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Get quality sex toys from the Bush Novelties including vibrating and textured sleeves, for sensational masturbation and heightened pleasure.

Blush Novelties is a New York based sex toy manufacturer, founded in 2004. The brand combines innovation and creativity to develop the best sex toys meeting most people’s desires.

The goal is to have realistic dildo sex toy for females. Settling for a quality sex toy is the greatest feeling, especially to those who never find love. This brand manufactures all sex toys, including those kinds you would consider adding to your bedroom sex kit. It is highly reputable for manufacturing the best male masturbators.

Blush Novelties answers several questions it’s customer base may have, How to have sex with doublesided dildo,  available realistic dildo sex toy for females? Penis sleeves and cock extensions for males? and many more.

Blush Novelties Love Dolls

Blush novelties sex toys are devices designed to offer intense stimulation and sexual satisfaction. People have different tastes and preferences in love dolls, most of which are made of soft, high-quality, and medical-grade materials. This ensures safety for people with sensitive skin.

Sex dolls features are designed to imitate the vagina, and offer extreme erotic experiences compared to other sex toys or real sex. These love dolls come in different shapes and sizes to suit any penis size.

Sex dolls are designed with medical-safe and skin-friendly silicone, soft jelly, ABS plastic, and PVC materials. Most sex dolls are medically approved and certified, and come with lubricants to make  your sex smooth and enjoyable. Also, they come with an artificial vagina, ass, and mouth, made with flexible materials for easy and comfortable penetration.

How to Purchase a Quality Love Doll

Shopping might be quite challenging depending on your understanding of your wish and purpose. There is a vast range of brands that deliver love dolls. Shopping for the right sex doll also depends on the user’s taste and preference. Consider the following aspects when buying Blush Novelties sensual toys.


Various materials are used in crafting sex toys. The primary and quality fabric is silicone and TPE. When shopping for a quality love doll, you should focus on the two fabrics for good results. TPE is the best material that only combines two pieces of plastic, unlike others. Creating a sex doll with a mixture of many plastics affects the quality. Moreover, sex dolls crafted from silicone fabrics are durable, heat-resistant, and waterproof. Sticking to silicone is advisable since they are flexible and safe for your skin.


Size is one of the most key factors when choosing the right sex toys.  Love dolls are mainly designed to offer you a sex-like experience and male masturbation. Therefore, choosing the right size will potentially offer the best sexual experience. You can purchase the sweet jasmine doll from Blush Novelties sensual toys and have extra sensations during masturbation. Always stick to the right toy compatible with the penis size for extreme sexual pleasure.

Quality and Price

The quality and price of a love doll should always match. For instance, low-quality fabrics such as low-grade TPE and silicone are often cheaper. However, expensive sex dolls are often made of high-grade TPE or silicone materials. Most love dolls made from high-quality silicone or TPE material are durable and safe for sensitive skin.

Blush Novelties Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves are designed to increase the girth and length of the penis. People with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction use these sleeves for support. They are crafted from medical-safe and soft silicone, with various shapes to fit different penis sizes. The inside of the sleeves is textured and flexible for extreme stimulation and pleasure during masturbation.

The type of Penis Sleeve

Penis sleeves and cock extensions for men are made from different fabrics and come with added characteristics to enhance sexual pleasure for men. However, Pipedream is a penis sleeve unsafe for your skin since it is made from a combination of silicone TPE or TPR, making them less durable and porous. Consider the following if you are looking for cock sleeves with additional features.

Textured Sleeves

A textured sleeve offers your partner intense stimulation and deep stroke, leaving them begging for more. An example is the 5-Inch Men’s Textured Sleeve with Realistic Vein Texture.

Sleeves with Vibration

Vibrating sleeves feature bullet vibrators for clit stimulation. The best example is the 4.5-Inch Men’s Dual Textured Penis Sleeve with Clit Stimulation.

Penis Sleeves with Ball Straps

Penis sleeves with ball straps come with close-ended sleeves for securing the balls, such as the Performance Cock Sheath 9-Inch Penis Extender.

Choosing a Quality Penis Sleeve

Many penis sleeves are designed with different features that define their effectiveness and functionality. The purchasing process might even look challenging to first-timers. However, to make a proper purchase, consider the following aspects:

The Reason for Buying

Understanding the need for a penis sleeve helps select the right sex toy. You need to consider the taste and preference before buying. Are you getting it for penis enlargement or overall sexual stimulation? Are you buying it to treat erectile dysfunction?


The size of your penis is another vital factor for choosing a suitable penis sleeve. When buying a penis sleeve, choose the one that can accommodate your entire penis. Stretchy penis sleeves are suitable for those men with big cocks.

Buy A Body-Safe Material

Penis sleeves are made from different materials, including silicone, rubber, and jelly. Buy a non-porous, body-safe, waterproof, and easy-to-clean material for a great masturbation experience. You should choose a material that is compatible with most sex lubricants. Buy blush novelties adult toys and other accessories from Dimepiece LA today.

Look for Added Features

Depending on how you want to be stimulated, you can choose a vibrating or non-vibrating penis sleeve. Vibrating penis sleeves give heightened pleasure hands-free. On the other hand, a non-vibrating penis sleeve needs hand stroking to give reliable results.

Blush Novelties Hygiene and Safety Tips

Ensure you clean up your masturbators before and after use to maintain their material quality. The toys can easily deteriorate when left with sperms. Wash them using hot soapy water or toy cleaner to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience the next time you use them. Apply plenty of water-based lubricants for smooth insertion. When you are done, store your novelties in a cool and dry place.

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