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Are you after the best sex toy for bedroom performance? Get your duck-shaped female masturbators from Big Teaze Sex Toys Company and enjoy unmatched G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

With thousands of sex toys and masturbators in the market, it can be confusing when looking for the best device that delivers heightened pleasure. Women are lucky to have the highest ratio of adult toys than men. The increase in these amazing tools is influenced by numerous brands that compete in manufacturing high-quality masturbators for women. Such companies include Big Teaze Sex Toys Company.

Big Teaze is a sex toy brand based in California with a reputation for delivering the best toys for women. The duck-shaped sex toys are designed specifically for clitoral stimulation. They feature different textures perfectly crafted for intense pleasure. Get the best classic duck vibrator from Big Teaze Toys in different colors and materials.

Understanding the Big Teaze Duck-Shaped Vibrators for Women

Are you a newbie to female vibrators? Big Teaze vibrators are artificial devices meant to add pleasure and excitement to your sex life. These vibrators vary in size and shape to suit different people perfectly. For instance, Big Teaze waterproof  duckshaped vibrators for women are designed with fantastic features for arousal and stimulation. They aim at massaging the clitoris for intensive stimulation and maximum pleasure.

Big Teaze Toys, rubbing ones duckie vibrator bring a lifeless sex game back to life and reality. There is nothing great like being sexually satisfied every time you engage in intercourse. With the help of these toys, most people have enjoyed their love lives. Do you find it challenging to get satisfied? It is high time you tried the Big Teaze Sex Toys. Users are guaranteed maximum pleasures and sensational stimulation in their sexual activities.

Always consider these duck-shaped vibrators for women with a sensational and extreme feeling in a solo play or with your partner.

Choosing the Best Duck-Shaped Vibrator for Women

There are various brands of vibrators out there, making it challenging to choose vibrators that suit you perfectly. You need appropriate sex toys that will help perfect your sexual life.

Clitoral stimulation is one of the essential things that women need to enjoy to the fullest during lovemaking. However, these are critical questions you should ask yourself when purchasing them. For appropriate decision making, here are some of the factors to consider when shopping for the best sex toys:

Is the Toy Non-Porous?

A porous product contains holes all over. For the best experience, ensure the purchase of a nonporous vibrator for a great experience. Nonporous fabrics are washable and include ABS plastic, stainless steel, and silicone. Moreover, shun the vibrators made from jelly, latex, thermoplastic elastomer, thermoplastic rubber, polyvinyl chloride, and jelly rubber. Most practitioners champion silicone materials since they are both soft and safe to the skin.

When looking for nonporous materials, buy those compatible with most sex lubricants. Glass and stainless steel are compatible with all lubricants. On the other hand, silicone is compatible with water- and oil-based lubricants but not silicone-based lubes. Therefore, get a lube that is long-lasting and easy to clean after play.

Buy the Right Size

The size depends on what one wants. Some love it big, whereas others love small sizes. External and internal stimulation use different types and sizes of sex toys. The duck-shaped vibrators for women are designed specifically for the clitoris and with different sizes. To determine the right vibrator size that will optimize pleasures, measure the depth of your vagina with your hands and see how comfortable you will get.


Vibrators tend to perform the best and last longer when plugged into the wall socket, but are noisy when switched on. Therefore, you should consider battery-powered or rechargeable vibrators for a better experience. Moreover, buying a battery-powered or rechargeable vibrator allows you to travel with and use it anywhere.

Is it Waterproof?

Do you intend to take your masturbator in the shower or bathtub? Waterproof toys are always the best for a couple making love in the bathroom or shower. These toys will subject you to an intensive and incredible feeling. Therefore, if bathroom intimacy seems great for you, consider the toys with waterproof materials and closed battery compartments. Big Teaze has waterproof duckshaped vibrators. The waterproof vibrators are comfortable, enjoyable, and easy to clean. However, do not submerge them too deep in a bathtub or pool.

Power Source

There are battery-powered and rechargeable vibrators from the Big Teaze. Most devices are digitalized. Nevertheless, you can choose on the battery-powered vibrators if purchasing batteries is not challenging.

Vibration Speed

What level of stimulation is preferable, intense or mild? Most people fail to consider the level of vibration speed when purchasing the toy. This is why most practitioners recommend one with an adjustable vibration speed. The speed ranges from lowest to highest and guarantees a memorable experience.

Using Duck-Shaped Masturbators

To effectively use Big Teaze waterproof duckshaped vibrators, determine and select the perfect vibration speed with a suitable pattern. Apply water-based sex lubes before inserting the sex toys. The reason is to enable soft and comfortable massaging of the clitoris. There is a specific spot around the clit that is more sensitive. Continue massaging until you find your hidden sweet spot. You will experience more pleasure and stimulation if you continue doing this, enough to attain your orgasm.

The Big Teaze Sex Toys Hygiene and Safety Tips

Hygiene is essential in maintaining sex toys. You should always wash them using hot soapy water or toy cleaners to keep them safe and free from infectious bacteria. Moreover, water-based sex lubricants are designed to improve the toy’s physical status by reducing unwanted friction. Store your vibrators in cool and dry areas for safety and durability.

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