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Female vibrators have been in the market since the 18th century to help women enhance sexual stimulation and on-spot orgasms. With the many brands in the market today; get the Jopen Sex Toys for quality, safe, and highly sensual Female Vibrators.

Vibrators have become women’s favorite sex toys that offer double sensations. With different vibration speeds, these toys massage your sweet spots, including the G-spot, while offering steamy penetrative sex.

Female vibrators are ideal for solo masturbation and partnered sex. They release powerful vibrations that leave your sweet spots begging for more. If you are a woman looking for extra-powerful sensations and limitless orgasms besides what you receive from your man, there are high-quality and reliable female vibrators from Jopen.

What Are Jopen Sex Toys Female Vibrators?

Jopen Sex Toys female vibrators are sexual devices for women. They come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. Some are manual, while others are electric to offer new sensations that can fully satisfy you. These are must-have sex toys, especially for masturbators and partners that value them. They also are a great collection to add to your bedroom essentials.

Female Vibrators mainly target erogenous zones, including the clitoris, vulva, P spot, and G-spot. They are available in various types, making it easier to select when shopping. Vibrators provide more stimulation, ideal for females who rarely climax during intercourse.

Choosing the Best Female Vibrators

With a wide range of female sex toys in the market, getting the best device that delivers the desired stimulation is challenging. One must check all the features and compare different brands before settling for one. Here are tips that can help you determine the vibrator to choose.

Buy A Body-safe Material

Female vibrators are crafted from various materials, including silicone, rubber, PVC, jelly, and hard plastic. Durability and safety are key when choosing a sex toy material. Silicone is the best choice because the material is body-safe, hypo-allergic, phthalate, and latex-free. Silicone sex toys are hygienic and easy to wash after contact with sex lubes.

They are also flexible for easy manipulation from different angles to heighten sexual stimulation. This material is also non-porous, preventing cases of infections. However, you may not enjoy these vibrators with silicone-based sex lubricants.

PVC may contain allergy-causing phthalate and latex. Therefore, check the toy’s package before shopping to avoid inconveniences. Rubber is also a recognized material in the sex toy industry, though the toys are unsafe with compromised durability. Also, rubber undergoes wear and tear within a short time.

Do You Like Shower Play?

Solo wet or couple shower plays possibly add flavor to your sex life. The feeling of getting orgasms in water is too good to ignore. If you like shower play, waterproof toys are the best. Their ability to resist water damage allows you to play with silicone-based sex lubricants. However, check the product to confirm whether it is waterproof or splashproof. Splashproof vibrators cannot be immersed in water. They are only ideal for showers and not in bathtubs.

Vibration Speeds

Vibration patterns matter when choosing female vibrators. Most toys have in-built systems with exterior buttons or wired controllers to help you switch vibration patterns. Vibrations leave you with intense buzz sensations when massaging your clit and vaginal or anal penetrations. Choose one with desirable vibration patterns to give mind-blowing stimulation.

Consider Size

Vibrators allowing easy reach and stimulation of internal erogenous zones, including the G-spot, are worth buying. Also, diameters of about 2 inches can increase stimulation by slightly stretching your ass. Choose a toy with an insertion length of about 5 inches for multiple sensations. However, what you choose should be light to give you an easy time in the bedroom.


Portable vibrators allow you to stimulate yourself from anywhere. Consider battery or rechargeable vibrators if you do not want to be limited on where to use them. These little bedroom friends are easy to carry on different events because they fit in a pocket or bag. Plug-in vibrators are not ideal for moving around as they are used when plugged into the power source.

Vibration Sound

Noisy vibrators may attract the attention of the individuals around. If you like discretion, quiet vibrators are the best. Check the package to see the toy’s sound intensity before buying. Also, you can try out the toy to confirm what is labeled.

Types Of Female Vibrators

Female vibrators come in many types, including:

Clitoral Vibrators

These Jopen sex toy vibrators major in clitoral stimulation, enabling women to reach orgasms. An example is the clit masturbators that massage the clit offering intense stimulation. They come in various colors, materials, and sizes to meet the needs of most women. Go for one with different vibration patterns to reach your climax within minutes.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrators have dual stimulators offering Clit and G-spot stimulation simultaneously. These toys have dual motors that send equal vibration patterns to the two stimulators. The G spot stimulators are large and curved to enhance easy and deeper penetration. Rabbit vibrators are also available in different colors, materials, and sizes to satisfy the sexual needs of many. Consider adding sex lubricants to your naughty play for the best results.

G-Spot Vibrator

G-spot vibrators are among the best sex toys for women. They have an elegant curved design that penetrates the inner sweet spot. The toy enhances penetrative sex leaving you with double stimulation.

How To Use Female Vibrators

Select the vibration pattern that matches your mood.

Apply plenty of sex lubricants around your vagina or anus

Move the toy around erogenous zones to find pleasure

Insert the vibrator in your already wet craving ass or vagina for serious G-spot and P spot stimulation.

Washing Female Vibrators

It is essential to take care of your sex toys to maintain hygienic standards. After reaching climax, the next step is cleaning the toy for other sessions. Wash your vibrator with warm soapy water or recommended cleaner. When cleaning, consider if the vibrator is waterproof or not to prevent immersing a splash-proof toy in water.

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