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Evolved Sex Toys are designed to take your sex life to another level. Get your high-quality solo masturbators and sex enhancers, including bullet vibrator kits and toy cleaners.

Modern companies innovate more fake genitals to help people try new sex practices, including anal and oral sex. The fake organs enhance pleasurable sex, ensuring a consistent flow of orgasms in the bedroom. However, having an intimate partner may not be enough to transform your sex life. That’s why couples add sex toys to their bedroom essentials to take intimacy to another level. Try Evolved Sex Toys for intense solo masturbation moments, steamy threesome, and couple sex.

What Are Evolved Sex Toys?

They are devices used for anal, vaginal, and oral stimulations, with a partner or alone. Evolved Sex Toys are available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to meet the sexual needs of everyone. Moreover, most of the toys are body-safe and compatible with sex lubricants.

Evolved Sex Toys Cleaner

Keeping sex toys clean is a personal responsibility that ensures your toys last longer. Also, washing helps prevent infections. Sex toys are made from delicate materials that require recommended cleaners to last longer.

There are also many sex toy cleaners, and choosing the best one can be challenging. However, evolved sex toy cleaners guarantee safety after playing with your toy with all those doubts. They enhance thorough cleaning that leaves your sex toys ready for use in the next sex session.

Most Evolved Sex toy cleaners come with the sex toy you choose to help you save time and cash on commercial cleaning agents. It is important to clean your sex toys immediately after purchase. Assuming the toy is clean increases the risk of getting infections. Therefore, buy the Evolved Sex Toys Cleaners to maintain pleasurable hygienic sex sessions.

Below are the tips for cleaning the toys using these advanced cleaners.

Clean Before Use

Sex toys require thorough first cleaning before using or inserting in your genitals. The manufacturing and handling leave the toy unsafe for use. Again, sterilizing the device before use heightens pleasure with no side effects.

Check If the Toy Is Waterproof

Waterproof toys enhance wet sex in the shower. With that in mind, you can easily wash them using water and Evolved Sex Toy Cleaners. Toys without the splash-proof feature are damaged when dipped in water. Consequently, water penetration impairs the motor and other internal features, leaving your toy dead.

Alternative Toy Cleaners

Worry not if you cannot afford recommended sex toy cleaners because hot soapy water can also do a better cleaning job. However, ensure you clean the toy thoroughly. After cleaning, dry the device before storing it.

Evolved Bullet Vibrator Kit

Bullet vibrators are simple yet powerful devices that can get you to climax within minutes. These sex toys offer sharp sensations that leave you aroused and begging for more. Bullet vibrators come in various sizes and materials to meet the sexual needs of everyone. The toy’s powerful vibrations stimulate various erogenous zones, including the clitoris and G-spot. Moreover, most of them are rechargeable and waterproof to give more time for shower play. Bullet vibrators are ideal for solo masturbation and explosive anal or vaginal sex. Advisably, choose a vibrator made with hypoallergic, phthalate, and latex-free materials.

How to Choose the Best Bullet Vibrator Kit

Choosing the best vibrator kit is never easy, especially for first-timers. However, the following factors can help you choose the bullet vibrator that meets your sexual needs.

Vibration Patterns

Bullet vibrators have different vibration patterns, either regulated by exterior buttons or wired remote controls. Switching vibrations introduces you to new stimulations resulting in maximum pleasure. Most bullet vibrators have up to seven vibration modes to give stimulations depending on your mood. The prices of bullet vibrators also vary depending on the vibrations. Evolved Bullet Vibrator Kits will give you mind-blowing orgasms regardless of the amount you spend on them.

Waterproof Bullet Vibrators

If you fancy shower plays, waterproof vibrators are the best choice. The ability to resist water damage makes them compatible with silicone-based lubes. Water-based lubricants are light and easily washed away in the shower. Moreover, being waterproof makes it easy to wash the toy in hot soapy water.

Understand Various Materials

Bullet vibrators are made with various materials, including silicone. Choose toys made from body-safe, phthalate, and latex-free materials. Also, they should be durable, flexible, and easy to wash, especially after contact with sex lubricants. Masturbation and couple sex can be pleasurable if you choose the bullet vibrator compatible with various lubes and condoms.

Consider the Size

Bullet vibrators come in various sizes. First-timers should start with small-sized vibrators having narrow diameters for easy penetration. However, one can advance to other sizes after some time. Anal sex requires small toys for beginners, and going beyond that can cause painful penetrations.

How to Use Bullet Kit Vibrators

There is no specific way of using bullet kit vibrators. However, you can add sex lubricants to your game to heighten pleasure and enhance easy insertion. Lubricants also help reduce unnecessary friction, especially during anal sex. Also, ensure you try various vibration patterns to experience new sensations and unbelievable orgasms.

Health and Safety Tips

Disinfect the toy with anti-bacteria when having a threesome to prevent infections. Also, wash the toys after purchasing to remove chemicals that might cause inconveniences after anal and vaginal penetrations. Remember to apply plenty of sex lubes to make anal sex exciting. Please don’t forget to choose the right condoms that add flavor to your masturbation sessions and sex without causing allergies.

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