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Bondage products make BDSM sex more pleasurable. Get these amazing and fulfilling Kink Industries Bondage gear and BDSM toys for a new dominant and submissive experience.

Undoubtedly, great bedroom moments add flavor to sex lives. Indulging in new sex practices makes your sex world more exciting and admirable. BDSM play is among the most enjoyable practices leaving sexual partners satisfied. However, it all depends on the bondage products chosen. The play should be agreed upon by the lovers who trust each other to be enjoyable.

Kink Industries brand has dedicated products that command the bedroom to fulfill a relationship’s sexual desires. That is why you need its amazing products such as extreme bondage toys to change your bedroom environment.

What Are Kink Industries Bondage Products?

Bondage products are tools you can use in BDSM sex to get great orgasms. BDSM refers to Discipline, Submission, Sadism, dominance, and Masochism. Practically, one gains total bedroom control to practice naughty games with little resistance. However, it is important to discuss with your lover before including BDSM in your routine.

Bondage role play is not everyone’s favorite and may work better if both partners are kinky. Certain practices, such as discipline, involve administering romantic pain to your lover for mind-blowing orgasms. Whips are the most common products for discipline as they inflict bitter-sweet pain.

Bondage play requires maximum caution for more pleasure. Binding and restraining your lover for submissive sex can change the bedroom experience for both of you. BDSM gear may not make sex happen but, couples mainly indulge in them for fun as they trigger the sex hormones, including adrenaline and endorphins.

As a result, orgasms from sensual bondage and releasing these hormones may increase sexual pleasure and strengthen the relationship. Bondage products are mainly used in sex parties. However, you can also introduce them in your bedroom to spice up antics. These tools are for both creative males and females who want serious foreplay and intimacy.

How to choose the best Bondage Products

Choosing bondage products can be stressful for first-timers. There are many types of these tools in the market hence making it challenging to pick the best. However, the following tips can help you get the best games for your plays.

Consider Your Partner’s Preferences

How do you want your bondage play to be? Your partner may not allow you to administer the romantic pain but accept kinky sex restraints. The choice here should exclude discipline and training tools. However, if you want painful pleasure punishment, buying whips, ball gags, and cuffs can be a better choice. Assess your preferences to add games that bring pleasure to your bedroom essentials collection. Products such as masks, blindfolds, and ticklers, are suitable for bondage plays without pain.

Your Knowledge about Bondage Plays

Many people get aroused after being cuffed on the bed. Others feel turned on when administering the sweet punishment to their lovers. Science has not disclosed why this happens. It can be better if you dig deeper into this subject according to your knowledge. Recent studies show that couples indulging in bondage plays are healthier than normal ones.

The play has more benefits that spice up the sex life and the health of those involved. Bondage play knowledge helps understand what happens between you and your lover during pleasurable moments. Furthermore, engaging more in bondage play boosts your health and sexual experience.

Types of bondage Products

There are various types of extreme bondage toys for exploring new sensual sensations.  These toys are suitable for BDSM games, bedroom roleplays, and fun games that may not result in sex. Consider the following options;

Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps are designed to provide serious nipple stimulations. They cause slight pinching on the nipple, thus preventing blood flow. However, loosening the clamps after a short time in your play allows blood flow to the nipples, increasing stimulations. Your lover can also twist them to inflict a bearable pain that heightens nipple sensations. Other products in the category include nose and genital clamps.

Mouth Gags

Intense stimulation can make your lover produce a sound that may create attention. Gags are the best options for your noisy lover, ensuring you get quality sex in a quiet environment. Products in this category include ball gags and mouth spreaders.


Restraints are the perfect tools for your stubborn and defiant lover. They are used to restrict movement, ensuring you get pleasurable sex with less resistance. Restraints include rope, binders, bondage tapes, and shackles.

Spread Bars

Spread bars are used to enhance missionary style.  They hold your legs in one place for more comfort during the play. With your legs spread apart, the genitals remain exposed to enhance easy vaginal and anal penetrations.


They are crafted from leather to provide maximum romantic pain. Also, floggers have tails that heighten sensations when used on your body. Choose floggers with more tails for extraordinary stimulations. Bondage products in this category include whips, canes, and paddles.

Collars and Chokers

They are both worn on the neck to increase sensations. However, some contain D-rings that allow you to connect restraints to the wrist and ankle cuffs.

How to Use Bondage Products

KInk industries bondage gear and BDSM toys give various sexual fantasies. However, safety comes first regardless of your desires. Would you please communicate with your lover before buying Bondage products, since everyone may not be into them? Moreover, establish the rules for bondage play and stick to them. Restraints or gears with padlocks should have extra keys.  This might help avoid inconveniences if you displace keys in your play. Restrain your lover and leave room for blood circulation and breathing.

Indulge in manageable bondage plays for maximum pleasure. Shun the activities you are unsure about as they impair your safety. Stick to your level of experience as exaggerating may limit the pleasure. Moreover, all your bondage plays should not inflict pain on your lover.  Engage in pleasurable and teasing games to improve your sexual experience. Communication during the play is key in case there are some challenges.

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