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Spice up solo masturbation moments or couple bedroom plays with the amazing Close2You sex toys. Enjoy limitless orgasms offered by these high-quality adult masturbators, including prostate massagers, penis strokers, and G-spot vibrators.The evolution of the sex toy industry is making sex more pleasurable. Initially, people used to masturbate with their hands in solo plays.

Such people would only depend on lubricants and soaps to enhance masturbation. However, using such enhancers led to serious worries because they contained harmful ingredients. Today the hand job has become old-fashioned because of masturbators that give extreme pleasure. Masturbators are also safer than traditional masturbation methods that cause ED and many other health complications. These toys are the best bedroom companions that ensure you get on-spot orgasms whenever you’re on heat.

What Are Close2You Masturbators?

Close2you masturbators are advanced sex toys for both males and females and are specifically used for masturbation. These devices come in an array of types, sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. Masturbators penetrate the ass or pussy to reach the erotic spots for intense stimulations. Features of these toys also vary. For instance, some are rechargeable, whereas others come with removable non-rechargeable batteries. Some may be waterproof, and others not. That implies that creativity is key when choosing a masturbator to get intense pleasure.

What to Consider When Choosing Close2 You Masturbators

Everyone may not be a pro when choosing an ideal masturbator is concerned. Wrong choices of these toys can leave you with regrets. Consider the following shopping tips:

Go for Body-Safe Materials

Materials used in crafting masturbators include Silicone, Plastic, rubber, PVC, and Cyber-skin. Silicone is the best material because it is non-porous, bendable, durable, and easy to disinfect. Moreover, it is a premium material that ensures you get maximum sensations with no side effects. Silicone masturbators are compatible with water-based lubricants. Silicon-based lubes can easily damage the toys reducing their lifespan. Plastic masturbators, on the other hand, are also safe but not long-lasting like silicone. Cleaning is also easy after use.

Rubber is rarely used today to make dildos because disinfecting it is challenging.  Also, it undergoes wear and tear within a short period. For PVC masturbators, you’ll get them highly flooded on the market. This means they’re readily available and affordable, thus great for low-budgeted people. However, they may contain phthalate that is unsafe for people with sensitive skin.

Moreover, you cannot disinfect them, and this may result in infections when sharing the Close2You vibrators. Cyber-skin resembles human skin. For instance, it has pores that allow air circulation. However, it’s also not easy to disinfect this material and becomes sticky after washing.

Understand the Type of Stimulations You Want

Masturbators provide different types of stimulation to meet the intimate needs of everyone. First-timers should get masturbators with simple and plain sleeves. However, intermediate and advanced users can opt for masturbators with rough ridges, untangled skin, and bumps because their sexual desire is intense.  Also, masturbators with rough sleeves may not be ideal for sensitive skin as they cause discomfort.  Penetrative and non-penetrative masturbators with rough ridges, untangled skin, and bumps provide intense stimulations that leave you wet.  Assess your desires and buy the toy that gives you maximum pleasure.

Types of Close2you Masturbators

The following Close2You masturbators can leave you excited in the bedroom;

Prostate Massagers

Prostate massagers are male masturbators that provide intense prostate stimulations. They offer sensual backdoor massage leaving you feeling full. These toys are designed for males who find P-spot stimulations pleasurable, including gay and bisexual guys. Prostate stimulation can be fun and more pleasurable if you include sex lubricants in your plays.  Sex lubricants make insertion easy, enhancing deeper penetrations to stimulate the prostate nerves. Choose the right size to get more serious stimulations and easy penetrations.


Strokers are also male masturbators that offer the same feeling as the human pussy.  However, you can find strokers that give butt and mouth feeling.  These toys are also ideal for first-timers because of their ease of use and pleasure. The human vagina-like feeling can take you to the world’s gratifying sexual fantasies. When choosing stokers, also consider the material used because of health matters. For instance, you can go for silicone strokers because they are safer and more pleasurable. Strokers also increase male stamina and cure premature ejaculation. Moreover, these toys are portable and ideal for pleasurable moments when traveling.

G-Spot Vibrators

G spot vibrators offer intense G-spot stimulations.  G spot an erogenous zone located in the vagina.  It is hard to reach the spot that requires skills and power for serious stimulations.  G spot Vibrators have curved designs to allow easy penetration and reach to the sweet spot.  These toys come in various sizes and colors to meet the sexual desire of every woman.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrators are female masturbators that offer G spot and Clit stimulations. These toys boast dual stimulators with powerful motors that supply vibrations for double stimulations. The larger stimulator is curved to enhance easy reach to the G spot.   Rabbit vibrators come in an array of sizes and colors.

How to Use Close2you Masturbators

The use of Close2you adult toys may vary depending on the type you choose. Ensure you get the full usage details of the penetrative and non-penetrative masturbators you buy. However, penetrative toys can give you more pleasure when used with sex lubricants. Lubes enhance easy insertion into the anal or vaginal cavity for stimulations. The sex lubricants you choose should be health-supportive and pleasure enhancers.

Maintenance of Close2You Masturbators

Cleaning masturbators after each use is necessary.  It helps prevent bacterial infections and improves the toy’s lifespan. Wash the masturbators with hot water and recommended toy cleaners after your plays.  After cleaning, dry the masturbators before use or storing them.  Gone are the days when people used to masturbate with their hands.  The onset of Close2You sex toys has helped people get quality plays with or without their lovers.  Choose Close2you masturbators digital masturbation trend.

Health and Safety Tips

Choose masturbators crafted from body-safe, phthalate and latex-free materials. Silicone masturbators should become top of your list because they’re health-supportive. Also, choose sex lubes that attract maximum pleasure with no side effects.

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