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Purchase your Bullet vibrators from BMS Enterprises and experience intense stimulation with mind-blowing orgasms. There are different powerful vibrators you can buy, including anal, vaginal, clitoral vibrators, and butt plugs.

Sexual satisfaction is essential in a love-making relationship. Most people walk out of relationships because they are not satisfied sexually. Such problems wouldn’t exist with the right bullet vibrators.

BMS Enterprise is based in Ontario, Canada, and is among the leading distributors of quality and powerful bullet vibrators. It manufactures quality and medically approved sex toys and novelties for adults. Explore these for the best sexual experience with your partner.

Understanding BMS Enterprises Bullet Vibrators

BMS Enterprises vibrators and adult toys are unisex devices about 2-3 inches in length used to stimulate the most sensitive spots in the body through vibrations. Bullet vibrators are among the most wanted sex toys on the market and come in various shapes and sizes to suit the users’ desires. Bullet vibrators for the best clitoral stimulation are designed with in-built controllers to adjust the vibration speed easily. Such property is excellent for offering an extreme orgasm.

Couples should jointly decide to introduce a sex toy to experience extreme sexual moments. Moreover, purchasing the right bullet vibrator will not limit them from venturing to a new level of erotic pleasures. While G-Spot bullet vibrator female sex toys are discreet, they offer intense G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

Sexual satisfaction becomes easier and enjoyable with these bullet vibrators. They can enhance longer and flexible erection for guys with erectile dysfunction. However, experiencing incredible stimulation and prolonged orgasm depends on the type of vibrators used. For instance, using the powerful bullet vibrator offers more stimulation and sensations. Don’t hesitate to explore the best bullet vibrators – small sex toys for women.

The Different Types of Bullet vibrators

There is a wide range of sex toys at BMS Enterprises you will meet when shopping, including the G-Spot bullet vibrator female sex toys. They are categorized as below:

Clitoral Vibrators

Clitoral vibrators are designed specifically for clitoral stimulation. They are small-sized bullet vibrators for the best clitoral stimulation, and mostly attached to the big vibrators. The clitoral vibrator subjects you to a powerful message, helping you attain incredible stimulation. Some are crafted with vibrating patterns and modes to generate more vibrations for extra sensations.

Vaginal Vibrators

Vaginal toys are designed with powerful vibration speeds for incredible stimulation and a perfect erotic experience. They have rounded heads with smooth and tapered tips for easy and comfortable insertion. These vibrators are designed specifically for females. However, men can also use them for prostate stimulation.

Anal Vibrators

Anal bullet vibrators are designed for both males and females. Most anal vibrators are bendable for massaging hidden spots when in use. They have smooth tips for easy insertion and flared bases to prevent them from deep penetration. Anal plugs feature different vibration speeds to offer maximum pleasure.

Choosing the Best Bullet Vibrators

Purchasing the right vibrator might seem challenging to most people, especially first-timers. They come with different features ranging from material, texture, color, shape, and size. For an appropriate purchase, consider the aspects listed below.

The Product Reviews

Reading reviews is the first step you need to take whenever you are shopping for a bullet vibrator. Look at the experiences of past users. By understanding how the device functions, you can easily get the best toy for your pleasure. Most of the product brands do not provide enough information on their products. Therefore, you need to dig deeper and ensure you buy the right sex toy.


Different materials are used in crafting sex toys, including silicone, soft jelly, ABS plastic, and PVC. Fabrics such as silicone and ABS plastic are non-toxic, body-safe, non-porous, and easy to clean with low maintenance costs. Selecting randomly without considering the material used might have negative effects on your health. Get the right fabrics for safety and maximum pleasure. Stick to silicone material when looking for a quality, flexible, and durable sex toy.


Prices of sex toys vary depending on the quality. For instance, toys made from low-quality fabrics are cheaper than those made from high-quality materials. However, if you want a safer bullet vibrator, you better go for the expensive ones. Most low-quality sex toys are poorly made and can contract yeast and bacteria. Moreover, you can easily solve this by shopping basing on the brands.

Charging Mode

The vibrators feature two main charging modes, battery, and USB. USB chargeable vibrators are usually smaller compared to battery-chargeable toys. However, most people prefer them since they don’t come with additional expenses.


The size of a sex toy depends on the user’s preferences and tastes. The toy sizes vary from smaller, medium to large. Choose a sex toy size offering maximum pleasure. As a beginner, consider the small-sized toys, then advance to the larger toys after gaining enough experience.

How to Use Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are sex toys with multifunctional features designed for both males and females. You can use them in a solo play or with a partner. Below are some of the useful tips you can use to achieve the best from your sex toy.

  • You can use your vibrator for massaging some body parts like nipples, perineum, or inner thighs. One can buy the Pink Unisex 8-Speed Vibrating Anal Beads for intense anal stimulation.
  • Use water-based sex lubes for easy and comfortable insertion.
  • Try different vibration speeds and patterns. Most BMS Enterprises sex toys come with a multi-pattern to customize the vibration speed.
  • Wash your device after use. Most bullet vibrators from BMS Enterprises, such as naked addiction 7-inch waterproof silicone rotating and vibrating realistic penis dildo, are waterproof. Therefore, washing is never a challenge.

BMS Enterprises Sex Toys Hygiene and Safety Tips

Always keep the vibrator clean after every play to prevent damages and improve durability. Therefore, wash them using hot soapy water or toy cleaners before and after use.

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