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Enhance your solo and couple intense anal play with the Dolce Picante Jewellery butt plugs. These amazing anal toys are crafted with classy jewels to display your fashion love and are expertly made to give you the desired anal sensations.

Indulging in new sex ideas has massively helped people improve their sex lives. Butt plugs are among the best toys to introduce one to pleasurable anal sex. These Dolce Piccante luxury butt plugs are not only for gays or bisexuals but also straight indivisuals. Dolce Picante Jewellery Butt plugs are not the ones you are used to. Try them to experience new stimulations that give sex bliss.

What Are Dolce Piccante Jewellery Butt Plugs?

They are high–quality anal toys that add fashion and glamour to your anal sex life by enlarging the anal sphincter muscles. They are designed by Dolce Piccante, one of the top makers and wholesalers of jeweled metal and tailed butt plugs in the United Kingdom. Ass enlargement helps make toy plays and sex with your lover more pleasurable. Jewelry butt plugs come in various sizes that meet everyone’s intimate needs.

First-timers should consider the small-sized Dolce Piccante Jewellery Butt Plugs and advance to other sizes quickly.Jeweled butt plugs are made from gemstones, including diamonds, colored glass, gold, and silver, with decorations and pages that make your anal sex enjoyable. Buying these premium butt plugs depends on your budget. They might be costly, but trying them will give you value for your money. Dolce Piccante steel butt plugs and Dolce Piccante Gem butt plugs are affordable compared to the gold and silver ones.

Their beauty and egotism will heighten stimulation and leave you begging for more. Stimulations may start with a glimpse of a dancing Dolce Piccante diamond butt plug leaving you in deep imaginations on how penetrations can be. Jeweled butt plugs are ideal for both genders, and they spice up solo or couple anal sex.

How to Choose the Best Dolce Piccante Jewellery Butt Plugs

Choosing a sex toy is never easy for many beginners. The anal canal has many nerve endings that require the best butt plugs to give pleasure and keep you safe. Not all butt plugs you see advertised online can suit your intimate needs. An ideal jeweled butt plug should not overstretch or damage your delicate anal walls.

Also, they come in various sizes and shapes; hence easier to choose what gives mind-blowing anal stimulations. Below are the tips you can consider before buying the Dolce Piccante luxury Butt Plugs.


Safety appears top on the list because the anal canal is more delicate than the vagina.  Safe butt plugs have a wider base that controls unnecessary deep penetrations. In most cases, the base should be bigger than the width to help you insert the toy up to a certain length for serious stimulations. Some sex toy makers produce butt plugs with thicker shafts than the base assuming everyone can manage penetrations. Life-threatening situations can be avoided by choosing the right butt plug that allows the base to hang outside.

Go for the Right Size

Jeweled butt plugs have varying sizes that suit beginners and advanced users. First-timers should consider small-sized butt plugs, then advance to medium and larger ones with time. Some people would finger themselves to tell the ass hole size before buying the toys. You can try this and see if it helps your journey to pleasure. First-timers should go for butt plugs measuring 0.75 to 1.25 diameter inches. Your first attempt with a larger diameter may result in pain and ruin your impression of anal sex.

Where to Wear

Sex does not happen only in the bedroom. One can be on a trip and crave anal stimulation with toys or a human companion. The place you intend to wear the butt plugs requires the right choices to get intense anal stimulations while comfortable.  Public stimulations require butt plugs meant for long-term wear. These toys are well-designed to stay in the butt for a long time without slipping off. Also, if you fancy indoor stimulations, buy butt plugs with fewer curves. They easily slip out and can make your bedroom anal play moments pleasurable. Moreover, you can opt for a butt plug harness to enhance the toy’s term stay in your anus.

Understand Various Materials

Jeweled butt plugs come in various materials, including wood, glass, silicone, plastic, and jelly. The material you choose determines your health at the end of your anal plays. Choosing body-friendly, latex, and phthalate-free materials can save you from health hazards. Experts recommend that silicone is the safest material, as it is health-supportive and easy to clean, especially after playing with sex lubricants. However, silicone anal toys are not compatible with silicone-based sex lubricants. Those with higher fashion taste and elegance can go for Dolce Piccante gold or diamond butt plugs. Also, one can opt for Dolce Piccante metal butt plugs that are less picky when it comes to anal sex lubricants.

How to Wash Jeweled Butt Plugs

Washing Dolce Piccante butt plugs involve lukewarm water and mild detergents. Avoid abrasive cleaners because they may ruin the gemstones. Also, dry the butt plugs before storing them.

Health and Safety Tips

Use enough anal sex lubricants, if possible, to ease butt plug penetrations and get more pleasure. The anus does not self-lubricate, and playing without anal lube can damage the rectum. Moreover, douching enhances a clean and fresh ass for your lover or other anal sex toys.

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