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Enhance your lesbian lust plays with a Lux Fetish harness strap-on to take your sex games a notch higher and hands-free. Lesbian lust play is more pleasurable if penetrative sex is involved.

Holding dildos during the play can be tiring. Therefore, finding something to hold the toy gives peace of mind while giving your lover serious thrusting. Most harness straps have buckles for fastening around the waist to hold your dildo in place. The firmly held sex toys allow you to penetrate the ass or vagina for a serious ride that will give you and your lover pure orgasmic bliss.

What Is Lux Fetish Harness Strap-on Sex?

Lux Fetish Harness Strap-on sex is sensual wear designed for females for mind-blowing lesbian lust plays. The wear is provocative and sends your lover into sexual fantasies before the naughty games. A harness strap holds a dildo for insane anal or vaginal rides. It is worn around the waist and fastened with buckles for comfortable, intimate moments. Lux fetish strap-on dildos and harnesses have O rings that hold the dildo throughout the intense back and forth action.

Moreover, it is adjustable to help you find the right length for comfier intimate moments with your lover. Manual hand stroking may not be favorable for everyone as it requires more energy. And only benefits the one who receives sensual penetrations. The harness provides stimulation for both of you, making the lust sessions more exciting.

The wear gives the clit a sensual massage that leaves everything wet when administering the strokes. The harness is compatible with flared-base dildos for increased stamina. Adjusting the wear allows you to penetrate your lover’s ass or vagina at various angles. Add this harness strap-on to your essential bedroom collection for quality lesbian lust moments.

How To Choose The Best Harness Strap-On

Choosing the best harness strap-on can be stressful, especially if you are a beginner. However, the following tips can help you get the right strap-on.

Consider The Different Styles

For mind-blowing pegging and penetrative sex, consider the following style;

Underwear Style

These harnesses assume the looks of underwear. Underwear style covers both the front and backside. The subcategories of this style include boxers, thongs, briefs, boy shorts, and more. The thong-style goes between the legs, making it suitable for people with a vulva.

Strap-On Style

Strap-on style has adjustable straps and buckles that allow you to get the right fit for comfier lust plays. This style is more efficient than the underwear style, which comes with fixed waist size. Strap-on styles are sensual and more durable. Moreover, it offers a tight fit that allows you to complement the looks of skirts or jeans while heading to sex parties.

Understand Material Types

Harness straps are available in various types, including rope, leather, neoprene, nylon, spandex, and polyester. All the materials may not be safe for you. When choosing materials, consider the ease of washing the harness and the health benefits. Choose material that is easy to clean. Also, machine-washable materials can save you time and effort since hand-washing can be tiring. However, that does not imply you shy from leather and rubber harness.

Compare Prices

Harness straps come with various price tags. Go for strap-on sex toys with pocket friendly-prices and stay within your budget. However, buying an expensive harness can be a better move if you can afford it. It will be a one-time investment that will serve you for a long time in the bedroom.

Who To Wear The Harness

There is a harnesses strap-on for both males and females. Harness strap-ons for men are suitable for men with severe erectile dysfunction or those who have removed their prostate. In both cases, the harness helps them have sex like they used to.

The harness is also suitable for people who want to enjoy double penetrations. One with a vulva can wear the harness to thrust the lover with a penis. Pegging is a common type of anal penetration that allows one to enjoy new stimulations. The practice focuses on stimulating the prostate for anal pleasure. However, pegging may not be suitable for everyone. Prostate stimulation can reduce pleasure, sensations, and orgasms if it’s not your thing. Most harnesses are, however, meant for lesbian couples.

The Size Of The Dildo To Use With The Harness

The dildo you choose should be compatible with the harness. Most strap-on dildos and harnesses come with O-rings that fit medium size dildos. However, other harnesses have snubs that allow you to change O-rings to use dildos of various sizes.

Choose the harness with an interchangeable O-ring to spice up your sex life using dildos of various sizes.

Go For The Right Fit

A fitting harness strap-on adds excitement to your bedroom game. Jockstrap and thong-style are the most commonly used harness. The wear comes in one or two sizes that fit different body shapes. However, an underwear harness may be challenging since it requires you to take the waist measurement for the right fit. Choose an adjustable strap-on that allows you to get various sizes for a sure fit.

Comfort And Ease To Use

An easy-to-use harness increases stimulations, sensations, and orgasms. Comfort for both partners is also key. Choose the harness that gives your lover more pleasure. Pain is a sexual turn-off that affects orgasms. If you are a first-timer, consider a two-strap thong as it is comfy and easy to use. A single strap style can give you bad first experiences that may kill your journey to sexual pleasure.

How To Wash Lux Fetish Harness Strap-On

You can hand or machine-wash the harness using cold water and recommended mild detergents. However, machine washing is not suitable for leather and rubber. Extreme temperatures may melt the rubber and destroy your leather harness. Purchasing more than one piece of the harness can save you from frequent washing, which can weaken the harness’s fabrics.

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