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Grow your bedroom experience with unique but effective sex essentials that ensure you enjoy every moment with your play toys or partners. Shop Empowered Products at Dimepiece la online sex shop for extraordinary solo masturbating moments and pleasurable couple sex.

Gone are the days when sex was only believed to be enjoyed when it involved two partners. Today, human beings have established a strong relationship with sex toys. The onset of sex lubes and massage oils has also taken matters beyond ensuring people meet sexual desires with or without human companions. The advancements in the sex toy industry have helped many people to discover their hidden pleasure zones and use them for their enjoyment.

Many companies, including Empowered Products, are at the forefront, offering sex toys that help you reach climax alone or with your lover. Steamy anal and vaginal sex depends on how equipped your bedroom essentials collection is.   Sex lubricants from Empowered Products allow you to indulge in quality sex with easy penetration to reach the sweet spots. Therefore, if you plan to indulge in steamy masturbation or sex, try these empowered products sex lubes to feel every inch of the penis or toys when penetrating your ass or vagina.

What Are Empowered Products?

Empowered Products are the PINK and Gun Oil brand categories that enhance sexual wellness. These bedroom products are manufactured by Empowered Products, a USA- based company established in 2009. PINK is a sex lubricant category for women, while Gun Oil for men. Sex lubricants enhance easy gliding and stroking.  The anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina.  With that in mind, you may need to wet the anal cavity for easy insertion and penetration.  Some females do not self-lubricate well; therefore, the PINK Oil category can be useful. Men who fancy anal sex should also consider the Gun Oil brands.

Empowered Product Categories

As mentioned earlier, there are two products, PINK and Gun. Below is detailed information about these brands.

Gun Oil for men

Condoms may not provide sufficient lubrication, and their fluids are likely to be unsafe for some individuals. That’s why lubrication is vital, and using Gun oil is a plus. Mostly, walking into a physical shop and asking for anal products can be challenging. It’s because of the traditional mentality that anal sex is taboo, hence discouraging one from purchasing directly. The good news is that you can confidently order your lube at Dimepiece la to enjoy solo moments or with your gay lover.

Anal sex requires plenty of lubes for sex because the ass does not self-lubricate.  Gun Oil lubes are body-safe, hypoallergic, and user-friendly, thus heightening anal pleasure with no side effects. The lube contains quality ingredients: paraben and glycerin –free to give intense, safe anal stimulations.  Moreover, Gun Oil reduces sensations to delay orgasms, consequently enabling you to slide and glide your lover or toys for a long time.

Lubricating the ass helps prevent unnecessary friction and heighten stimulations. Anal sex without lubes can be boring and risky because the anal walls can crack. Gun Oil sex lubes are not only for gays and bisexual guys but also for women who are into anal and vagal sex. Let’s look at Gun oil divisions.

Silicone-Based Gun Oil

Silicone-based lubes are thicker than water-based lubes, making them ideal for steamy anal and sex generally.  Lacking water makes them last longer in the anus to enhance serious stroking.  The lubes are effective in ensuring your anal walls stay intact.  Also, they are hygienic, leaving your sheets and toys clean, and have no difficulty in washing. The only downside is that the lubes cannot be used with silicone sex toys as they can easily cause damage. One can use silicone-based lubes with various condom types to last longer in bed and prevent Sexual Transmitted Infections. However, knowing your suit is through trial and error, meaning you’ll have to attempt using it all to find what’s safe.

Water-Based Gun Oil

The Gun oil water-based lubes are mainly made with water that gets absorbed by the ass quickly, leaving everything dry. They are compatible with various sex toys, safe, and easy to clean. Unfortunately, you cannot use these lubes in shower plays for wet masturbation or couple sex as they are light and can easily be washed off.  Drying quickly also makes the water-based lubes not ideal for anal sex.  Therefore, consider shopping for silicone-based lubes if you want steamy wet sex with your partner or toys.

Pink Water Sex Lube

Lubricating a vagina enhances easy penetration to reach the sweet spots- G-spot. Pink Water Sex lubes for women are designed to heighten vaginal lubrications giving you mind-blowing orgasms, whether with toys or your lover.  They’re hypoallergic, body-safe, paraben, and glycerin-free to transform your bedroom antics. The presence of water in these lubes makes various condoms and sex toys give the best sexual experiences. Mostly, they’re made from aloe, oat, and guarana to give sweet scents that add flavor to your solo or couple anal and vaginal sex.  Pink Water Sex lubes are light and slippery than silicone-based lubricants. However, the unpleasant taste may make the product unsuitable for oral sex.  The anus can easily absorb water in the lube, leaving you dry. Anal sex with Pink Water sex lubes requires frequent reapplication, and that can kill the sex vibe.  Moreover, they do not enhance steamy wet sex in the shower, bathtub, or pool because they are easily washed off.

How to Use Empowered Products

There is no established standard way of applying Pink sex lube for women and Gun Oil for men. Find out your most suitable type for safety. Always remember to apply plenty of empowered products sex lubricants on the vagina and ass to reduce unnecessary friction and heighten pleasure.  Make sure the lube type chosen is compatible with your sex toys and skin.

Health and Safety Tips

Avoid lubricants that cause irritation and any other inconveniences after sex or toy play.  Also, lubes are personal products, and sharing them can result in infections.  Wash the toys after use to remove the lube remnants to stay free from bacterial infections. Store the lubricants in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

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