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Are you worried about not being able to hit her G-spot? Enjoy 100% worry-free sensational stimulation with the Feelztoys Sex Toys sets.

Sex toys have been around for around 30 years, with different companies manufacturing various products that promise maximum stimulation. There are thousands of sex toys currently on the market, ranging from different sizes to shapes, designs, and colors.

This means you are likely to face a rough time picking one toy and dropping another when trying to get the best toy for your sexual needs. Therefore, as a first-time buyer, you need to understand what you need before getting it.

FeelzToys Sex Toys Company

FeelzToys, a Sex Toys brand, is determined to give the best sex toys in the market for both men and women to enjoy their ultimate pleasure without worrying about the quality. The products are 100% silicone, phthalates-free, and tested by one of the leading independent laboratories in the world. Therefore, buying FeelzToys products guarantees maximum satisfaction without putting your life at risk.

Examples of FeelzToys Products

FeelzToys company manufactures a variety of sex products, including the following;

G-Spot Vibrators For Her

Giving a woman’s G-spot the attention it needs is the best achievement for the man during the bedroom antics. While a man’s penis can reach the point during sexual intercourse, doing the job requires a toy designed for this purpose. For instance, you may not be around her when she needs her sexual pleasure to be fulfilled, or you may not have the right size to make her happy. Therefore, buying a G-spot vibrator like Pink 7-Function Vibrating G-Spot Stimulator with Clit Stim may be the perfect gift for her.

Vibrating Cock Rings For Him

Cock rings are bondage devices used to improve male performance in bed by prolonging ejaculation and enhancing long-lasting erection. Most cock rings from FeelzToys such as FeelzToys Muvee Bendable Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring are flexible and bendable to be easily worn around the base of the penis to slow down the blood flow for longer and harder ejaculation. While some cock rings are just made from simple elastic materials, others are designed with textures and vibrations to enhance pleasure for both him and her.

Vibrating Love Eggs and Orgasm Balls

It is believed good things come in small packages, and vibrating love eggs and orgasm balls from FeelzToys are not exceptional. These tiny sex toys come with powerful vibrations that will leave you curling your toes for more joy. Love eggs are egg-shaped vibrators meant to be inserted inside the vagina or butt for extra-ordinary stimulation. They include a 6-Inch Purple Water-Proof Silicone Vibrating Love Egg. On the other hand, orgasm balls are small balls resembling Kegel exercisers and ben wa balls with powerful vibrations with built-in motors for extra stimulation. They include FeelzToys Desi Pink Silicone Orgasm Lobe Balls.

Feelztoys Anal Plugs for All

Sex pros would tell you that nothing can be compared to the joy felt with a perfect vibrating butt plug during anal play. However, newbies may not find this anal thing enjoyable, but of course, they need time to switch to the mood. Therefore, if you are a beginner and wish to incorporate anal play in your bedroom games, get this FeelzToys 8.5-Inch Manzz Toys Gileti Waterproof Silicone Anal Plug from the FeelzToys brand and enjoy the rest of the story.

Oral Sex Tongue Vibrators

When it comes to foreplay, oral sex has its way of making everything in the bedroom memorable. It is slowly making its way into human life, and sex toy companies are out there trying to get it known to all. Therefore, various adult products are designed to give the perfect oral stimulation, whether with your partner or solo. Oral Sex Tongue Vibrators are also discreet that you can use them in public without raising the alarm and resemble a human licking. They include FeelzToys is FeelzToys Tongue Unisex Oral Sex Tongue Vibrator.

How to Choose the Best FeelzToys

It is time to try new versions of sex toys, or you want to get yourself equipped with the first sex toy from FeelzToys. However, how do you identify the best and high-quality sex toy? Here are a few factors to consider when ordering your adult toy.

Check the Material

First, the best and high-quality sex product is determined by its material. Sex toys are made from various materials, including silicone, glass, rubber, PVC, and jelly. As a first-time buyer, always go for body-safe, phthalates-free, and non-porous material. For that case, silicone is the preferred material because it is non-porous and easy to clean. Moreover, the choice of the material is also determined by the type of lube to be used. Therefore, buying the adult toy, checking on the material, and learning all details about how to use it, clean it, and the type of lubricant to use.

The Size Matters

Of course, size matters a lot when it comes to sexual satisfaction. In sexual wellness and safety, there is no one-size-fits-all rule. You have to pick the right size to give you the desired fullness without hurting your genitalia. Sex toy pros can go for large and extra-large varieties, provided they are comfortable using them. However, it is advisable for beginners to stick on small and medium sizes, something that is not bigger than the average penis size.

Which Style Is the Best for You?

When talking about style, we focus on the design, the type of sex toy, or the additional features of the sex toy. If you are looking for butt plugs, do you want a vibrating butt plug? Or, are you looking for a G-spot vibrator with an added clitoral stimulator? Therefore, your sexual needs should also help you pick the right sex toy. For instance, if you want a discreet tool that will satisfy you even in public, going for a noise-free and small-sized toy will be a wise choice.

FeelzToys Sex Toys Safety Tips

Using FeelzToys sex toys is not different from other toys on the market; it is all about observing the right safety measures when using any sex product. These measures include;

Avoid sharing your sex toys with a short-term sex partner unless you understand their health stories.

Cleaning the toys after every session with the recommended toy cleaner or hot soapy water.

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