Dimepiece Visionary Women of the Moment: Elyanna

by laura fama February 27, 2018

Dimepiece Visionary Women of the Moment: Elyanna

We wanted to feature women who are currently shinning at the moment. Check out our visionary women of the moment. Based on the east coast New York, NJ. See  Filipino, Puerto Rican, Japanese model Elyanna on her daily updates.   Elyanna you can follow her here.

Who the hell are you?

My name is Elyanna Banes Sanchez and I’m a freelance model, painter, fiction writer and poet. I’m in college for creative writing and English Literature. Overall I’m a creative person who loves the arts and writing.

What are you currently into at the moment: food, music, style, art?

Currently I’ve been obsessed with lofi beatsand classical music. I can’t seem to stop eating onigiri, it’s addictive.


Who are you currently stalking at the moment?

I’ve been stalking Aleali May because people have always been telling me I look like her and now I’m completely obsessed with her style!

How do you stay genuine online and through your social platforms?

I try to answer all my messages as long as they’re not creepy! I always remain humble as heck and stay honest with my followers. I also love sending random selfies to let them know it takes hundreds of photos to go through and the perfect angles and lighting to look good haha. Sending tips on self love and style tips is great as well!

Advice to the young women in our generation? How to shake shit up?

To young women, do what makes yourself happy! Very general but extremely important. In the long run, that’s all that matters. Money will come your way if you focus hard on what you love. Also, don’t be afraid to speak up for what you want. Make your loud loud and clear, always.


Health tips?

Cut out toxic, negative people in your life! You’ll notice a beautiful change in your skin and attitude.


Thanks for reading! Stalk her here:  https://www.instagram.com/ellebaness/