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Get mind-blowing pleasure with the wonderful Cobeco personal lubricants. Some of the safest anal lubricants worth adding to your list of bedroom essentials include Cobeco petroleum, silicone, and water-based lubricants.

Anal sex lubricants make anal penetrations pleasurable by enhancing the easy insertion of toys to stimulate the sensitive prostate nerves. Although anal sex was initially considered taboo, things have changed, and many people are now indulging in this pleasurable sex practice. This pleasure is only satisfying with a wet anus that reduces skin irritation. It again lowers unnecessary friction, opening doors to explosive pleasure and happiness. That is why you should add the Cobeco anal sex lubricants in your bedroom essentials collection to rock in the anal action.

What Are Cobeco Anal Sex Lubricants?

Cobeco anal sex lubricants are products that enhance satisfactory anal vibes with your lover by enhancing easy and smooth penetration. Lubes for anal sex smoothen your anus leaving everything ready for penetration. Anal lubes can help you create unforgettable solo moments or with your lover. Today, anal sex is not only for gays or bisexuals but also straight individuals. You can have anal sex for fun and experience other stimulations. Today, try the Cobeco lube for anal sex to enjoy sex with your lover or toys.

Why Cobeco Anal Sex Lubricants?

Cobeco Anal Sex lubes guarantee you safety and mind-blowing pleasure from anal stimulations. The lubes are a must-have for gays who want to meet the sexual needs of their partners. Also, they are ideal for straight individuals who want to satisfy their partners. These products can change your anal sex experience with your lover. Anal douching may not be enough when preparing for steamy anal sex.  Adding extra wetness to the anus will leave both of you excited, with the bottom guy begging for more.

Choose the Best Anal Sex Lubricants

The anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina, and it’s why an external liquid is useful to wet the anal canal. Anal sex without sex lubes can be boring and unsatisfying. The anal canal is smaller than the vaginal canal, meaning penetrations may not be easy. Also, its walls are delicate, and lube helps minimize incidences of tears in the rectum. You can opt for thicker lubricants to provide sufficient anal lubrication.

Petroleum-based lubricants are the best lubes for anal sex. They last longer when applied to ensure maximum prostate stimulations.  On the other hand, water-based lube may not be ideal for anal vibrators because they dry quickly. The ass has a higher capability of absorbing water. Therefore, this lube may leave you dry within a few minutes. Therefore, you need lubes that last longer to make the back-and-forth action smooth and pleasurable.

Alternative Anal Sex Lubricants

Petroleum-based lubricants are the most ideal for pleasurable anal sex. However, professionals claim the lube is unsafe as it may cause skin inflammation and irritation. You can also contract yeast infections in the genitals. Therefore, petroleum-based lubes with natural, flavored, warning, and tingling components should be avoided because they are infectious. Consider the following alternatives for pleasurable and healthy anal sex.

Silicon-Based Anal Lubes

Silicone-based lubes are the best alternative to petroleum-based because they are durable and non-toxic. Also, they are thicker to lubricate your anus, thus preventing wear and tear of the rectum.  The absence of water in silicone-based lubricants ensures you apply it once and in the whole anal sex session. This lube is compatible with latex condoms because they are latex-free. Using condoms can prevent you from risks of sexually transmitted infections.

Silicone-based lubes are not ideal for fore-plays involving silicone sex toys. The lubes damage these toys, reducing their lifespan killing the sex vibe.  Therefore, if you shop for this lubricant, ensure you have sex toys made with other materials to enjoy the fore-plays.

Water-based Anal Lubricants

They are not effective as silicone-based lubricants because of quick absorption by the anus. Water-based lubes may need frequent reapplication, which can be tiring.  However, they are not choosy when it comes to compatibility with toy materials. Water-based lubes containing glycerin are worth avoiding because they cause infections in women. Ensure you check the components of the water-based lubricants before buying.

Using Anal Sex Lubricants

It is more challenging to look for the ideal anal sex lube since there are no right procedures for using this product.  One can apply it as they wish until the anal skin becomes extra soft to allow penetration. Below are the basic tips to remember before applying the anal sex lubricants;

Apply enough anal sex lubricant on the condom before inserting.  This helps make things extra wet to enhance pleasurable penetrations. Also, you can apply a small quantity of lube on your penis if you fancy skin-to-skin anal sex.

Wet the anal walls properly when planning to have fun with sex toys. Lubricated walls are less prone to damage.

Apply enough lube during sex to keep things smooth and pleasurable during the back-and-forth action. A well-lubricated ass allows the cock or toys to slide in easily for maximum prostate stimulation.

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