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Sex is more than just touching, kissing, massaging, and penetrating with your hard cock, especially when powerful sex toys are introduced into the play. Thanks to the Mystim brand, the company manufactures powerful electro-sex stimulation toys to improve your sex life and introduce a whole world of flavor into your bedroom. Qualified sex therapists make the devices in sterile conditions to ensure you get safe, comfortable, and pleasurable sensations. The brand owns an easy-to-access website where all information about the categories is posted in precise and clear language to help you make the right decisions when selecting them.

Mystim brand produces ideal, safe, strong, and enjoyable anal electrostimulation (e-stim) sex toys like finger loops, bendable beads, masturbators, and butt plugs. These incredible Mystim estim toys are available in various sizes, colors, and materials for every couple to get their best. The tools improve sexual sensations by providing frustration-free pleasure when used wisely in a solo play or with your partner. Apart from giving sexual sensations, these masterpieces have potential health benefits on your sex life, such as strengthening your pelvic muscles resulting in a worry-less experience during intimate play. Most people get it difficult when selecting Mystim brand categories, ending with unwanted sex errors. Therefore, this article uncovers the secrets of choosing the best mystim brand sex toys for your sexual pleasure.

Mystim Brand Categories

Bendable Anal Beads

It feels great to get incredible pleasure plus strengthen your muscles? Everyone wishes to have long-lasting, enjoyable, and comfortable sex. These powerful bendable anal beads are created to offer you unforgettable sensations, leaving you with more cravings. The devices feature smooth, soft, light beads that give your P-spot endless stimulation while penetrating your welcoming anus. These masterpieces are available in various colors and designs to ensure that you are aroused before getting into the actual action. Moreover, they come in various materials to allow you to get one that works well with your lubricants. The tools are extremely stretchy to allow bending to target your P-spot for great sensual sensuality.

Anal Masturbators

If you love P-spot pleasure, here is your option. Anal masturbators are promoted for enjoyable and comfortable thrusts giving your cock a long-lasting sensation. The devices feature a textured interior to provide q worry-less experience. Most come with holes on both ends, while others have one end covered. You can get them in different colors like pink, purple, or white to create romantic impressions.

Butt Plugs

Are you planning to venture into the world of anal sex? Get these incredibly designed butt plugs brought to enrich your anal pleasure. The devices have strong and smooth suction bases for compatibility. They are made from different body-friendly materials like latex, silicone, rubber, and TPE to deliver your anus a smooth, safe, and comfortable pleasure. Furthermore, they feature soft tapering heads for easy and smooth anal penetration. Most have finger loops for attachment to prevent the toys from slipping inside your anus during penetration.

Points To Consider When Buying Mystim Brand Categories

Consider The Materials

When buying any Mystim category, the material used should come into your mind. Since they are made from silicone, rubber, TPE, and plastic, select a material that works well with your skin. If you are trying them for the first time, start slow to get what suits your sexual desires and needs.

Look At the Size

When you are starting or a pro, choose the size of your sex toy wisely before buying to get the best results from it. Generally, sex toys of slightly smaller size than your anus and penis and less heavy can double the sensations and offer a comfortable experience.

Check The Color

When buying a Mystim brand that comes in various colors, deciding on the color is a great deal. Colors always add points to reach orgasm more quickly by creating romantic feelings. Thus, select the one you will find romantic to satisfy your sexual desires.

Consider The Durability

If you wish to save money, always consider looking at the durability of the toys before purchasing. Buying durable sex toys will help you fix your sexual desire because the tools will be there with you all the time. You can look at features keenly and test their strength before purchasing.

How Tight Is the Masturbator’s Hole?

The tightness of the anal masturbator will detect the sensations provided. Even though people have different desires, select a masturbator with a stretchy anus that fits all penis sizes. Avoid extremely tighter fitting to prevent discomfort.

How To Use Mystim Brand Categories

  • Lube up according to the material of the sex toy to prevent damage. Do not lube up silicone sex toys with a silicone-based lubricant because it deteriorates the material. Use a recommended lube for more pleasure.
  • When using anal plugs, lube up generously because the anus does not produce natural lubricant.
  • Consider using water-based lube, which is compatible with all sex toy materials.
  • You can incorporate other hot sex toys, but try to match them perfectly to improve sexual feelings.
  • If you are venturing into sex toys for the first time, start slow to get what is compatible with your skin and intimate parts.
  • You can use the tools in a solo play or invite your partner to enjoy the play together.
  • If you are using in a solo play and wish to switch into another position, stop the thrust and change it before continuing.
  • Be careful when using anal beads to prevent them from slipping inside your anus.
  • After every use, wash as recommended to prevent infections and maintain durability.
  • Dry up the toys completely before storing them in good conditions to avoid contamination.


Mystim brand provides safe, enjoyable, and comfortable sex toys to ensure you achieve your sexual desires and needs. The company aims at enriching your sex life by proving pleasurable sex toys that come with several health benefits, such as strengthening your pelvic and rectum muscles. Consider the points discussed above when buying the tools to get good results.

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