Dimepiece LA Releases: 
Health, Wealth & Good Sex, a wellness collection.

A Message From Co-Founders Ash & Laura  
It's always been more important for us that our brand is less about the clothing and more about the message, the equality, and the advancement for all. This collection is close to our hearts because it encompasses everything we stand for; it's made cruelty-free and shipped plastic-free; but more than that it extends our beliefs for encouraging people on this planet to open themselves up to the idea of believing that they have the right to thrive. 
By learning to say no, communicating in a healthy way, respecting ourselves, ending toxic relationships and as women, not being shamed to have good sex. =)
These are all things along our 10 year journey of business that at first were problems, then became lessons, and eventually with a lot of effort became triumphs for us as young women in a male-dominated industry. 
We hope you enjoy and vibe with this collection as much as we do and find a connection to it.  

Remember, when you're in your own lane there's no traffic.




Ashley & Laura 


Fearless since 2007

Photos by: @PTINA