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Everyone deserves to look better in and outside the bedroom. While most people think that erotic lingerie pieces are only meant for women, the truth is that men also need to feel comfortable and sexy in their clothes. They also need something that shows off their assets and leaves their women yearning for them. Hence, several apparel companies have ventured into manufacturing men’s sexy underwear, the Male Power brand being among them. Whether you are looking for the best bikini to relax on the beach or men’s thongs to surprise your partner, Male Power is here to give every style that meets your desires. Therefore, here is a detailed look into the company and what it offers to the ever-growing men’s sexy underwear and male lingerie space.

About Male Power Company

Male Power boasts as the pioneer of the male lingerie concept under the leadership of Sam Baker. Sam started his original and audacious idea in the mid-1970s and has always remained committed to offering the best lingerie styles for men. For the past 40 years, Male Power has remained at the forefront, encouraging men to embrace themselves and walk away from traditional myths that limit them from wearing erotic lingerie. The company also believes that men, like women, need to feel and look great in their undergarments. They strive to uplift men’s bedroom spirit and strength by offering the best men’s sexy underwear and male lingerie.

Male Power’s Lingerie Collection

Male Power has a wide range of lingerie collections covering bedroom essentials such as Male Power men’s erotic boxers and outdoor wear such as bikinis. The undergarments are made in different and trendy styles to amplify the night experience or day-time routine. They also fit perfectly, feel smooth on the skin, enhance the physique, and support the manhood when worn for a long period. Therefore, whether you are new to men’s sexy underwear or looking for a new set, here are different categories to choose from:

Men’s Thongs

Male thongs have always remained an underrated style for a long time, though it is among the most comfortable underwear and easier to maintain. These undergarments have stretchy pouches that support manhood in all situations and strong waistbands that feel comfortable on the body. They also have Y-shaped backs that elevate the sexy look, leaving the buttocks bare for exploration.

If you want lingerie that supports your sexy, playful moves, a male thong is a right choice. Thongs are versatile and make you feel great during your date night, sleeping, or doing your daily workouts. They also fit any body type, whether chiseled or plus-size. However, always choose a high-quality thong to get the best support and prevent it from snapping due to heavyweight down there or when things become steamy.

Men’s Jockstraps

If you want something similar to a thong but offer more support at the back, then male jockstrap underwear is needed. The jockstraps will always make you feel sporty and bold, though they never substitute comfort with support. They also offer minimal to moderate coverage, making them fashionable and functional. However, what are jockstraps, and how do they differ from thongs?

Male jockstraps are similar to thongs in features such as front pouches, waistbands, and straps. However, unlike thongs with one strap that runs between the buttocks, jockstraps have two straps that run around your butt cheeks and connect to the plush waistband. Jockstraps were originally designed for athletic men but have become must-have items for men who want to showcase their assets to their partners or feel comfortable during daily activities. Today, Male Power makes jockstraps in different colors, fabrics, and styles such as see-through, sports, and lounging jocks.

Men’s G-Strings

G-strings have also earned a large spot in men’s sexy underwear collections due to their simplicity and versatility. They are most loved by people who hate panty lines and want minimal coverage. Most people believe that G-strings are only designed as a fashion style. Contrary, these male G-strings offer the right support and comfortability in all conditions. People are also confused between posing straps and men’s G-string, although they are two different lingerie styles for men. For instance, posing straps are more minimalist and feature fabric front pouches and string waistbands.

On the other hand, men’s G-strings have wider waistbands that offer more comfort and support. They are mostly recommended for men who want to wear them for a long time due to their strong structure. G-strings are also not gender-specific and can be worn by men and women, regardless of their body types and occasions. They are also made in different styles and materials, including lace and cotton. Wearing this underwear in the bedroom will offer easy accessibility, intensifying your bedroom experience.

Male Boxer Briefs and Mini Shorts

Male Power men’s erotic boxers and mini shorts are popular underwear styles that can fit any occasion perfectly. Boxers and mini shorts offer maximum coverage, allowing the wearer to sleep, go out, or exercise freely. They are also made in supportive lengths, perfect fitness, and all-around coverage, making them popular for indoor and outdoor activities. At Male Power, you will get these erotic boxers in different colors and styles to meet your body type requirements.

Boxers and mini shorts are also designed from different materials such as cotton, lace, and bamboo. Bamboo boxers are ideal for people who want ultra-comfortable lingerie to stay in since they are antibacterial, thermally controlled, and moisture-wicking. On the other hand, laced or mesh boxers are extra breathable and supportive, hence suitable for exercises. Other styles include see-through, net, trunk boxer briefs, and mini shorts.

Men’s Bikini Briefs

Bikini briefs started as swimwear but have evolved to become among the popular men’s sexy underwear. These Male Power bikini briefs offer the best look and feel and should be your first stop whenever you want to upgrade your swim and bedroom wear. They have different decorative features such as zippers, cutouts, and straps. The company manufactures them in different styles, including backless, rip-off, enhancing, high-cut, and low-cut bikini briefs. Therefore, if you need underwear that keeps everything in place and gives the best support and comfort, male bikini briefs are here.

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