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Feed your cravings with your dream penis dildo that features veins, thick shafts, and squeezable balls. Get a DIY dildo with the Empire Labs Clone-A-Willy Moulding Kit and create that favorite dildo you admire.

Industrial dildos are fun and pleasurable. However, getting something that resembles your man’s cock can make your solo masturbation moments more exciting. Yes, the absence of your lover should not subject you to sexual starvation. The DIY dildo making kits ensures you maintain the flow of orgasms with or without your lover. Empire Labs Clone-A-Willy Moulding kits allow you to cast your man’s cock for use in his absence. More interestingly, you can mold various sizes depending on the sex fantasies you want.

What Are Empire Labs Clone-A-Willy Moulding Kit?

Empire Labs Clone-A-Willy Moulding is a tool for creating a dildo resembling your man’s cock. The DIY penis is similar to the industrial dildos, vibrators, and other toys in terms of functionality. This molding is a product of Empire labs, a San Francisco-based company specializing in manufacturing DIY penis casting kits.  The company ensures people whose lovers are away continue to get mind-blowing orgasms. Making a DIY dildo can be challenging without comprehensive procedures.

Clone-A-Willy Moulding Kits come with detailed instructions and all requirements to mould your own dildo kits that gives company in your lover’s absence. You can also customize the toy according to your needs. The dildo gives a real feeling when penetrating, as it resembles your man’s penis. Moreover, light, medium, and dark skin tones allow you to match your lover’s cock for pleasurable naughty plays. The DIY dildo can also spice up threesomes without involving someone else.

Clone-A Moulding Kits are available in various sizes and materials for a body-safe dildo that pounces you to climax. A DIY dildo can be a must-have device for people in long-distance relationships.

Is It Worth Buying A Clone-A-Willy Moulding Kit?

The dildo guarantees maximum sexual satisfaction without infections. You do not have to cheat, as the kits can help create a partnership that meets your bedroom needs. Hand-free DIY dildo kits allow you to do other duties like charting your long-distance partner while getting stimulations simultaneously. Beneath are some of the reasons why you may need a Clone-A-Willy Moulding Kit.

Long-Distance Relationship

Reduced sexual attention makes long-distance relationships challenging to maintain. Cheating on your partner may not be a better decision because there are consequences, including Sexual Transmitted Infections. Remember, letting a DIY dildo thrust you is not an offense. Some partners may go away for longer, which should not stop the flow of orgasms and insane P-spot stimulations. Let these molding kits spice up your bedroom in the absence of your partner. Remember, you can cast a flexible dildo that gives anal and vaginal stimulations from various angles.

Taking Anal Plays to Another Level

Gone are the days when anal sex was considered a taboo. However, the onset of sex toys has made it easy to indulge in such sex practices without human companions. It can be challenging to ask other men for anal stroking. That’s why Clone-A-Willy Kits can help you create a partner that gives the same human treatment to satisfy your anal needs. Casting a copy of your penis heightens pleasure as you feel yourself inside the anus. Technological advancements have also made it easy to connect with people from different parts of the world. However, homemade dildos can give you company and experience the pleasure of screwing yourself.

Malfunctioning of The Dildo

Dildos are also prone to malfunctioning. However, the breaking down of your dildo should not mark the end of orgasm flow and insane P-spot stimulations. Clone-A-Willy Moulding Kits allow you to create a copy of your dildo for non-stop stimulations.  Conclusively, molding kits are used to create real-life cocks and dildos. The new partner will only require a new vibrating motor and durable materials to give you sexual bliss.

How to Choose the Best Empire Labs Clone-A-Moulding Kits

There are various Clone-A-Willy Moulding Kits in the market, making it challenging to choose the best. First-timers should consider the following tips before ordering these molding kits.


The DIY dildo’s material can spice up or ruin your intimate solo moments. Health should be a top priority when choosing materials because all may not be safe. Moreover, components for casting have varying performance and durability. Here are the various materials you can choose for the DIY project.

Medical-Grade Silicone

Silicone is the top material you can use for a dildo since it is flexible and durable, thus efficient and long-lasting. Also, it is phthalate-free, latex-free, and body-safe. Silicone is also easy to wash, especially after contact with sex lubes. It’s also crucial to add safe molding powder and gel to maintain your health after playing with DIY dildos.


This material boats similar looks to the real human skin. It is ideal for individuals wishing to get laid with a real cock. However, it has poor durability compared to silicone. One may also need protection when sharing the toy because disinfecting and cleaning it is challenging, as it gets sticky after dipping in water.


Most PVC materials aren’t phthalate-free, latex-free, and body-safe. Therefore, you should analyze the kit first before shopping to avoid future regrets.


Rubber DIY dildo may not serve you for long because the material undergoes wear and tear after a short time. Adding sex lubricants to your plays can result in heightened stimulations.

Choose a lube matching the dildo’s material to get maximum pleasure. For instance, silicone DIY dildos may not work with silicone lubes, requiring you to stick to water-based lubricants.

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