Astrology, the study of zodiac signs, is trending pop culture. Star signs give a reflection of an individual’s character and personality. Your zodiac signs influence your sexual life too. Astrology can define people’s favorite position based on their libido, traits, and desires. With Valentine’s day around the corner, learning about what your sign indicates in the best position can add up to your sex pleasures and celebrations.

Sex is a free act that demands consent and willingness. Address your sexual needs in time and give them all any time you engage in intimacy. Whether an Aries, Leo, or any star, we have the best sex position for you and your partner to get adventurous in bed. Spice your romantic gestures on the lover’s day with these positions that match your zodiac sign and characters perfectly.



According to Barbara Santini, a sex and relationships expert at Dimepiece LA, people that fall under the Aries sign tend to like hot and steamy romp sessions. They are full of energy love getting fiery and playful between the sheets. Most prefer being in control as they find fun in pursuit and pleasure in seducing their partners. In sex, Aries are playful enjoy rough sex filled with passion and impulsivity. Both men and women tend to take pride in controlling pleasure.

Best Position: Sitting Lotus

The male partner sits on the edge or corner of the bed with legs apart while the receiver sits on him. This position allows both partners to show their aggressiveness as they face each other. Both partners can take control of the movements as they rub and enjoy the hot passion encounter. Embrace your sexual energy with a passion for achieving your pleasure goals.


Do you enjoy slow sex and possess a rampant libido? If so, you are likely Taurus, and quality sex works for you best. According to Tatyana Dyachenko, a psychologist, Tauruses get stimulated more from touches and cuddles. They are highly sensual and value straightforward sex games that appreciate their love and emotional connection.

Best Position: Spooning

Spooning is the perfect position to show love to your partners. Cuddle her rub her body using your hands as you slowly stroke her from behind. Enjoy slow, comfortable sex filled with innocence and love gestures with this naughty posture.


It’s the naughtiest and sexiest sexual sign. People with this star sign tend to try new sex play each day says Charlotte Cremers, a GP and sleep specialist. Spicing and exploring new pleasure sources is their habit of avoiding getting bored quickly. They possess duality and energetic traits that make them more enthusiastic and witty in bed.

Best Position: Crab Walk

The male partner sits with legs wide open, the woman sits on top of him with their legs straddling each other on the waist. The hands roam freely over each other’s bodies to add to the stimulation. Lovers can incorporate sex toys such as vibrators to intensify sensations and orgasms.


People under the cancer sign are usually emotional, compassionate, caring, and enjoy some little dominance. They love getting touchy as they tease and explore their lover’s body. In sex, cancer lovers can be efficient pleasure givers and love getting physically stimulated during intimacy. 

Best Position: Doggy

Feed you moon-linked emotions and nature with this kinky popular position. The female partner assumes a bending or dog-like position on the bed while the giver penetrates her from behind. This position allows both partners to give equal pleasure amounts. Intensify the sensations as you stroke your partner deep, fast and hard while caressing their back or spanking the butt cheeks.


Leo is a star sign ruled by the sun. Leos tend to be bold, passionate, vibrant, dramatic, and the center of attraction in relationships. Individuals enjoy expressing themselves more during sex by letting their inner desires take charge of the moment.

Best Position: Cowgirl

When in a relationship with Leo, you must allow them to show off their sexual prowess under the sheets. The female partner sits on top of the giver with his legs bent at the knees. A Leo can shine and exhibit her amazing sexual skills in this position. Ride your lover’s penis, strap-on, or dildo to orgasms at your preferred speed as they gaze on the lovely tits.


Virgos are organized, detail-oriented, sensitive, and grounded in nature. In sex, they tend to be analytical and enjoy receiving equal pleasure as they give. They adore being dominant or submissive and express their love by fully committing to their partners. In return, they expect gentle intimacy that boosts emotional connection.

Best Position: Bumper Cars

This delightful position allows partners to crash their bodies in steamy sexual escapades. The receiver lies on her belly with her legs wide open. The giver penetrates her from behind with legs wide open and supported by the stomach. Grind on your partner’s body and sweat as you feel them closer.



Libras are charming, intelligent, love balance in their life, and show affection to others. They acknowledge their partner’s presence in sex and adore equality. This zodiac sign carries harmony and equal pleasure under the sheets.

Best Position: Against The Wall

This position allows Libras to give and receive pleasures at the same time. Both partners can take charge of the movements as they caress other erogenous zones. Place your partner against a wall as her legs straddle your waist for deeper penetrations and connection.


The Scorpio zodiac sign members tend to be more creative, risk-takers, and value intense sexual activities. They are ready to try out any act with high curiosity levels.

Best position: Helicopter

Scorpios are kinkier and nastier during sex. Try the helicopter-style this coming Valentine’s with your partner. The woman bends on the bed while the giver penetrates her, facing the opposite direction in a hanging position supported by his arms.


Sagittarius is a fun star sign. Members are more adventurous, like having fun and exploring new pleasures. Sagittarius lovers engage in sex that entails balanced pleasure efforts.

Best Position: 69

Sagittarius is versatile in ex. The 69 position is perfect for Sagittarius lovers. Both lovers can give and receive equal amounts of pleasure. Lick your partner’s genitals as they do the same to yours in this unique kinky posture. Include some sex toys such as rabbit vibrators pussy masturbators, and dildos for more fun.


Defined as the most ambitious, motivated, hardworking, and likely to succeed zodiac members. Capricon people are more enduring and in control in the bedroom. 

Best Position: Standing Doggy

Explore your kinky adventurous nature with this position. Both lovers can boss up the moment. The woman gets into a bending or doggie position while standing. You can engage in this position everywhere you go with your partner or all over the house.


The Aquarius sign consists of members who tend to do activities against most world views. They are more active in bed and prefer hot steamy encounters. Aquarius love sex positions that give them a unique feel and experience from others.

Best Position: Side Saddle

The man lies on his back with legs wide open, while the woman sits on the penis, leaning on one side and the buttocks closer to the man. Both partners have a sense of control and get more intense sensations in their erogenous zones. Explore your unique personality with this exciting style.


The last zodiac sign, Pisces, carries more emotion and pleasure in their natural features. In the bedroom, Pisces adore positions that involve physical strength. They are more flexible, artistic, and not bothered with romantic gestures. They are termed the ocean gods due to their steady nature.

Best Position: Legs Up

The woman spreads her legs while the man gets in between her holding the legs up in the air. The receiver is deeply penetrated in a more natural and steady position. Pisces men love this position as they set the pace and are more stable like the ocean waves. Placing a pillow underneath your woman can enhance deeper penetrations and make it easier to rub the clitoris



The earth zodiac signs portray people’s character, traits, and needs in bed. You can fully feed your inner fetishes and desires with your bed partner in the above position. Each position perfectly matches the star sign. Add some sex toy products in your intimacy affairs to take things to heightened levels. If you are new to any position, kill the negative vibes and try the new pleasure waters in comfort with a cleared mind.

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