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Hygiene is important during intercourse, especially for kinky sex lovers who do not focus on penetrative sex alone.  Having clean genitals also enhances oral sex bringing more pleasure and satisfaction. Hand-free cleaning can be challenging because a hand may not penetrate deeper into the genitals for cleaning. Therefore, Clean Stream Douches are designed to help you stay clean for your lover to avoid embarrassment.

What Are Clean Stream Douches?

They are tools used to remove fecal remnants from the rectum for anal sex. Also, they can be used to clean the vagina for explosive G-spot stimulations.  You can find both vaginal and anal douches manufactured by Clean Stream to help you clean sex holes. Many people engage in anal and vaginal sex, whether with lovers or toys. Inserting a cock in dirty genitalia can be a turn-off. The awful smell can ruin the sex mood leaving you embarrassed. Why let that happen when the solution is here?  Everyone poops, and it is important to clean the rectum before anal sex with your lover.  These devices are ideal for males and females who fancy frontal and backdoor penetrations.

Is Douching Necessary?

Douching prepares one for quality bedroom time with a lover or toys. However, doctors recommend anal douching because it is safe. Vaginal douching can be risky, especially when done regularly. It is normal for a vagina to produce odors, and it is usually a short-term condition. Reportedly, frequent vaginal douching can affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant or trigger cancerous tissue growth.

There are no reposts about the dangers of anal douching, which helps improve sanitation and transform your sex life. It is also better to understand douching may not be ideal for everyone. Also, nobody will judge you for refusing to clean your genitals. However, anal douching is important for people who love anal play as it helps take the game to another level.

Choosing the Best Douche

Douching may not be for everyone. However, doing it before getting laid may prevent your lover from bacterial infections. Those who would like to keep things clean for their lovers should consider the following Douches’ shopping guidelines.

One’s Desires

Anal and vaginal douching stimulates the genitals. Being stimulated when cleaning these parts prepares you for pleasurable moments with your lover or toys. Beaded and grooved anal douches can massage your prostate nerves while penetrating your anal cavity for cleaning.  Deeper and pleasurable penetrations before sex with your lover ease your journey towards pleasure. People should be creative when choosing douches. You can opt for douches with thicker, smooth, and extended nozzles that clean quickly and stimulate you.

Spray Patterns

Douches have various spray patterns. Those with straight sprays may not be efficient for cleaning your vagina or rectum because they splash water in one direction. Wide-out spray douches splash water in different directions leaving your anal and vaginal cavity clean.  Therefore, for maximum cleanliness, choose the douche type with wide-round sprays.

Douche Functionality

Douche functionality is determined by your use and the specific areas to be cleaned.  However, it would help if you went for user-friendly douches because they are great for your health.  Portable douches are ideal for those who like traveling as they can give stimulation anywhere, with or without your lover.

Types of Clean Stream Douches

The two major types include vaginal and anal douches. Anal douching is the most secure and recommended form because it has a few risks. Vaginal douching involves mixing water and other ingredients in the douche and squirting into the vagina. A clean vagina makes intercourse fun and pleasurable.

The anal enemas releases the fluids into the lower rectum to soften the fecal remnants. When the liquid flows out, it leaves the lower rectum and anus clean ready for anal sex. Douching gives you the confidence to go nasty with your lover in the bedroom.

Lovers who find anal sex pleasurable should consider anal douching to spice up fingering, plugging, and penetration moments. Anal douching has no side effects. It, however, relaxes your mind for naughty plays with your lover. The various types of anal douches include Bulb, Shower, and Water Bag douche. After performing vaginal douching, ensure proper hygiene is maintained, including washing the vagina often. Also, wear breathable under-wears that allow free air circulation around the genitals.

How to Use an Anal Douche

Anal and vagina douching sounds like an easy task for experienced individuals. When done correctly, douching results in internal pleasure that equals sexual intercourse. However, the process can be technical for beginners since it involves inserting a nozzle in the orifice and forcing a stream of liquid up the tract. Here are the steps to follow when cleaning your orifice:

Find a comfortable place in the bedroom or bathroom, and finger yourself to prepare for douche penetration.

Apply silicone-based sex lubricant on the douche’s nozzle to enhance the easy insertion and deep penetration of the rectum.

Insert the nozzle in the anus and squeeze the bulb to splash the fluid in the rectum. Wait for about ten seconds and release the fluid into the toilet. You can repeat the process until no traces of fecal remnants are visible.

Wash the douche with warm soapy water and mild soap to kill the bacteria on the device.

Air-dry the douche before storing or using, and you will be ready to get laid for pleasurable anal play.

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