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Liquid Silk Lubricants are a must-have bedroom essential for people who want extra excitement in their sex lives. This lube ensures you get mind-blowing foreplays and partnered sex and masturbation sessions.

Keeping the genital parts lubricated enhances smooth penetrations to sweet spots and is easy on frictional burns. A lubricated vagina or anus reduces friction during the back-and-forth action with your lover or sex toys. Sex lubricants also give safe and pleasurable masturbation moments. Normal lotions and gels contain harmful chemicals that may cause Erection Dysfunction if used as sex lubricants. Applying spit on your lover’s penis or tots can also be tiring. Therefore, try Liquid Silk Personal Lubricant to take your oral and penetration game to the next level.

What Are Liquid Silk Lubricants?

Liquid Silk Lubricants are safe liquids, gels, and lotions that moisturize the vagina and anus for steamy penetrative sex. They can also be used to make the penis and sex toys slippery for pleasurable blow jobs. These products enhance solo masturbation, couple sex sessions, and sex toy plays to give you mind-blowing orgasms.

This is because self-lubrication alone may not be enough to heighten stimulations. Penetrating in a wet vagina or anus is exciting and increases sensations that propel you to climax within minutes. Liquid Silk sex lubes are available in three types: water, silicone-based, and oil-based lubes. All three types may not be safe for you because of different body reactions.

Who Uses Liquid Silk Lubricants?

Sex lubricants are helpful to women with stable self-lubrication and those without. These products are designed to moisten and promote cell regeneration in the genital parts. Assuming vaginal lubrication is enough for intimacy may deny you the pleasure that can change your sexual experience.

Also, people who find anal sex pleasurable, including gays and bisexuals, may need sex lube. The anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina to enhance pleasurable sex naturally. Penetration on a dry vagina or anus can cause pain due to breakage or stretching of anal walls. However, when choosing anal lube, consider those that do not dry quickly. The anus has a high substance absorption rate, which may leave you with a dry sex surface if you apply watery lube.

How To Choose The Best Liquid Silk Lubricants

Choosing a sex lubricant that meets all your sex needs without causing side effects can be challenging. However, you can use the following tips to buy the best lube for your masturbation sessions, sex, or toy plays.

Know The Different Lube Types

The common sex lube types include water, silicone, and oil-based lubricants. Here is a full description of these lubricants;

Silicone-Based Lube

Silicone-based lubricants are made with natural and organic ingredients to give you safe and healthy intimate moments. These lubricants are thick and have no water to enhance steamy anal plays. They last longer on the vagina and ass to give you more time to thrust your lover. More interestingly, you can use this lube with various condoms, diaphragms, and rubber dams for safe sex.

However, they are not suitable for sensitive skin as they may trigger vaginal infections. Also, they are not compatible with silicone sex toys. The lube damages the toy’s surface, reducing its lifespan. Oil-based lubricants are the best option to use with silicone sex toys.

Water-Based Lubricants

These lubricants are also made from natural and organic ingredients enhancing your safety. Moreover, water-based lubricants are suitable for penetrative sex, masturbation, and toy plays. If you are a beginner, this lube can help you make memorable intimate moments.

Water-based lube is also compatible with sex toys to give you more options for getting sexual pleasure. The lube is also compatible with condoms, diaphragms, and rubber dams to give you protection. However, they are light and not suitable for anal sex. The anus can absorb the water from the lube, leaving you with a risky sex surface.

Oil-Based Lubricants

Oil-based lubricants are made with natural ingredients, including avocado, coconut, vegetables, and sunflower oil. Natural oil-based lubricants are ideal for penetrative anal and vaginal sex. Also, they can be used for oral sex because they are safe. Synthetic oil-based lube is only suitable for external use, including masturbation.

These lubricants cause vaginal irritation when used for penetrative sex. Moreover, they are not compatible with latex condoms. Washing them from the sheets, genitals, and toys is challenging, exposing you to infections.

Consider Ingredients

All Liquid Silk sex lubes may not be safe for you. The best sex lubricant is made with natural and organic ingredients providing lubrication and protection to your genitals. Natural lubricants are suitable for people with sensitive skin. Avoid sex lubricants with artificial colors, flavors, sugars, oils, additives, and glycerin.

Consider checking the ingredients or product reviews before buying the lube. Avoid lubes made with glycerin because it fuels yeast growth in the vagina. Certain lube types may also contain spermicide chemicals that cause vaginal irritation and kill sperms during sex. Therefore, if you are having sex to conceive, go for sex lubricants that support sperm mobility.

Compare Prices

Personal lubricants and lube for sex come at various prices. However, it is important to stick to your budget regardless of the sexual fantasy you want. If you are capable, buy an expensive bottle of sex lube and watch your sex life transform.

How To Use Sex Lubricants

Use water-based lubricants with condoms, diaphragms, and rubber dams for protection against STIs. Also, you can include sex toys in your game because the lube is not choosy when it comes to artificial sex partners. Unfortunately, water-based lube may not be suitable for massage and anal sex because it dries fast. Consider glycerin-free lubricants if you have a likelihood of getting yeast infections. Apply enough safe lube on your sex toy and the vagina or anus for smoother penetration. Reapply the lube if it dries out.

Health And Safety Tips

Do not share your lube with anyone apart from the partner you trust. Visit the doctor or physician if irritations caused by the product persist. Remember to store your lube in a cool, dry place far from sunlight rays.

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