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Spice up your bondage play with the naughtier Master Series Bondage Gear and sex toys. BDSM play is never complete without clamps, restraints, gags, and impact implements. There are also BDSM light kits for first-timers.

The available bondage sex toy can help take fetish games with your lover on another level. These sex toys are meant for pain and comfort. However, proper use in stimulation makes your lover enjoy the bitter-sweet bedroom moments. Buy these kinky bondage gears and sex toys to add extra excitement to your bondage and fetish play.

What Are Bondage Gears and BDSM Sex Toys?

Kinky bondage gears are a range of restraints involved in slavery sex. The partner is cuffed on the bed, post, or ceiling to restrict movement and sound when the pleasure intensifies. The bondage gear and BDSM toys include gags, clamps, restraints, BDS light kits, collars, blindfolds, whips, and floggers. Also, there are electro-fetish cocks and ball boys to spice up your bondage play.

Bondage sex toys are devices used in fetish play. They are crafted from various materials that suit your intimate needs. Master series bondage sex toys inflict pain and pleasure at the same time. However, using them with caution gives partners romantic pain and explosive pleasure, leaving them screaming your name. Before bondage and fetish play, communicate with your lover for safe games and maximum arousal. Bondage gear and sex toys are meant to help you create an intimate room out of Fifty Shades.

Types of Kinky Bondage Gear

There are many types of bondage gear in the market, leaving you with many options to choose from. Consider the following options to add bondage gears to your bedroom essentials collection.


Clamps are metallic devices that are used to increase stimulations in erogenous zones. They include nipple, nose, and butt clamps. Nipple clamps focus on giving you pleasure through nipple stimulations. These devices have screws that pinch the nipple preventing blood from flowing in. However, the screws are loosened after a short time into foreplay to allow blood to flow in the nipple. The incoming blood heightens nipple stimulation giving one sexual bliss. You can also twist the clamps for maximum pleasure.


Gags are used to limit oral communication during bondage play. These devices are suitable for lovers who cannot keep up with pain and pleasure. Gags include mouth spreaders and ball gags.


If you have a lover who throws up the legs and hands during foreplay and penetrative sex, restraints can be your right pick. These products are designed to limit hand and wrist movement. A cuffed lover means increased stimulations, easy penetration, and mind-blowing orgasms. Restraints include robes, shackles, rope, binders, and bondage tapes. You can choose these products depending on the pain you want to exert.


Floggers are designed with handles and tails to administer romantic punishment in bondage play. They boast high-quality leather that withstands strain and vigorous punishment. Floggers come in different sizes and colors to complement your ass spanking moments. Flogger includes paddles, canes, and whips.


Collars are worn on the neck to make slavery sex pleasurable. They have knuckles to help you give your lover manageable contractions. Collars also allow the connection of chains that give you authority to administer punishment.

What to Consider When Buying the Bondage Gear and BDSM Toys

Consider the following tips to buy the gear that meets your needs;

Assess Your Interest Level

First-timers may not have developed an intense interest in bondage gear. Therefore, simple and easy-to-clean gears can be suitable for them. Choose handcuffs, blindfolds, and tickler feathers to build your bondage play experience. However, those into the gear can heighten the experience with metallic handcuffs, retraining robes, electro cock rings, and nipple clamps. Play slow and safe, whether you are a beginner or advanced user, to maximum stimulation.

Asses Preferences

Checking your lover’s preferences before buying the bondage gear will help create a safe play. Communicate with intimate partners to know what they love during the bondage play. You may subject them to a painful punishment they are not into. Also, you may be focusing on restraints and ass spanking while all they want to reach climax is vibrators. Take your time to exchange bondage play preferences and buy the gear that will benefit both of you. Remember, bondage games are about getting wet if penetrative sex is involved. However, if it is for fun, ensure your partner also enjoys it.

Consider Material Types

Materials used in making the kinky bondage gear include rubber, silicone, leather, metal, and polymers. Some come in woven fabrics, including satin, silk, and velvet. However, for bondage sex toys, one should choose body-safe, non-porous, and easy to clean materials.

Choose silicone, glass, or metal-made dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators for health purposes. These materials are easy to wash and sterilize when sharing sex toys in bondage play. Avoid jelly, rubber, latex, PVC, and Cyberskin as they easily carry dirt and bacteria. Also, some are not phthalate-free, leaving you vulnerable to infections.

Prioritize Durability

Choose kinky bondage gears that last throughout the play for extra excitement. Bondage gears that break during the play are a turn-off. Breakages can be put your safety at risk despite killing the sex vibe. Carefully check the gear before buying to avoid inconveniences. For instance, the robe and restraints should be extra strong to manage heavyweights in bondage play. Low-quality robes can cause dangerous falls that may leave your lover with injuries. High-quality gear will serve you for a long the bedroom.

Health and Safety Tips

Avoid sharing your master series bondage sex toys to stay infection-free. Play with someone you have complete trust in. One can give you extreme punishments that may turn pleasure into injuries. Establish words that will tell if you are no longer getting the pleasure. It is important to stop the paly of one or both of you is in pain.

Avoid bondage play if you have life-threatening conditions like diabetes., thrombosis, and high blood pressure. Observe the color change of your cuffed love. Numbness, darkening, and coldness imply blood circulation is impaired. Always have an extra key for bondage gears with padlocks.

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