Doxy Wand Massagers

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Buy the best Doxy Wand Massagers for intense sexual stimulation and relief of body muscles. Arouse all the erogenous zones and enjoy limitless sensations delivered by these amazing personal massagers.

Generally, people are involved in various activities, some of which are physically demanding, leaving one with weak body muscles. There may also be no time to visit the spa for body massage and relaxation before getting back to everyday activities. Only one little friend can help in such situations, the wand massager. They help get the worn-out body muscles back to work and travel places, giving intense sexual stimulation.

 What Are Doxy Wand Massagers?

They are tools designed with vibration functions to help massage the body after a long, tiresome day. Wand massagers can also be used for an intense, intimate massage that can leave you aroused and satisfied. They produce powerful vibrations that transform your body muscles to a better form.

Women with craving vaginas can also take advantage of these vibrations to get serious clitoral stimulations. Wand massagers came to the limelight in the 1960s as body massagers. Today, people use them for lesbian lust moments to satisfy intimate needs.  The device has a smooth tennis ball-like head that provides sensual massage to your clitoris for mind-blowing orgasms. Wand massagers are cost-saving and effective, ensuring that you fully satisfy your personal needs. They come in various colors, sizes, and varying vibration patterns.

How to Choose the Best Doxy Wand Massagers

The availability of many styles in the market can make choosing the right Wand Massagers challenging. Moreover, not all massagers are safe. Let’s look at the factors to consider before purchasing them. They include:

Their Features

Modern massagers come equipped with waterproof abilities to spice solo or couple intimate plays or body massage in the shower. More fun is when someone helps do the massage on you. Rechargeable magic wand sex toys have taken the market by storm.

They come with USB charging cables that make you part and parcel of pleasure. Battery-powered massagers are also available in the market. However, they can leave you hanging at the peak of pleasure when the power dies. Also, they are not environmentally friendly.  Choose the Wand Massage with features that heighten sexual pleasure.

Choose the Right Size

Most powerful magic wand vibrators come in different sizes to help suit everyone’s needs.  Large-sized Wand Vibrators are ideal for indoor stimulations and massage. Consider a small-sized Wand Massager to serve your intimate needs when traveling, as they are easy to carry around in the pocket or bag.

The size of these toys may also be directly proportional to their weight. For instance, large-sized massagers might be heavier and tiring. Therefore, start by tabling your needs for the toy before buying it. A lightweight product can also make your body massage and intimate sessions pleasurable.

Know the Purpose

People buy the most powerful magic wand massager for various reasons. For instance, some see it as a better tool for clitoral stimulation, while others use it for body massage.  If you want the toy for intimacy, why not add some lubricants to the play?  Sex lubricants enhance easy insertion, making you feel every inch of the toy as it penetrates.

Pick Your Favorite Color

Colors are mood enhancers that ensure you get the best from your toy. The Wand Massagers come in various colors, including black, red, blue, and pink. Choosing colors may require your creativity to get a fitting toy on various occasions.  For instance, you can opt for red or pink wand massagers on special events like Valentine’s Day. These two colors attract flirty moments in the bedroom, making solo or couple sex and body massage moments pleasurable.

Buy A Body-Safe Material

Most powerful magic wand vibrator are made with silicone, plastic, jelly, rubber, and PVC.  Medical-grade silicone makes it body-safe and hypoallergic. However, silicone toys cannot be used with silicone-based sex lubricants as they can destroy the toy’s surface, reducing its lifespan. Silicone Wand Massagers are a good match for water-based lubricants.  If you cannot afford them, then consider other materials; phthalate and latex-free.

How to Use Doxy Wand Massagers

There is no specific way to use the wand massagers. Also, you may not need special training to operate them since the control buttons will give direction. For instance, there is a power button that you tap to get the toy on. Other buttons control the vibration patterns to get maximum pleasure according to your mood.  More interestingly, you can use them with your lover in the bedroom for intense body massage and intimate pleasure.

How to wash Doxy Wand Massagers

Wash the Doxy Wand Massager with hot, soapy water and recommended toy cleaners after every use. Avoid abrasive cleaners that can ruin the toy’s surface. After cleaning, dry the toy before storing it.

Health and Safety Tips

Using Doxy wand massagers is among the easiest things. You can also use them in the shower or bathtub after a long day to soothe your tired muscles.

Avoid sharing Wand Massagers with anyone to prevent the risks of skin and sexual infections. Also, when sharing the toy with your lover, disinfect it with anti-bacterial detergent before swapping. Doxy Wand Massagers can save you costs and deliver quality services like spas. Also, you can use this toy to spice up your sex life.

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