before storing.

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