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Livin' Like A Dimepiece: Loft Tour with Co-Founder Ashley Jones

by Danika David April 19, 2018

Livin' Like A Dimepiece: Loft Tour with Co-Founder Ashley Jones

While fashion and clothing are at the forefront of Ashley’s passions, one of her guilty pleasures is interior design; her Los Angeles loft is the perfect example of this. With red brick walls reaching 17 feet high and arched windows that give a certain elegance, she describes her sanctuary as “modern/soft industrial with a little midcentury mixed in” - allowing for soft hues and hard lines to coexist in one place.


Much of Ashley’s inspiration derives from various interior designers like Marcio Kogan and Kelly Wearstler, the design aesthetic of Ace Hotel New York, and fashion photographer Helmut Newton. Walking through her loft, you may think you’ve entered LA’s newest art gallery with all the artwork displayed, some of which is created by her boyfriend and artist, James Haunt ( www.jameshaunt.com ) - peep the massive lips painting on her living room wall. You’ll also notice that almost everything is D.I.Y., including the lighting and Ashley’s favorite piece, her sofa! She designed it herself and had it custom-made, making it the perfect area for girl talk or binge-watching Netflix!

Another favorite part of Ashley’s loft is the spiral staircase. Ashley admits that ever since she was a kid, all she wanted was a spiral staircase in her dream home. When she first came across this element of her loft, she immediately felt connected to the space and made her dream into a reality.  (MANIFESTATION AT IT’S FINEST). Though Ashley loves her staircase, many of her friends are fond of the lounge area decorated with tree stumps and a felt rock rug, giving us serious indoor forest vibes.

With a loft so luxurious, one would think it takes a lot to invest in design and furniture, but for Ashley, this is not the case! If there’s one piece of advice she could give, it’s to do ya research! Living like a Dimepiece does not mean spend like a sailor (as in, to spend excessively, extravagantly, or wastefully - for those not familiar with my random idiom lol!). Many of the pieces featured in her loft were bought wholesale, from Black Friday, or D.I.Y.!As Ashley says, “Beauty elevates your mind. I think you should surround yourself with beautiful things… but do your research so that it’s all within budget.”  Remember - you don’t have to compromise beauty for price.