Cloneboy Penis Moulding Kits

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Cast your dream penis with all the exciting features you may wish to see in a real cock using these Cloneboy Penis Moulding Kits. These DIY kits allow you to make any realistic dildos in any color and with extra features. Sexual starvation is now a personal choice, thanks to Cloneboy Penis Moulding Kits.

What Are Cloneboy Penis Moulding Kits?

They are materials that help intensify sexual pleasure from DIY molded cock. Cloneboy is an Amsterdam-based company born by two artists to transform the sex lives of people.  These kits are the ideal solution for faithful lovers in long-distance relationships.  The kits ensure your sexual fantasies come first in your lover’s absence.

Moreover, they can save you from an unworthy relationship and sexually transmitted infections because they are safe and satisfying.  Since it’s a DIY dildo, you can further make various sizes and shapes for steamy solo sessions that quench your sexual desires.  The DIY dildo will heighten sexual pleasure by always hitting your sweet spots right the way your lover does. If you have trust issues with the ready-made penis dildo, here is the chance to create one that meets your bedroom needs.

Is It Worth Buying Cloneboy Moulding Kits?

They ensure your sex life remains on top of the list in the absence of your lover. Industrial dildos are cool, but a DIY penis dildo is worth a trial. In short, investing in a Cloneboy Molding Kit is relevant since it helps create what mimics your lover’s penis. Remember, creating a penis dildo is not challenging if you get comprehensive instructions. Buy these Kits today to create the penis dildo that may transform your sexual life.

How to Choose the Best Right Cloneboy Molding Kit

Everyone has different needs for dildos, and the kit you choose should open your sexual bliss world. It can be overwhelming for first-timers to pick the correct kit. However, the following factors can help get the best molding kit for a dildo that gives mind-blowing orgasms.

Go for Body-Safe Materials

Materials matter when talking about deep penetrating objects and sensitive body parts. The quest to make your own dildo requires a quality product that provides intense stimulations without side effects. Also, durability is a factor to consider when choosing materials for your DIY dildo. Go for the materials that create a long-lasting and vaginal-friendly dildo.  Check the following materials and make the right decisions.


The rubber is soft and stimulating. However, it is not long-lasting as it cracks and perishes after a short time.


It contains unsafe phthalates. PVC-made dildos can’t be disinfected, requiring condoms use to avoid infections.


This is the ideal material for both industrial and DIY dildos.  Silicone is durable, bendable, and easy to disinfect. Therefore, silicone is the best choice if you want a long-lasting and safe DIY dildo.


Cyber-skin has a lifelike look making it resemble human skin. Dildos made with this material can give a real cock feeling during the thrusting action. Unfortunately, you cannot disinfect it, hence increasing infections risk when sharing the toy. It’s also not durable because of wearing off after a short time of use. Cyber skin further becomes sticky when it comes in contact with water.

Choose the Right Molding Powder

Go for the molding powder that doesn’t have impurities and is skin-friendly. Also, use the medium powder quality to get a good-looking cast. Using too much molding power may make casting challenging. Fewer powder results in a poorly shaped cast that may not deliver the desired feeling. Choose the premium gel that supports erotic molding to create a gorgeous cock. The right gel should allow the color to change in three stages when dipped in warm water.

Consider Molding Kits with Comprehensive Instructions

Penis molding kit with the right casting procedure saves time when one wants to clone your own penis to give a quality DIY penis. Poorly drafted instructions are discouraging as they give bad molding results. Remember, wrong casting can affect your safety when using the DIY dildo. In dildo molding kits for personalized sex toys, one expects to find silicone jars, single-speed vibrators, a wooden stirrer, a thermometer  and algae-based molding powder. Creating a dildo from these materials can take a few minutes with the right instructions.

Added Features Matter

The extra properties enhance serious stimulations to your sweet spots resulting in mind-blowing orgasms.  Therefore, you should be keen when choosing the Cloneboy Molding kits to create an extraordinary cock that will drill you to maximum orgasm.

Make the Right Hardener Choice

Hardeners ensure your casting stays intact for a long time serving you during the sexual antics. The right hardener should produce a dildo that withstands intensive thrusting for serious stimulations.  Also, choose a hardener that is body-safe to avoid inconveniences. Ideal casting hardeners include clone-a- willy, glow-in-the-dark-penis moulding kit extra hardener, and penis casting mold copy kit

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