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Bad Kitty sex toys like bondage kits, inflatable butt plugs, and handcuffs registrants can enrich your sex life resulting in intense and extreme pleasure when used properly.

Bad Kitty brand has emerged as the top leading company with powerful sex toys that introduce great pleasure into the bedroom. The brand has been renovating its products to ensure that both genders achieve their sexual needs and desires by creating safe, enjoyable, and body-friendly sex toys. Nothing can give you unforgettable sensations if a Bad Kitty sex toy is not involved, especially a bondage kit, handcuffs, and inflatable anal plug. The company provides all the information about the safety, price, and ordering of their products on the easy-to-reach website. As for beginners, choosing the right sex toy can be quite challenging. Read down to get informed consent about the best Bad Kitty sex toys and how to use them.

Bad Kitty Brand Categories


Handcuffs are restraints tools designed for bondage to offer consensual play in your intimate game. The tools are available in different styles, colors, and sizes to provide each couple with comfort and safe kinky play. The devices are crafted from different materials to allow you to choose one that offers your skin a gentle touch. You can get them in different forms, including;

Wrist To Chest Handcuffs

If you wish to turn your lover into your slave, then consider buying Bad Kitty adult toys such as wrist to chest handcuffs designed to help you lock her arms and legs in one place. The restraints feature gorgeous belts made from body-friendly materials to provide a comfortable experience. Once your partner’s wrists and biceps are locked at the chest, the belts run around the chest and the back to hold her in place perfectly. The restraint is stretchy enough to provide room for adjustment. You can get them in different materials like leather, latex, and rubber to deliver a safe and comfortable play.

Shoulder-To-Wrist Handcuff Restraints

Shoulder-to-wrist handcuffs restraints are designed to hold the hands tight at the back, leaving the chest exposed. The masterpieces feature shoulder straps that hold both of you in place. Moreover, they have adjustable and lockable back traps and two wrist restraints with locking buckles to ensure no amount of struggling can free your partner. It ensures that the wrists are pulled higher and keeps the pressure away from the neck to deliver a safe, enjoyable, and comfortable position.

Hanging Restraints for Arms and Boots

Hanging restraints for arms and boots are designed to hold your partner’s hand tightly at her butts to leave the front body part exposed. They have adjustable straps made from soft materials, including leather, latex, and rubber, to provide a nice touch. Once the hands are held at the back, she will not resist your ministration.

Inflatable Anal Plugs

Do you wish to have an enjoyable, safe, and comfortable anal pleasure? Get these amazing inflatable anal plugs designed from different materials, such as silicone, plastic, rubber, and glass. The devices come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs. The tools come with smooth and soft valves to exert pressure into the plug to offer a throbbing sensation inside the anus. The plugs feature soft pointed tips for easy insertion. Multiple of them have flared bases for compatibility and to prevent the plug from slipping inside the anus.

Bondage Kits

How well does it feel when your lover’s boobs are held tight and hands locked in one place? Try it with bondage kits made from different body-friendly materials to offer a safe and comfy experience. The kits come in various colors and sizes to allow you to get what gets you to orgasmic bliss quickly. They have easy-to-lock buckles made from smooth materials to deliver a nice touch.

Points To Consider When Choosing Bad Kitty Brand’s Categories

Look At the Attachment Points of The Handcuffs

When choosing handcuffs, make sure that the attachment points are firmly fixed, easy to use, and soft. Moreover, they should be strong enough to withstand your partner’s weight whenever she tries to move.

Check The Material

When buying tools for your kinky games, make sure the material used is soft and smooth to offer a worry-less experience. While materials like plastics, rubber, and leather offer a nice touch, silicone is mostly used because of the gentle touch.

Look At the Adjustability of The Handcuffs

When buying handcuffs, choose restraints that are completely adjustable for compatibility. Adjustability allows your lover to play around comfortably while you all enjoy the pleasure.

Look At the Color

Color plays a major role in sex life. For instance, it creates a romantic impression taking you to orgasmic bliss more quickly. For this reason, get the color that both of you find romantic.

Consider The Size

People have different sizes of the anus, so the tools are designed in different sizes. Thus, when choosing an inflatable anal plug, be sure of your butt’s size to avoid buying too large or small a devise.

How To Use Bad Kitty Brand Categories?

  • When you are using handcuffs for the first time, start slow and work your way up while when everything works well.
  • When tying your partner, ensure you can quickly get them out whenever something unexpected happens. You can put a blunt knife or scissors around you to cut the straps.
  • When using the plug, lube up generously for easy insertion and avoid friction.

Safety Tips for Using Bad Kitty Categories

  • When tying the handcuff, be cautious to prevent too tight tying, which may constrict the veins.
  • Always communicate with your partner to understand her needs before buying any tool.
  • Consider hygiene after every game to maintain durability.
  • Be careful to avoid the anal plug from slipping into your anus.


Bad Kitty brands manufacture comfortable and safe tools to deliver better results. The tools have unique features to ensure you enjoy the game for the whole session. The company ensures that you get the right product by shipping undamaged and unopened tools once you order.

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