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Heighten your sexual pleasure with Lubido Sex Lubricants. These lubricants allow you to have pain-free penetration, these lubricants also increase your libido for long-lasting sex and multiple orgasms.

A well-lubricated vagina and anus enhance explosive penetrative sex. Similarly, lubricating penis takes blow jobs to a whole new level. Spit dries quickly, killing the oral sex vibe. Quality Foreplays in the bedroom are the hinge on the kinds of sex paraphernalia you have stacked. For instance, sex lubes can make your massage sessions exciting, resulting in greater intimate moments.

Lubricants enhance sensual massage that leaves your lover wet and ready to get laid. A bottle of lube in the bedroom can transform your partnered sex, masturbation, and sex toy play experience.  Choose quality, safe, and highly recommended tools for explosive penetrative sex, pleasurable masturbation, and intense sex toy play.

What Are Lubido Sex Lubricants?

Lubido Sex Lubricants are liquids, gels, and lotions that are recommended for sex. They are used to moisten genital parts for pleasurable penetrations. Oral sex also requires lubrication of the cock or penis for easy sucking. Contrary to popular belief, spit may not provide sufficient lubrication to make the penis easily slide between the lips. Sex lubricants also make bedroom body massage pleasurable. However, you should choose body-safe massage oils that can be used for penetrative sex when stimulations heighten.

Who Should Use Lubido Sex Lubricants?

Lubido sex lubricants are suitable for females with sufficient virginal lubrication and those without. Extra lubrication makes sex pleasurable for both people involved.  Changes in physiological processes cause insufficient self-lubrication. However, applying lube to the vagina softens the skin and the canal to allow easy penetration.

Sex lubricants are also helpful to most LGBTQ groups

A slippery anus reduces friction during the back-and-forth action. Since the ass does not self-lubricate like the vagina, inserting sex toys or cock in a dry ass can cause damage to the anal walls. Not to mention burns and blisters from friction. Thick and durable sex lubricants are ideal for steamy sex.

How to Choose the Best Lubricant

All sex lubricants may not be safe for you. If you are a first-timer, consider the following tips;

Consider Various Sex Lube Types

There are various sex lube types in the market.  The following list can help you choose what will make your bedroom exciting.


Silicone-based lubricants are the best for both anal, vaginal, and oral sex. The lube is safe and can be used with various condom types for steamy protective sex. Silicone lubricants are durable, thus a top choice for backdoor penetrations. It is thick and lacks water enhancing slow absorption by the anus.  However, using the deforms silicone sex toys reducing their durability.

Water-Based Lubricants

Water-based lubricants are compatible with all sex toys. However, the lube is unsuitable for anal sex because it is light and easily absorbed by the anus. The lube is also ideal for oral and vaginal sex because it is edible. Water-based lubricants are also compatible with all condom types ensuring you stay safe from STIs.

Oil-Based Lubricants

These lubricants are made from natural and synthetic materials. Natural oil-based lubricants are suitable for both anal, vaginal, and oral sex. However, synthetic lube is only ideal for masturbation. Moreover, they react violently with latex condoms resulting in breakage.

Choose Lubes with Body-Safe Ingredients

Human bodies react differently with artificial additives. However, choosing lube made with natural and organic ingredients can save you from allergies. Avoid lube with artificial flavors, sugars, and colors because they feed bacteria resulting in increased vaginal infections. Give your health a priority any time you shop for sex lubricants.

The durability of The Lube

The best lube should last longer on the vagina and anus. Durable lube allows one-time application for the entire sex or masturbation sessions. Consider Silone-based lubricants if you want something that lasts longer on your genitals for more hours of thrusting. Apply enough lube to get smooth penetrations.

The Lube’s Feel

Choose sex lubricants that are not sticky, slimy, and goopy. Go for silky and smooth lube that increases sensations and reduces friction for more pleasure. The lube should leave your genitals hydrated and smooth.

The Sex Type

The various sex types include anal, vaginal, and oral. Lube flavors include strawberry, orange, blueberry, and apple.  If you want a fancy anal sex, silicone-based lubricants can be a better choice. They are thick, ensuring your ass stays moisturized for a long time. However, you should choose lube made with natural ingredients regardless of the sex type you want. Artificial flavors, colors, sugars, and additives can cause irritations in the mouth, vagina, and anus.

How to Use Sex Lubricants

Sex lubricants help complete the journey to pleasure if you know how to use them.  Consider the following tips;

Anal Sex

Sex lubricants make anal sex practices, including fingering, rimming, and massaging, pleasurable. Also, you can add lube to butt plugs to make prostate stimulations more pleasurable. Anal plays are exciting, especially between gay partners.

Fingering Game

A well-lubricated vagina or anus allows easy penetration of the fingers. Fingering happens during foreplays to make one wet and ready for penetrative sex. Substituting spit with lubricant can take your hand game to another level. Inserting a finger in a wet anus or vagina gives your lover more pleasure that will be communicated to you through low-tone moans. Dry fingers cause painful penetrations that may kill the intimate vibes.

Warming Massage

Warm body massages with sex lubricants heighten sensations that can result in steamy sex. However, not everyone may be into this type of sensual massage. Communicate with your lover early to avoid inconveniences in the bedroom. Spread lube to the nipples to get nipple stimulations. If you are doing the massage with your lover, ensure you reach the erogenous zones for on-spot orgasms.

Before Penetrative sex

Apply lube to an insufficiently lubricated vagina before penetrative sex. This makes things to be exciting in the bedroom. Pour lube on your hand and apply it to the sweet spots to enhance easy penetrative sex.


Normal lotions and gels contain chemicals that can be harmful to your genital parts. Use proven sex lubricants to get slippery surfaces that will spice up your solo moments.

Blow Job

Blow jobs are common foreplay practices that be intensified by sex lubricants. Try the flavored types to boost your oral sex experience.

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