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Sexual satisfaction and erotic stimulation are vital for intimate relations. While most people rely on sexual intercourse to enjoy satisfying orgasms, others can still achieve the same through simple muscle massages. Various sex toy companies manufacture high-quality and effective wand massagers, such as Bodywand magic wand massagers available at Dimepiece LA adult store.

Bodywand is based in the UK and is among the leading manufacturers of top-rated personal massagers. some of its produce include, rechargeable, personal, and Bodywand attachments, etc. These sex toys are designed differently i terms of styles, shapes, sizes, and materials. Massagers manufactured by this brand are medically certified and approved for human pleasure.

What are Bodywand Magic Wand Massagers?

Wand massagers are mic-shaped sex devices used for massage. Their heads are made from soft silicone, phthalate, and latex-free material to offer flexibility. The wand massager is perfect for providing extreme pleasures. These massagers come in different sizes, power modes, and shapes, perfect for various stimulation options.

Wand massagers are made from different types of material such as silicone, soft jelly, ABS plastic, and PVC. Therefore, ensure that the material is medically approved, phthalate-free, and non-porous before using it. Wand massagers are portable and can be used anywhere and anytime.

The Different Types of Wand Massagers

Massagers are designed for different purposes, including Anal, Vaginal, Prostate, and Clitoral massaging. Here is a brief overview of these different personal massagers:

Prostate Wand Massagers

A prostate wand massager for men is crafted with a powerful motor and multipurpose speeds to stimulate hidden sweet spots in the anal canal. Prostate massagers also come in different sizes and shapes to offer different stimulation levels. For intense prostate stimulation and mind-blowing anal orgasms, try out the Cheeky Boy, Big Boy, or Program Classic from Bodywand.

Vaginal Wand Massagers

These are female stimulating massagers for massaging all the hidden sensitive zones inside the vagina. They feature in-built controllers to easily customize the vibration speed as you enjoy the thrilling pleasures. An example is the 5-Function One-Finger Control Mini Wand Vibrating Massager.

Clitoral Wand Massager

There is no greater feeling in a woman’s sexual life like clitoral stimulation. This is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body. Therefore, with a clitoral wand massager in your collection, the play will be enjoyable with extreme pleasures. The body wand aqua mini discreet, waterproof silicone vibrating wand is the best choice designed specifically for women. You can use it for masturbation or with your partner to enjoy maximum pleasure.

How to Choose the Best Wand Massager

Wand massagers are not perfect for everyone. Shopping for the right type of wand massager might sometimes be challenging, especially for first-timers. However, it would help if you understood how to handle any massager before buying, which might help you buy the right pair of massager. Consider the following factors to make an appropriate purchase:

Size of The Wand Massager

Size is essential when buying a pair of massagers. For travelers, a massager that can fit inside your pocket or handbag will be appropriate. A good example is the Bodywand Multi-Functional Waterproof Silicone Wand Massager because it is smaller. It might be tiny, but it guarantees powerful stimulation and maximum pleasure. Beginners should consider buying smaller massagers before upgrade to larger options later.

Waterproof or Not?

A waterproof massager is appropriate and perfect for bathroom performance. However, it is determined by the material used in crafting the massager. Massagers such as Bodywand Aqua Mini Discreet Waterproof Silicone Vibrating Wand can work perfectly. It can easily be washed and used in a bathtub. Waterproof massagers allow you to experience extra sensations inside the bathtub or shower.

Massager Performance

Most wand massagers from Bodywand feature multiple massage speeds and modes. Some wand massagers have eight patterns and vibrations, while others have three vibration speeds and five modes. However, if you want an outstanding experience, consider massagers with high vibration speeds and modes. If you are in for simplicity, then fewer vibration speeds and modes suit you. Moreover, you should focus on intensive stimulation and maximum orgasm. These massagers come with in-built controllers to adjust and customize the vibrating speeds to the desired stimulation level.

Plug-In or Battery-Powered

In most cases, the power source is what determines the effectiveness and functionality of a sex toy, though this depends on place and time. For instance, plug-in massagers will perform perfectly during intimate moments in the bedroom. Conversely, the battery-wand massagers are best for masturbation, and this might be anywhere. For maximum orgasm, use the Bodywand Original Magic Multi-Speed Flexi Head Wand Massager, which features three double-AA (included) batteries. However, the plug-in wand massager is more powerful compared to the battery-powered one. Buy the best wand massagers from Bodywand at Dimepiece LA.

Bodywand Magic Wand Massagers Hygiene and Safety Tips

Ensure you clean the sex toys before and after use to maintain the material. Storing without proper cleaning might deteriorate them. Use hot soapy water or toy cleaners to wash your toys. However, it would help to stick to toy cleaners when dealing with vibrating massagers to maintain their performance.

Apply water-based sex lubricant on the massager for smooth insertion and thrusting. Using a compatible sex lube also helps maintain the safety of the material and increasing its lifespan. Avoid using silicone-based lube with silicone massagers as it erodes the toy’s surface.

When sharing your massagers with your sex partner, sterilize them or use condoms to minimize sexually transmitted infections. You should also avoid using one massager for vaginal and anal stimulation as you risk transferring bacteria from the butt to the vagina.

Store your sex toys in a cool and dry place away from dust and dirt. If possible, use their original packing bags to avoid mixing and contaminating them.

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