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Elevate your masturbation experience or enjoy limitless orgasms that will leave both partners sexually satisfied, after using these high-quality sex devices from Electrastim.

Having a sex partner that helps you reach climax, either alone or with a lover is essential for your sex life. The pleasure can be achieved by having a lover that knows how to treat you in the bedroom. However, buying Electrastim sex toys is a good choice for those who value their self-pleasure. These sex toys are currently introducing people to the world of new sensations.

They are also helping people indulge in stimulation initially thought to be taboo, including anal sex. The changing times do not allow us to do certain sex practices, such as masturbation with our hands anymore.  You can now find E-stim toys that give extra stimulations in solo or couple naughty plays.

What Are Electrastim Sex Toys

Electrostimulation (estim) Sex toys are artificial bedroom companions designed to take your sex life to another level. These toys are products of Elactrastim, a United Kingdom-based company majoring in producing electro-stimulators, base units and electrodes. Electrastim is among the big names in sex toys, focusing on giving electrifying sensations with its body-safe toys. Electro sex stimulation toys offer intense stimulations that leave your pants wet. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly.

Most people are now trying modern sexual practices that attract extreme sensations and unbelievable orgasms. Electro-stimulators from Electrastim allow you to modernize your sex to experience the never-seen pleasure. They include electro butt plugs, cock rings, unisex dildos, stroker masturbators, kegel balls, and pads.

Fantasy and fetish electrostimlation devices enhance electric plays and sex. However, they may not be ideal for people with faint hearts as they deliver intense vibrations and sensations. These toys come in various categories, including electro play, electro sex, erotic electrostimulation, and electrical play. Electric set toys came to the limelight in the 17th century and have been modernized to give you safe and intense stimulations.

The play involves using small amounts of current to stimulate sweet spots, including clit for mind-blowing pleasure. The toys can be useful in pleasurable solo moments or couple sex. You can get quick stimulations helping you to peak within minutes compared to the normal toys. They mainly target soft spots, including prostate, clit, and G-spot.

Types of Electrastim Sex Toys

The various types of Electrastim sex toys include;

Electro Base Units

Electro base units are devices containing conductive pads for use on other sex toys for serious stimulations. These toys have different functions that give you both low and intense stimulations. Interestingly, electro-base units can serve in solo and couple electric plays and sex. Check the full description of these units before ordering to get your suit.

Electroconductive Pads

Electro pads are masturbation kits you can place in the body to enjoy your pleasurable moments.  These pads are self-adhesive, minimizing the hand-job and heightening stimulations. However, it is important to try the pads before use to avoid the risk of electric shock. Note that electro pads come with a conductive gel. However, you can also add the external gel for more intense stimulations.

Electric Butt Plugs and Prostate Massagers

These Estim electro sex stimulation toys have more intense stimulations than normal butt plugs. Electro butt plugs are mainly designed to offer anal stimulations and may be useful with or without your lover. Normal butt plugs, on the other hand, enlarge the sphincter muscles in preparation for steamy anal sex.

For prostate massagers, you get a sensual massage to prostate glands to give explosive pleasure. But electric ones go an extra mile to give more intense stimulations that result in unbelievable orgasms. That means electro butt plugs and prostate massagers give extra stimulations than their normal versions. It is also important to understand that toys are ideal for both men and women. Begginners can start with the small-sized electric toys before advancing to a large ones.

Electric Cock Rings

Normal cock rings are worn to help one get erections and maintain them for long-lasting couple sex and toy plays. The toys achieve this by limiting the blood floor from the penis. Electric cock rings provide double stimulations to both partners during lovemaking. The toys are worn at the shaft base for intense sensations during the back and forth action. They’re a must-try if you are tired of normal cock rings and wish to explore new things. Remember to check the voltage before using the toy to avoid electric shock.

Choosing the Best Electrastim Sex Toys

The fear of electricity shouldn’t stop you from trying out these toys.  Consider the following tips before ordering electrastim sex toys.

Check the Power Source Type

Estim toys have medical and electrostimulation power sources. The medical power source is found in electro-stimulators that give therapeutic muscle contractions. Such toys are also ideal for medical BDSM plays. Electrostimulation power sources are ones offering sensual electric stimulations. You can also customize to get low and high stimulations.

Consider the Design of Electrodes

An electrode is part of an electric sex toy that stimulates erogenous zones with electro intensity for explosive pleasure. Choosing the design of the electrode may depend on the type of stimulation you want. However, it is important to read through the toy’s guidelines for a better understanding. Find out the right places for wearing the stimulators to avoid interfering with the heart’s electro-impulse.

Know the Different Materials

Materials used in crafting Electrastim sex toys include stainless steel, gold, silver, and aluminum. Also, the toys come from durable and flexible materials, including rubber and silicone. Medical-grade silicone electro stimulators work perfectly because they are body-safe, hypoallergic, phthalate, and latex-free. Moreover, they are easy to wash, especially after contact with gels. Suppose you’re using lubes, consider the water-based ones as they match various sex tot materials.

How to Wash Electrastim Sex Toys

Using electric sex toys could be your dream for limitless sensations and orgasms. However, washing them requires keenness to avoid electrocuting and damaging the materials. Wash the toys with lukewarm water or recommended toy cleaners after each use. Keeping the toy clean helps improve its durability and saves you from bacterial infections. Also, it is important to disinfect the toys with anti-bacterial if you are sharing.

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