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LELO sex toys are designed to transform your sex life, whether you’re alone or sharing the bedroom with someone. However, buying these intimate partners one should always choose the best quality.

Please don’t use your hands when on heat because it’s old-fashioned. Sex toys add flavor to masturbation, ensuring you are pleasured like never before. Also, you can include these sex toys for couples sex to explore new sensations, stimulations, and mind-blowing orgasms.

What Are Lelo Sex Toys?

Sex toys are artificial tools for providing sexual satisfaction. They are available for both males and females who crave more in their sex lives. They offer various stimulations, including G spot, Clit, double, and prostate stimulations. Their availability gives several options to choose from, depending on your sexual fantasies.

Today, sexual starvation is a personal choice. It’s because multiple industries are innovating more toys to meet your sexual needs. LELO is among the top companies dedicated to ensuring you get the uncontrollable flow of orgasms. Understanding the stimulations you want can help you choose what will leave you begging for more.

How to Choose the Best Lelo Sex Toy

If you are a first-timer, consider the following tips for choosing sex toys that add excitement to intimacy.

Buy A Body-Safe Material

Sex toys are crafted from various materials. However, you should choose body-safe, long-lasting, and easy-to-wash materials. Popular materials you can buy from include;

Silicone Sex Toys

Silicone is the ideal material for sex toys because it is non-porous, flexible, and long-lasting. Non-Porous means it does not attract dirt or store bacteria that may harm your body. Moreover, silicone sex toys are easy to wash and sanitize when having fun with your lover. You should, therefore, expect such toys to cost extra.

Rubber Device

Rubber sex toys can easily store bacteria that may impair your health. And also the material is not durable because of frequent wear and tear. However, rubber sex toys are very flexible and affordable; hence, ideal for people who want to save.

Plastic Sex Toys

Like their rubber sisters, plastic sex toys are also relatively cheap. They last longer than rubber sex toys. However, the material is preserved by powerful chemicals that may cause skin irritation.

PVC Adult Toys

PVC is difficult to disinfect. It may also contain phthalate that escalates your allergies. However, PVC can be safe for you if it is phthalate-free- check its labeling. Go through the ingredient list thoroughly before buying sex toys.

Cyberskin Sex Devices

Cyberskin creates sex toys with a life-like touch. These sex toys are suitable for women yearning for a thick dick-like flesh penetration. They are a top choice for men who want a real pussy feeling in a toy. However, the material also has shortcomings; sterilizing them is challenging, and contact with water can make the toy sticky.

Understand What You Want from The Sex Toy

When buying LELO sex toys, you should know the kind of stimulation you want. Are you going for anal, vaginal, or oral sensations? As such, here are the various stimulations offered by LELO sex toys;

G-Spot Stimulations

Sex toys that stimulate the G-spot include vibrators and dildos. They are designed to easily penetrate your vagina and stimulate the clit. You can include these LELO vibrators for couples in partnered plays for mind-blowing pleasure.

Clit Stimulations

Clit stimulations happen outside the vagina. Sex toys suitable for this stimulation include magic wands, rabbit vibrators, luxury vibrators, and bullet vibrators. The clit has sensitive nerves that respond to touch with pleasure. Traditionally, people used to massage the clit with their hands. But today, sex toys give a more sensual massage that leaves you fully pleasured.

Double Stimulations

Double stimulations are for women wishing to have climax with G-Spot and Clitoral stimulations. In this stimulation, both the vagina and the clit are reached for on-spot orgasms. If you find this type of stimulation pleasurable, go for rabbit vibrators.  They penetrate the vagina and massage the clit at the same time, leaving things extra wet.

Prostate Sensations

Prostate sensations are for guys finding anal penetrations pleasurable. For serious prostate stimulations, consider prostate massagers. They are designed to reach the prostate and increase sensations that take your anal sex beyond. However, you can also try butt plugs to sky-rocket your backdoor experience.

Size of The Sex Toy

LELO sex toys for women come in various sizes. If you are choosing a dildo, consider the length and girth.  Go for something that penetrates up to 6 inches in your ass or vagina. A 2-inch diameter dildo is enough to make serious penetrations for thickness while stretching the genitals. Find the size that feeds your craving ass or vagina with intense penetrations.

Do You Like It Waterproof or Not?

If you want to shower and have sex, please pick waterproof toys. They boast a splash-proof finish that allows you to enjoy masturbation or couple sex in the shower, bathtub, or pool. Waterproof sex toys help turn the shower sessions into kinky plays for more pleasure. The combination of water and intense pleasure gives added bedroom experience you may have been missing.

Sex Lubricants and Condoms to Use

Sex toys and lubricants enhance steamy solo moments and partnered sex. Lubricants are helpful to women who experience sufficient self-lubrication and those who do not. Lubricating the dry vagina and ass reduce frictions during penis or sex toy insertion. Also, wet genitals increase sensations, stimulations, and orgasms.

Silicone sex toys do not match with silicone-based lubricants. The lube destroys the toy’s surface impairing its lifespan. Therefore, for silicone sex toys, consider oil or water-based sex lubes. Water-based lubricants are compatible with various sex toys and condoms. Oil-based lubricants are not friendly to latex condoms.  Choosing this lube may force you to go out of your way to get other condom types.

Health and Safety Tips

Proper use of your LELO sex toys determines how safe you are. Here are the safety tips you must remember when incorporating sex devices in your sex games;

Clean your sex toys with warm soapy water or use the right toy cleaner after each play. If you have a threesome, consider sterilizing the toy before swapping, though it is important to avoid sharing sex toys with people you do not trust. Don’t forget to apply plenty of sex lubricant on the toy and your orifice for smooth penetration.

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