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Nothing creates intense and extreme pleasure in your kinky game, especially when My Size products are involved. The brand is founded to ensure that every couple enjoys its bondage play without frustrations. Thanks to great sex experts, sex life is now safe, comfortable, and more pleasurable because of the creation of smooth, healthy, and easy-to-use condoms. These categories are created to improve your sex life by offering great pleasure and protecting you against sex errors. The condoms are created in different sizes, colors, and materials to allow you to select what works well for you. However, choosing the right kind for your bondage is sometimes quite challenging. Hence, this article discusses everything you need to know when buying My Size brand products.

My Size Brand Categories

Extra-Large Male Condoms

Extra-large male condoms are protective barriers worn on a penis to increase the sensations by making the penetration smooth and easy. The products also protect against STIs like hepatitis and HIV and unexpected pregnancy than regular condoms. They are tube-like shaped worn over the erect penis when you are yet to penetrate your lover. Also, they are available in a variety of colors, flavors, and textures to offer good results. The products are made from natural rubber, polyurethane, nitrile, and lambskin.

Extra-large male condoms are invented to allow men with big penises to get sizes that fit their cocks perfectly. It is quite challenging to use original-sized- condoms with your big penis, which causes busting and slipping of condoms, resulting in unexpected sex issues. While most men have natural large-sized penises, some enlarge their cocks artificially to fulfill their lover’s sexual fantasies. Most ladies feel powerful owning men with big cocks leading to penis enlargement.

Natural Latex Condoms

Natural latex condoms are made from latex material which offers a reliable sensation. They are widely available and used by many people. The products are thick to enhance extreme pleasure and prevent bursting during sex. Unlike other materials, latex products provide 100% protection against STIs because they do not burst even during hard sex. They are ideal for newbies, intermediates, and pros who wish to experience a smooth, safe, and comfortable penetration.

Points to Consider When Choosing My Size Brand Condoms

Look At the Material When Choosing Extra-Large Condoms

Extra-large condoms are made in different materials, including latex, lambskin, nitrile, and latex. When buying, ensure you choose the material that works well with your skin, especially if you are a newbie. Some material results in allergies which make your sex life uncomfortable.

Look At the Size

If you want worry-less sex, always consider the right size when buying condoms. Knowing the right size for your penis is quite challenging, but you can measure the cock before buying the condom. You can use various ways to measure penis size. For instance, you can use the string to wrap around your erect penis and measure the length discovered on the ruler. Moreover, you can use a ruler or tape measure to determine the length and girth of the penis. Place the ruler or tape measure under your erect dick, ensuring the edge of the ruler is at the base of the penis to take the whole shaft measurements.

Check The Expiry Date

Expiry condoms can cause health problems. All condoms have expiry dates labeled on the wrappers. Therefore, when choosing them, ensure you read the wrapper carefully to identify the manufacture and expiry date.

Consider The Color

Color enhances romantic impressions during kinky games resulting in orgasmic bliss. When choosing, consider the color that all of you find exciting for more pleasure. You should communicate to your partner and see what color looks romantic to her before buying. If you have different considerations, you can alternate the colors for every person to enjoy.

Look For the Qualities

Even though it is difficult to detect the quality of the condom while still wrapped, look at defects like odor or rub the wrapper gently. If you detect odor or the package scratches on rubbing, probably the condom is not good for sex.

How To Use Natural Male Condoms

  • Once you buy them, ensure that they are in good condition and not opened by checking on the wrapper to see the expiry date.
  • After confirming the validity, open the wrapper carefully and take the condom with clean hands. Avoid using teeth to prevent health issues.
  • Wear it on an erect penis with the rolled part facing out.
  • For uncircumcised men, pull the foreskin backward first before putting it on.
  • Leave a half-inch of space at the tip to allow semen when you ejaculate to prevent the condom from bursting and slipping.
  • Pinch the air out of the condom and unroll it along the erect penis to create enough space for your ejaculates.
  • If the condom is not lubricated, apply enough lubricant inside the condom and to the top to avoid bursting. Do not use oil-based lubricants like Vaseline, body lotion, and baby oil to prevent weakening the condom.
  • After the game, remove it by grabbing the rim and pulling off the condom gently while you are still erect.
  • Fold it in a paper or tissue, dispose of it where other people cannot reach it, and wash your hands with a detergent.

Safety Tips on Using My Size Brand Condoms

  • When you feel the condom slipping, stop thrusting and adjust.
  • When using a natural latex condom, avoid silicone lubrication which can damage the condom, resulting in unwanted pregnancy or the spread of STIs.
  • Store in a cool and dry place to maintain durability and quality. Avoid keeping the condoms heat exposed conditions like sin wallets, cars, and purses to prevent destroying them.

Final thoughts

My Size condoms are well known for providing a world of sensations in your sex life. These My Size bondage products are reliable for protecting you against STIs and unwanted pregnancy. The products are crafted from natural materials under standard conditions to offer worry-less sex resulting in maximum emotional and physical satisfaction. When buying these condoms for your kinky games, consider their color, expiry date, material, and quality, to get the best results.

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