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When sexually aroused, there is a  need for an intimate partner that meets all your sexual desires leaving you wet and satisfied arises. However, you may not always have a sexual partner, and when you do, you may need extra stimulation. With that in mind, you can buy the California Exotic sex toys, especially the vibrators to get mind-blowing orgasms with your lover or alone.

If multiple intense stimulations and orgasms are what you need every night, then you must be ready to up your game in the bedroom. Heightening your pleasures involves buying powerful sex toys like California exotic vibrators. Vibrators are among the most cherished sex toys. These adult toys are ideal for both males and females, as they provide intense G-spot, P-spot, and clit stimulations. They come in various styles, types, shapes, and materials to meet the sexual needs of everyone. Also, they feature various vibration speeds to stimulate your soft sweet spots for more pleasure.

What Are California Exotic Vibrators?

California Exotic Vibrators are sensual sex toys manufactured in the USA by the California Exotic brand. The toys are designed to turn your fantasy into reality. This brand has been innovative for years to meet the increasing demand for male and female sex toys. Other adult toys from this company include nipple clamps, anal sex lubes, cock rings, butt plugs, and penis enlargers. Vibrators come in various styles. However, you will get intense satisfaction regardless of the type chosen.

Choosing California Exotic Vibrators

Choosing a vibrator that drills you to climax may be challenging. Here are factors to consider before buying these vibrators:

 The Stimulations You Want

Vibrators offer different sensual stimulations. For instance, some are designed with dual stimulators that simultaneously provide G spot and Prostate. Others offer stimulations on specific sweet spots. Therefore, the stimulation type you want influences the type of vibrator you choose. California Exotic Vibrators are ideal for different types of stimulations.

Materials Used In Crafting The Vibrators

Vibrators are mainly made with silicone, ABS Plastic, Jelly, and rubber. All these materials may not be ideal for everyone because of allergies. Beginners should go for silicone vibrators because they are safe and sensual. For experienced users, you can choose the advanced vibrators made with phthalate or latex-free materials and are hypoallergic. Choose materials that will give you maximum pleasure with no side effects.


Modern vibrators come equipped with crucial features that spice up your solo moments or partnered bedroom role plays. For instance, the splash-proof ability in trendy adult sex toys allows wet, pleasurable plays in the shower or pool with your lover or alone. Also, some vibrators are rechargeable, preventing the unfortunate incidents of abrupt power cut-outs while having intense masturbation moments. These vibrators come with USB cables that recharge the batteries giving you more hours of non-stop stimulations. Vibrators have varying features to help meet the sexual desires of everyone. Research widely into the type you want before buying.

Types Of Vibrators

There are many vibrators in the market offering different stimulations preferences. The above tips can help you shop for the following vibrators:

Clitoral Vibrators

Clitoral Vibrators are designed for women, for Clit stimulations. These vibrators have different vibration patterns controlled by external buttons to give you pure sexual bliss. The powerful combination of penetrative sex, G spot, and Clit stimulations results in mind-blowing orgasms. However, you can also use them in solo plays to experience satisfaction beyond the measure of words.

Massage Wands

The wand massagers offer sensual massages that leave you sexually aroused. Other than massage, these vibrators can also reach your sweet spots to give intense pleasure. The toy has different vibration patterns that massage your body to relieve body muscles and erogenous spots like the Clit. This toy can make your sex play more fun and pleasurable if you have a lover.

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet Vibrators provide intense pinpointed stimulations. They are simple yet mighty for adding flavor to your masturbation world. Check out the various bullet vibrators that can spice your solo dirty plays or with your lover.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators feature two stimulators that target the G spot and Clit. The G-spot stimulator is large and curbed to enhance easy reach to your deeply located sweet spot. Also, its bigger size allows sensual penetrations that stretch your vaginal canal for more pleasure. These vibrators have two motors at the end of each stimulator to provide vibrations that massage your sweet spots.

Gspot Vibrators

The  G spot is an erogenous spot located deep in the vagina. It is a hard-to-reach zone that requires skills to make it take you to a pleasurable world. While reaching the G spot may seem impossible to your lover, the G-spot vibrators can easily reach and hit this spot for explosive pleasure. All these adult toys perform depending on the stimulations you want. Therefore, understand what you need and make a bold move to get satisfaction.

How To Use California Exotic Vibrators

Vibrator usage depends on the type you choose and the stimulations you want. However, California Exotic Novelties adult toys vibrators that offer penetrative sex, P spot, and G spot can be used with sex lubricants to enhance easy insertion and more pleasure. Choose sex lubricants compatible with the toy’s material to improve its durability.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Wash the California Exotic Vibrators with soapy water and recommended toy cleaners. When shopping for these toys, check the recommended cleaners to avoid inconveniences during washing. Also, ensure the toy is dry before storing or using it in other sessions. A thorough cleaning helps prevent bacterial infections and improves the vibrator’s lifespan.

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