Kamasutra Lubricants

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Kamasutra Massage Lubricants from Dimepiece la online sex shop allows you to enjoy smooth anal, oral, and vaginal stimulations that result in mind-blowing orgasms.

Erotic massage oils and lubricants are important bedroom essentials that guarantee couples extraordinary sex. Safe massage oils are also used as lubricants to enhance pleasurable toy plays or sex with your lover.

They reduce friction, enhancing easy penetration of the cock or sex toys in the ass or vagina. Also, they are used to rejuvenate and nourish the skin, enhancing the sex appeal. Sensual body massage can result in steamy sex because of heightened stimulations.

What Are Kamasutra Lubricants?

Kamasutra Lubricants are massage oils and sex lubricants that help rejuvenate the skin and enhance pleasurable sex. Lubrication helps soften the vagina and ass to reduce unnecessary friction and heighten pleasure. Anal sex can be boring without lubricants because it does not self-lubricate, unlike the vagina- though it varies for physiological reasons. That’s why finding safe massage oils and lube can help keep the sex holes smooth for serious penetrations that result in on-spot orgasms.

Sensual Massage sessions with your lover attract quality intimacy. Massaging the erogenous zones like the clit can leave your lover wet and ready for penetrative sex. The one massaging also gets sexual arousal and fantasies opening windows for exciting bedroom moments. Applying the lube before getting laid attracts sensual pleasure to both of you. Wet vagina and ass help increase sensations that help reach a climax within minutes.

How to Choose the Best Massage Oil

There’s no guesswork when choosing massage oil for the skin or genital parts.  Wrong choices can be harmful to your skin or kill the solo masturbation and couple sex vibes. The below tips are important.

Understand Your Skin Type

People have different skin types. For instance, sensitive skins may not be compatible with sensual massage oil.  Applying flavoured sex lube on such skins may cause allergies. Consider visiting a Dermatologist to check if your skin is compatible with massage oil.

Choose Herbal Oils

Sensitive skin should not deny you beauty or quality sex with your lover. Massage oil made from natural ingredients can certainly spice up your sex life. Herbal products are designed for everyone, including sensitive skin because they cause no side harm.

Aloe Vera Products Can Work for Burnt Skin

People living in hot regions are likely to have burnt skins. However, Aloe Vera products are the solution ensuring you regain healthy skin. Try them out to determine the best for your damaged skin.

Do Not Depend on Celebrity Advertisements

Celebrities may not reveal the side harm of massage oil on your skin, vagina, and anus.  Buy the Products and try them to see if they are compatible with your skin. Experiment with the products before purchasing.

How to Use A Body Massage Oil

Massage oils are not compatible with various body parts, including the eyes, nose, and mouth. Beneath are the tips for using the body massage oil.

  • Wash your hands to remove infection-causing bacteria
  • Wash the part you want to massage with warm water and wipe using a dry towel
  • Apply the massage oil and let that special person give the sexual bliss
  • Gently move the fingers around the body. Reaching the erogenous zones can spice up the massage sessions.

How to Choose Sex Lubricants

The right sex lubricant ensures lovers get the best anal and vaginal sex. However, all lube may not be safe for you. The following tips can help you choose the best product for your solo masturbation sessions or couple sex.


Natural sex lubricants are suitable for oral and penetrative sex because they skin-friendly. These lubricants nourish the vagina and anus, enhancing pleasurable and safe sex.  Harmful ingredients can easily pass to the body because the anus and vagina are absorbent. The lubricant you choose should hydrate, nourish and maintain the vaginal moisture. Moreover, the lube should reduce vaginal inflammations and restore cells. Check the details of lube before buying to avoid inconveniences.

The durability of the Lube

Lasting lubricants advance your sex life to another level. Thick lubricants last longer in the vagina or ass, hence thrust your lover for a long time. Conversely, light lubricants dry off quickly, leaving you with a vagina or ass that does not attract quality sex. For silicone-based lubricants, one gets the best results. They are thick, requiring less reapplication during steamy anal or vaginal sex. However, silicone-based lubricants are not compatible with silicone sex toys. They easily destroy the toy’s surface, impairing durability.  Also, the toy’s damage may affect your genitals.

The Sex Type You Want

The various sex types include anal, oral, and vaginal. If you fancy oral sex, flavoured lubricants can be a better choice. The various flavours for these lubricants include strawberry, Blueberry, Orange, and Apple. Please ensure you choose a perfume and chemical-free lubricant to prevent allergies.

For anal sex, consider silicone-based lubricants because they are durable and safe. Moreover, they allow one-time applications as their thickness keeps your ass smooth for a long time. If you buy this lube, choose toys made from other materials because it is not compatible with silicone toys. However, water-based sex lubricants are ideal for vaginal sex. The lube is compatible with various sex toys giving you more pleasure options. Alternatively, you can use oil-based sex lubricants with silicone toys.

How to Use Sex Lubricants

Sex lubricants can be used in anal plays, including fingering, massaging, and rimming. Start by heating the lubricant to make it warm. However, ask your partner before warming it to avoid inconveniences that may kill the sex vibe. Apply the warm lube on your lover’s erogenous zone, including the clit and nipple, to heighten sensations.

Lube is also useful to women with self-lubrication issues. Here, you can apply lube on erogenous zones to make her ready for penetrative sex. Lotions and gels can be harmful when used in masturbation as they contain chemicals. Natural lube allows you to have sex with yourself without any side effects. Sensual blow jobs also depend on the lubrication of the cock. Try using spit and try lube for more pleasure to both of you.

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