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Discover the pleasures of anal sex with Doc Johnsons Anal Toys and Lubricants and experience your dream anal fullness and sensations using Doc Johnson butt plugs, prostate massagers, and anal douches. Don’t forget to include water- and silicone-based anal lubricants on your list.

Although anal sex was considered taboo in the past, times have changed, making people discover the intense pleasure from anal stimulation. Today many people, including gays and bisexuals, indulge in anal sex. The onset of the sex toy industry has made anal sex more pleasurable through anal toys and lubricants innovations. These products are ideal for lovers and those who fancy solo anal plays.

What Are Doc Johnson Anal Toys and Lubricants?

They are artificial sex partners that make anal sex more pleasurable. These products are designed by Doc Johnson, established in 1976 in California, one of the largest sex toy companies in the world, majoring in the production and sale of sex toys. The company manufactures dildos, bondage gears, butt plugs, pocket pussies, anal and oral lubes. Doc Johnson’s sex toys ensure you get the best bedroom treatment with or without your lover.

Is It Worth Buying Anal Toys and Lubricants?

The anus does not self-lubricate, hence the need for lubes. Anal sex lubricants make toy plays pleasurable as they enhance the easy insertion of the toy or the penis. A well-lubricated ass prevents the rectum from getting cracked. Choosing lubes requires keenness since not all types are healthy. Doc Johnson adult toys and lubricants make anal sex plays more pleasurable. Therefore, surprise your partner with these products, and be sure your game will change for the better. Penetrating a well-lubricated anus will leave your lover begging for more. Therefore, Anal Toys and Lubricants are must-have products for people who find anal stimulation pleasurable. Conclusively, douching your ass before anal sex may not be enough for explosive anal penetrations with your lover or toy. Adding anal lubes in the game enhances serious stimulation of the prostate nerves.

Types of Doc Johnson Anal Toys and Lubricants

Doc Johnsons produces various Anal Toys and Lubricants. Some of these Doc Johnson sex toys include:

Butt Plugs

They are sensual toys used to enlarge tight anal sphincter tissues in preparation for steamy anal sex. The anal cavity is usually smaller than the vaginal cavity, and opening it before sex helps reduce the pain. Doc Johnson dildos and butt Plugs can be used for a short time to create space for the penis or toys. Also, one can leave it in the anus for a long time to provide maximum stretching. First-timers may need small-sized butt plugs, then advance to other sizes with time. Intermediate users can use butt plugs with suction cups to get serious anal pounding, resulting in explosive pleasure.

Prostate Massagers

They are male sex toys that provide intense prostate stimulations. The prostate gland is a male sexual controller that initiates erection, orgasms, and ejaculations. Stimulation of this gland with the perineum helps experience pleasure beyond measure. Prostate massagers are available in various sizes to meet the needs of different males. Choose your right size to experience maximum anal pleasure with your lover or alone.

Anal Douches

They are tools used to remove fecal remnants from the rectum.  These toys are ideal for anal sex beginners and advanced users. Douching is carried out before engaging in anal sex to avoid embarrassment. Douches are multi-purpose toys people who fancy anal sex should have. They clean and cause P-spot stimulations simultaneously. Butt cleaning protects your partner against infections.

Anal Sex lubricants

Anal sex is not complete without a bottle of anal sex lubricants that make cock and toy insertion easy. Moreover, they help keep the rectum intact. As already stated, the anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina. Therefore, lube is crucial to wet the anus to make anal sex pleasurable and safe. Ensure to apply more lube for friction reduction. While the market contains numerous lube types, you can get the best to enhance maximum pleasure with no side effects.

Choosing Anal lubricants

There are petroleum, silicone, and water-based anal lubricants in the market. Petroleum-based lubes don’t last long because they lack water. As a result, you may need frequent reapplication, which is boring and tiresome. Such lubes are made with harmful natural ingredients that may cause infections. Conversely, silicone-based lubricants are the best. The lube does not dry quickly. The premium silicone used in the lube is also body-friendly. Unfortunately, they are not compatible with silicone toys because they easily damage their surface. Water-based anal lubes, on the other hand, are compatible with sex toys made with various materials. However, they do not last long hence require frequent reapplication. The prices of these lubes may also vary. Therefore, assess your budget and make the right selection for maximum anal sex pleasure.

Maintenance of Anal Toys

Wash your anal sex toys with hot, soapy water and recommended toy cleansers. Cleaning helps improve the toy’s life span and prevent bacterial infections. Also, ensure the toy dries well before storing.

Health and Safety Tips

Anal toys and lubricants can potentially lead to contracting infections. Disinfect the toys with anti-bacterial before swapping if you are playing with your lover. Also, avoid sharing anal sex toys.

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